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Testimonials From Students
Total: 93
Given Name Title Message Rating city
Callum O'hare Room mate found for a house share Hi we wanted to thank you for a great site which found us the 5th person to share a house in Selly Oak Birmingham for our second year. We tried other sites but yours was the only site that we found any response from. So thank you very much. Callum and the boys . 10 Birmingham
Georgina Smith Amazing! I was so happy to not only find our lovely house on this website, but also find a really friendly housemate really quickly after someone had dropped out on us. Well impressed and would definitely recommend this site to everyone looking for houses/housemates! 10 Leeds
Anand kumar Ramakrishnan Smartest Student letting website I have searched for houses in a lot of websites, I find this one the best and easiest to use. 9 Coventry
Ahmed Elmekawy Very nice I really liked the Website structure 10 Huddersfield
Deepak Manik amazing work a good and affordable accommodation provide is best things for 9 Birmingham
Deepak Manik cc nice. 9 Birmingham
Léa Debroise great help great help ! 9 Edinburgh
Tim Tovey Studant to be, Thank god for your Website. It's fantastic! I couldn't want any better. Yours thankfully Tim Tovey 10 Huddersfield
Alex Turner Just awesome. Just a quickie. Awesome site. Dead simple. Cracking. 10 Cardiff
Sudesh Ranthilake Nice try Congrats all. u have done nice job 8 Canterbury
Chand Fiaz Chand i find it great 7 Manchester
Kay Davies Impressed Good site, loads of info, easy to use, very accessible. 9 Cardiff
Oana Lazar Great website Great service! Easy to use! Recommended! 10 London
Sebastian steven Quilliam sebastian steven quilliam BSC hons brilliant web site 10 lancashire
Sebastian steven Quilliam sebastian stevenquilliam BSChons brilliant web site 10 lancashire
Kirsty Home Ms Very helpful, there are many options to choose from for students facing the daunting task of look for accommodation. 8 Leicester
Sheila Cunningham :) Excllent site, very helpful and layed out... 10 Preston
Sean Cartwright Hi Just to say great site only joined an hour ago to find a room for me and my girl friend over summer. EASY TO USE good site and well set out 10 Leeds
Hassan Akhtar Very Handy! A variety to choose from, a range of prices and most replies the next morning!! Excellent accommodation site, Keep up the good work :) 9 Huddersfield
Andy Bradford Great!! Brilliant site, found a place and have e-mailed about a viewing in a matter of minutes! 10 Coventry
Abdullah al Mamun MBA Awesome 10 Hertford
jason mr please add this to your testimonals I am extremely happy with accommodation for students, I got an amazing house that was very cheap, and since I was finding flatmates too I used the service for that purpose as well amd i ended up with the best housemates! 10 Sheffield
Heather Macintyre Thumbs up Really helpful and quick. 10 Plymouth
Donnagh Murphy Better than It actully more user friendly than which is a site I just can't navigate around. 8 dublin
Val Winchester Congrats Great feature with the interactive map search. All in all the experience using the site was excellent. Keep up the good work. 9 Scarborough
Danielle O'rourke :) Myself and three friends are looking for a flat for this far i have found this site very helpful nd interesting. Hopefully, it will be easy to find a place soon :D xxxx 10 Newcastle
Alex Hill wiked dis sytes mint!! :D 10 Exeter
Francesca Portess Really good site This is by far the best site iv found in terms of looking for acommodation, really easy to use an dthe thumbnail pics arereally helpful, however i think it would be helpful if you put a section into the details for each property about bus routes and trains into the city centre as it cant always be easy to tell on maps where the nearest train station is and if you're not local you wont know about buses. Thanks 9 Birmingham
Aruna Kumari aruna very good services 9 London
Patricia Mc aninley Website is very good and helpful 10 Liverpool
N A G E N D R A Great Work Hi, Really it's a Nice Work. Especially Developers done a great job!! Good Keept it up!! N A G :) 10 London
Alistair Ewing Great free site! Great free site! 7 Wolverhampton
Patricia Mc aninley hello very happy with this website was helpful 10 liverpool
Patricia Mc aninley heya this website is very helpful and easily led out xo 10 liverpool
