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Student Testimonials

Total: 93
Given Name Title Message Rating City Date
Callum O'hare Room mate found for a house share Hi we wanted to thank you for a great site which found us the 5th person to share a house in Selly Oak Birmingham for our second year. We tried other sites but yours was the only site that we found any response from. So thank you very much. Callum and the boys . 10 Birmingham 29/01/2014 17:16:48
Georgina Smith Amazing! I was so happy to not only find our lovely house on this website, but also find a really friendly housemate really quickly after someone had dropped out on us. Well impressed and would definitely recommend this site to everyone looking for houses/housemates! 10 Leeds 12/03/2013 22:36:06
Anand kumar Ramakrishnan Smartest Student letting website I have searched for houses in a lot of websites, I find this one the best and easiest to use. 9 Coventry 06/07/2012 10:13:49
Ahmed Elmekawy Very nice I really liked the Website structure 10 Huddersfield 10/01/2012 14:40:40
Deepak Manik amazing work a good and affordable accommodation provide is best things for 9 Birmingham 09/01/2012 12:50:36
Deepak Manik cc nice. 9 Birmingham 15/10/2011 22:27:26
Léa Debroise great help great help ! 9 Edinburgh 12/08/2011 20:27:42
Tim Tovey Studant to be, Thank god for your Website. It's fantastic! I couldn't want any better. Yours thankfully Tim Tovey 10 Huddersfield 03/06/2011 16:05:39
Alex Turner Just awesome. Just a quickie. Awesome site. Dead simple. Cracking. 10 Cardiff 30/04/2011 15:29:37
Sudesh Ranthilake Nice try Congrats all. u have done nice job 8 Canterbury 20/12/2010 16:47:41
Chand Fiaz Chand i find it great 7 Manchester 16/12/2010 08:26:11
Kay Davies Impressed Good site, loads of info, easy to use, very accessible. 9 Cardiff 04/10/2010 15:40:33
Oana Lazar Great website Great service! Easy to use! Recommended! 10 London 02/09/2010 09:23:13
Sebastian steven Quilliam sebastian steven quilliam BSC hons brilliant web site 10 lancashire 24/08/2010 19:12:41
Sebastian steven Quilliam sebastian stevenquilliam BSChons brilliant web site 10 lancashire 24/08/2010 19:11:30
Kirsty Home Ms Very helpful, there are many options to choose from for students facing the daunting task of look for accommodation. 8 Leicester 19/07/2010 22:31:07
Sheila Cunningham :) Excllent site, very helpful and layed out... 10 Preston 15/06/2010 23:55:20
Sean Cartwright Hi Just to say great site only joined an hour ago to find a room for me and my girl friend over summer. EASY TO USE good site and well set out 10 Leeds 07/06/2010 03:32:02
Hassan Akhtar Very Handy! A variety to choose from, a range of prices and most replies the next morning!! Excellent accommodation site, Keep up the good work :) 9 Huddersfield 31/08/2009 07:58:48
Andy Bradford Great!! Brilliant site, found a place and have e-mailed about a viewing in a matter of minutes! 10 Coventry 18/08/2009 02:33:51
Abdullah al Mamun MBA Awesome 10 Hertford 15/07/2009 11:59:00
jason mr please add this to your testimonals I am extremely happy with accommodation for students, I got an amazing house that was very cheap, and since I was finding flatmates too I used the service for that purpose as well amd i ended up with the best housemates! 10 Sheffield 01/06/2009 00:05:28
Heather Macintyre Thumbs up Really helpful and quick. 10 Plymouth 27/11/2008 19:19:47
Donnagh Murphy Better than It actully more user friendly than which is a site I just can't navigate around. 8 dublin 19/05/2008 15:08:30
Val Winchester Congrats Great feature with the interactive map search. All in all the experience using the site was excellent. Keep up the good work. 9 Scarborough 02/05/2008 05:37:34
Danielle O'rourke :) Myself and three friends are looking for a flat for this far i have found this site very helpful nd interesting. Hopefully, it will be easy to find a place soon :D xxxx 10 Newcastle 12/01/2008 16:03:15
Alex Hill wiked dis sytes mint!! :D 10 Exeter 27/12/2007 16:39:31
Francesca Portess Really good site This is by far the best site iv found in terms of looking for acommodation, really easy to use an dthe thumbnail pics arereally helpful, however i think it would be helpful if you put a section into the details for each property about bus routes and trains into the city centre as it cant always be easy to tell on maps where the nearest train station is and if you're not local you wont know about buses. Thanks 9 Birmingham 07/12/2007 12:28:04