R Ferris Mr I have looked at the show flat and the property, it is very impressive, the gym and pool will be great I am looking forward to moving in. 10 Birmingham
Shoketh Khan mmm very good well done guys 10 Birmingham
Walter a. Chivuchi feedback on the site straight forward people on this site thanks 10 manchester
Staci Appleby cheers! really helping me make my mind up cheers 9 Cornwall
Kim Chidler Thankyou Excellent, found a property straight away and really pleased. Thankyou would not of found it without the help of the website. Thankyou 10 Nottingham
David Smith So Helpful ... Am moving to Glasgow next summer for the start of my course. I have to say i have really seen alot of interest on this website and it has helped me so much it's so easy to use aswell. Keep up good work :') 10 Glasgow
Ro Keane Love the site I think this site is great. Not so good last year, but guess many people in Preston might not have known about it, but it's grown and it's helped me a lot. Although, bit slow loading sometimes, lol Thanks 9 Preston
Charlotte Godfrey Thank you This site has been extremely useful in helping me find a housemate. The site is very user friendly and I have found that updating/changing my adverts has not been a problem. The only problems I have founds are that once an advert has been updated and I click on 'update', the preferred gender box automatically clears. Also I haven't been able to delete any of my adverts. C. Godfrey 9 cambridge
Novi Hansen Ace place for accommodation seekers!!! It's really a place for people seek accommodation within weeks or even less. Quick respond from others, that means your site has many users. Thanks.... big help!!! 9 cambridge
Mike York crown properties ltd this site is very good. there should be a place to write your feedback on houses and flats you have stayed in to help others and warn them off places clke crown properties ltd 1 Sheffield
Stuart Dick ! This site has helped me sort somewhere to live out!Top idea and top website! 10 sheffield
maku dowuona mrs I have only just discovered the site and have forwarded it to my daughter. it's fantastic and I hope she finds somewhere to live from the adverts. thank you 10 London
Asim ali Shah Site Rating msg This is wonderful and very helpful for international students outside uk inorder to find a suitable & a reasonable accomodation in UK. Keep up the good job. 9 london
Helena Sramkova Thank you Hey, I found it now by searching flatsharing in Aberdeen, so far very good. The only thing the dates of availability dont seem to correspond very much. But still important they are available. 8 Aberdeen
Uday Padia the best site 4 studnets it is the best site 4 student 2 find location to live, 10 glasgow
Sameera Samarajera Great wow.. great. . Good job. .keep it up. 10 newcastle upon tyne
David Aitken No complaints A brilliant site. Thanks for the invaluable help you have given me in finding accommodation. The site is extremely user-friendly, even my mum could find her way round it! 10 Bath
Rebecca Gordon Ms This sight was really useful to me, I got a response in a couple of days by responding to some postings on the message board and I recieved a couple more enquiries from the advert. I will be using this website again in the future when I'm looking for tennants, thankyou. 9 Liverpool
Mariola Grzduk miss great website !!! ;) 10 Brighton
Samual Roja Excellent Wonderfull site. 10 leicester
Cez Scott ... This is a really helpfull site,the only problem i have with it is its not very clear on how to email the person that has responded to your ad back unless they have left an address or contact number.Well,especially for those of us that aren't that good on computers. 9 southampton
Emma Improving available listings Hi- the site is really useful in helping to find accommodation. However- it would be really good if there was a way to see the newly listed properties on the noticeboard. I know you do it with the rentals board, but the notice board just tells you when the last person left a message, so you have to keep trawling through to find new notices. Just an idea! 6 london
Nadeem Azam good info good infoormation when it is needed 9 huddersfield
Lisa Wilson The most useful flatmate site available! This website has been so useful.It is so easy and practical to use. Well done! 10 manchester