Aruna Kumari aruna very good services 9 London 21/04/2007 09:28:16
Patricia Mc aninley Website is very good and helpful 10 Liverpool 20/04/2007 10:36:05
N A G E N D R A Great Work Hi, Really it's a Nice Work. Especially Developers done a great job!! Good Keept it up!! N A G :) 10 London 11/04/2007 08:51:55
Alistair Ewing Great free site! Great free site! 7 Wolverhampton 10/04/2007 12:51:48
Patricia Mc aninley hello very happy with this website was helpful 10 liverpool 28/03/2007 12:35:23
Patricia Mc aninley heya this website is very helpful and easily led out xo 10 liverpool 28/03/2007 12:34:38
R Ferris Mr I have looked at the show flat and the property, it is very impressive, the gym and pool will be great I am looking forward to moving in. 10 Birmingham 23/03/2007 12:32:37
Shoketh Khan mmm very good well done guys 10 Birmingham 18/03/2007 12:14:56
Walter a. Chivuchi feedback on the site straight forward people on this site thanks 10 manchester 22/01/2007 16:49:48
Staci Appleby cheers! really helping me make my mind up cheers 9 Cornwall 16/01/2007 20:57:47
Kim Chidler Thankyou Excellent, found a property straight away and really pleased. Thankyou would not of found it without the help of the website. Thankyou 10 Nottingham 16/01/2007 15:58:14
David Smith So Helpful ... Am moving to Glasgow next summer for the start of my course. I have to say i have really seen alot of interest on this website and it has helped me so much it's so easy to use aswell. Keep up good work :') 10 Glasgow 08/12/2006 13:55:51
Ro Keane Love the site I think this site is great. Not so good last year, but guess many people in Preston might not have known about it, but it's grown and it's helped me a lot. Although, bit slow loading sometimes, lol Thanks 9 Preston 18/09/2006 22:58:58
Charlotte Godfrey Thank you This site has been extremely useful in helping me find a housemate. The site is very user friendly and I have found that updating/changing my adverts has not been a problem. The only problems I have founds are that once an advert has been updated and I click on 'update', the preferred gender box automatically clears. Also I haven't been able to delete any of my adverts. C. Godfrey 9 cambridge 11/09/2006 18:48:14
Novi Hansen Ace place for accommodation seekers!!! It's really a place for people seek accommodation within weeks or even less. Quick respond from others, that means your site has many users. Thanks.... big help!!! 9 cambridge 11/09/2006 08:45:04
Mike York crown properties ltd this site is very good. there should be a place to write your feedback on houses and flats you have stayed in to help others and warn them off places clke crown properties ltd 1 Sheffield 25/08/2006 12:44:18
Stuart Dick ! This site has helped me sort somewhere to live out!Top idea and top website! 10 sheffield 17/08/2006 12:42:48
maku dowuona mrs I have only just discovered the site and have forwarded it to my daughter. it's fantastic and I hope she finds somewhere to live from the adverts. thank you 10 London 15/08/2006 10:20:57
Asim ali Shah Site Rating msg This is wonderful and very helpful for international students outside uk inorder to find a suitable & a reasonable accomodation in UK. Keep up the good job. 9 london 14/08/2006 07:02:00
Helena Sramkova Thank you Hey, I found it now by searching flatsharing in Aberdeen, so far very good. The only thing the dates of availability dont seem to correspond very much. But still important they are available. 8 Aberdeen 09/08/2006 21:30:27
Uday Padia the best site 4 studnets it is the best site 4 student 2 find location to live, 10 glasgow 12/07/2006 00:15:47
Sameera Samarajera Great wow.. great. . Good job. .keep it up. 10 newcastle upon tyne 29/06/2006 16:38:40
David Aitken No complaints A brilliant site. Thanks for the invaluable help you have given me in finding accommodation. The site is extremely user-friendly, even my mum could find her way round it! 10 Bath 26/06/2006 10:20:26
Rebecca Gordon Ms This sight was really useful to me, I got a response in a couple of days by responding to some postings on the message board and I recieved a couple more enquiries from the advert. I will be using this website again in the future when I'm looking for tennants, thankyou. 9 Liverpool 17/06/2006 19:23:17
Mariola Grzduk miss great website !!! ;) 10 Brighton 08/06/2006 23:44:18
Samual Roja Excellent Wonderfull site. 10 leicester 08/06/2006 17:58:01
Cez Scott ... This is a really helpfull site,the only problem i have with it is its not very clear on how to email the person that has responded to your ad back unless they have left an address or contact number.Well,especially for those of us that aren't that good on computers. 9 southampton 05/06/2006 19:53:45
Emma Improving available listings Hi- the site is really useful in helping to find accommodation. However- it would be really good if there was a way to see the newly listed properties on the noticeboard. I know you do it with the rentals board, but the notice board just tells you when the last person left a message, so you have to keep trawling through to find new notices. Just an idea! 6 london 01/06/2006 11:12:47
Nadeem Azam good info good infoormation when it is needed 9 huddersfield 10/05/2006 13:29:19
Lisa Wilson The most useful flatmate site available! This website has been so useful.It is so easy and practical to use. Well done! 10 manchester 06/05/2006 00:47:26
Stefan Panayotopoulos Sub-letting Queries Very impressed with the website's user friendliness. However,I am a student at the university of edinburgh and was wondering if you possibly knew of any agencies in edinburgh that may deal with sub-letting. We (myself and two freinds) are renting a three bedroom flat for next year as of middle of june, as we are not going to be here over the summer though we were wondering if there was anyone that could help us sub-let it. The landlord is fine with us doing this. If possible any info would be much apreciated. 8 Edinburgh 04/05/2006 13:55:19
Simon Sharpe Hello this site is very good in what it does providing students to browse and everything else 10 leicester 13/03/2006 14:00:37
Gareth katie Shaun hanna emails are getting lost in space! hey, the site is great and we've had some good responses to our ad, but and its a bit of a big but! the replies do not always automatically get emailed to us so we can't get in touch with the people that post them which is a bit of a problem as i'm sure you can imagine! hope this is helpful in some way. keep up the good wrk cuz it really is a great site. 9 leicester 05/03/2006 11:10:13
Samantha Gornall this site is brill This site is absolutely brilliant. Me and my friend were struggling to find anywhere to live because it was just the 2 of us. But using this site we have found 2 other flatmates and a brilliant appartment, Thank you 10 Lancaster 05/02/2006 21:10:04
Mary Birch Ms I think this seems like a great service. My daughter is currently looking for a flat in Glasgow City Centre - she viewed one last week which she was very keen on but as I'm funding her she wanted me to be able to see the site so she she gave me the web address. However, I am not able to get more information as the log-in sections assumes that everyone wishing to do so is a student. I am sure she - and I -are not the only ones in this situation so perhaps you could alter the logging in details (also the author type below!) 5 Glasgow 05/02/2006 19:25:53
Zeeshan Hashmi Great Yes its great site. 8 Lala Moosa 01/02/2006 16:09:44
Naomi Rushman Miss the sites great 3 nottingham 22/01/2006 22:58:38
Bea Bowles Great site we saw the house on the website, sent an e-mail to view it straight away, and that evening we were called back by the letting agent. We viewed the house within 2 days and put down the deposit immediately. The property had everything promised on the website,and the whole process was really swift!Would be great if you could see on your clip board which houses you had sent e-mails about. 9 Manchester 21/01/2006 22:20:20
Zeeshan Hashmi Good to see Wonderful 10 London 16/01/2006 17:48:14
Chaudhary Nabi Rapid Response its my first time to use this web site and i will highly appreciate this piece of outstanding work. i got response from lanlord by using this site is within 5 minutes. its really an excellent piece of mind for users... specially students 10 stoke 08/01/2006 13:55:09
Anna Carter student really helpful 8 Manchester 29/11/2005 09:45:30
Marcus Mobark Brilliant! I think this page is brilliant! I'm from sweden and i'm not so sure where to find places to live as a student. But thanks to this page i can easily find a suitable place to live. Thanks! 10 london 13/10/2005 12:37:27
Katie Ms Is there anyway I can access the message board for "Edinburgh Flatmates Wanted" for July 2005? Trying to contact someone who contacted me about a room in our flat. Great site found it very useful. 8 Edinburgh 27/09/2005 21:21:17
Tan Chee seng A very systematic websites helped me a lot! 8 Liverpool 26/08/2005 21:09:51
Kim Jones Hello..?..... Is anyone there........? Good service over all, although would have like atleast some feedback from landlords when i email them!!! 6 swansea 12/08/2005 08:55:11
Holly Davies Excelent Brilient easy to use greate 8 Bath 31/07/2005 15:47:21
Heidi Spiliopoulos Great site Great site!! 8 london 19/07/2005 20:41:52
Helen :-) Brilliant brilliant site! However, I wish there were more photos of the properties 10 Huddersfield 13/07/2005 14:26:23
Pearl-mary Boyle Landlords/letting agents and replies I placed a message with a landlord over 3 days and I never got a reply or phonecall about the property. i emailed them again yesterday about other properties also and still have not received any information. is there anything else that I can do? other than that i think this is a great site. 9 london 23/06/2005 16:53:44
Surya Das Its a very helpful site.. 8 glasgow 14/06/2005 08:07:22
Warren Owen Success! I would simply like to register my satisfaction with this site. I had approximately 20 days to find somewhere to stay in cardiff for july and august and was somewhat worried that i'd fail which would result in the either the loss of a job or having to sleep on a mate's couch and travel to work from bristol! However, a 90minute daily journey to work has been averted due to the excellence of your site. In less than a week, i received 4 replies and i will now live in cardiff over this period at less than the cost of having to commute (with the added bonus of an extra hour plus in bed!). Thankyou accommodationforstudents! 10 Cardiff 11/06/2005 21:05:36
Dan Fox Fast and hassle free assistance Great service and help, inclusive of a polite nature and speedy contact. I emailed to have account details changed due to my error. All ammendments occured within six hours, were clearly explained and I was kept informed. A great (yet unfortunately rare!) relation between administration and members of an online community! 10 North yorkshire 09/06/2005 17:49:32
Sarah Fennell Good site This site is really useful, everyone should be on it who is searching for flats and rooms. 10 glasgow 31/05/2005 12:59:12
Andy Glenn site Great site. 10 Aberdeen 31/05/2005 01:08:17
Frances Stuart-thompson a general overview of this site. I think that this site is very good and is easy to access. 9 Carlisle 27/05/2005 14:53:25
Juan P. Lewis Helpful The site is very well orginized and it contains a lot of useful info. Maybe some pictures are lacking, what makes the decision a little bit harder. Even so, It has been of great help. 9 San Sebastian 18/05/2005 16:59:20
Katrina James thankyou! really helped us communicate with other students.. cheers! 8 cardiff 17/05/2005 18:54:49
Mohd Fattani Dr We are happy from this site to help all students and other pepoles come to Glas'w for visiting or studying 10 glasgow 08/05/2005 17:29:13
Tom Williams Good Really useful site thats been a lot of help. The advanced search could do with more criteria and the ticks and crosses could be more accurate. 8 huddersfield 25/04/2005 15:00:39
Tracy Nnanwubar Beautiful This site is recommended by Ucas's website and i think itis very helpful and beautiful. 9 Liverpool 05/04/2005 18:20:06
Jez Turner awesome awsome 10 london 24/03/2005 00:25:44
Charlene Jumbo WOW This is a great idea it is so much easier for student who are looking for accommodation to share with other students. It also gives users the tools to contact other students who are in the same situations (pre university blues). I think you should add a chat room so that student who have log ins/ password can talk to each other directly on subject concerning accommodation and general student life. 8 Glasgow 24/02/2005 23:17:29
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