Stefan Panayotopoulos Sub-letting Queries Very impressed with the website's user friendliness. However,I am a student at the university of edinburgh and was wondering if you possibly knew of any agencies in edinburgh that may deal with sub-letting. We (myself and two freinds) are renting a three bedroom flat for next year as of middle of june, as we are not going to be here over the summer though we were wondering if there was anyone that could help us sub-let it. The landlord is fine with us doing this. If possible any info would be much apreciated. 8 Edinburgh
Simon Sharpe Hello this site is very good in what it does providing students to browse and everything else 10 leicester
Gareth katie Shaun hanna emails are getting lost in space! hey, the site is great and we've had some good responses to our ad, but and its a bit of a big but! the replies do not always automatically get emailed to us so we can't get in touch with the people that post them which is a bit of a problem as i'm sure you can imagine! hope this is helpful in some way. keep up the good wrk cuz it really is a great site. 9 leicester
Samantha Gornall this site is brill This site is absolutely brilliant. Me and my friend were struggling to find anywhere to live because it was just the 2 of us. But using this site we have found 2 other flatmates and a brilliant appartment, Thank you 10 Lancaster
Mary Birch Ms I think this seems like a great service. My daughter is currently looking for a flat in Glasgow City Centre - she viewed one last week which she was very keen on but as I'm funding her she wanted me to be able to see the site so she she gave me the web address. However, I am not able to get more information as the log-in sections assumes that everyone wishing to do so is a student. I am sure she - and I -are not the only ones in this situation so perhaps you could alter the logging in details (also the author type below!) 5 Glasgow
Zeeshan Hashmi Great Yes its great site. 8 Lala Moosa
Naomi Rushman Miss the sites great 3 nottingham
Bea Bowles Great site we saw the house on the website, sent an e-mail to view it straight away, and that evening we were called back by the letting agent. We viewed the house within 2 days and put down the deposit immediately. The property had everything promised on the website,and the whole process was really swift!Would be great if you could see on your clip board which houses you had sent e-mails about. 9 Manchester
Zeeshan Hashmi Good to see Wonderful 10 London
Chaudhary Nabi Rapid Response its my first time to use this web site and i will highly appreciate this piece of outstanding work. i got response from lanlord by using this site is within 5 minutes. its really an excellent piece of mind for users... specially students 10 stoke
Anna Carter student really helpful 8 Manchester
Marcus Mobark Brilliant! I think this page is brilliant! I'm from sweden and i'm not so sure where to find places to live as a student. But thanks to this page i can easily find a suitable place to live. Thanks! 10 london
Katie Ms Is there anyway I can access the message board for "Edinburgh Flatmates Wanted" for July 2005? Trying to contact someone who contacted me about a room in our flat. Great site found it very useful. 8 Edinburgh
Tan Chee seng A very systematic websites helped me a lot! 8 Liverpool
Kim Jones Hello..?..... Is anyone there........? Good service over all, although would have like atleast some feedback from landlords when i email them!!! 6 swansea
Holly Davies Excelent Brilient easy to use greate 8 Bath
Heidi Spiliopoulos Great site Great site!! 8 london
Helen :-) Brilliant brilliant site! However, I wish there were more photos of the properties 10 Huddersfield
Pearl-mary Boyle Landlords/letting agents and replies I placed a message with a landlord over 3 days and I never got a reply or phonecall about the property. i emailed them again yesterday about other properties also and still have not received any information. is there anything else that I can do? other than that i think this is a great site. 9 london
Surya Das Its a very helpful site.. 8 glasgow
Warren Owen Success! I would simply like to register my satisfaction with this site. I had approximately 20 days to find somewhere to stay in cardiff for july and august and was somewhat worried that i'd fail which would result in the either the loss of a job or having to sleep on a mate's couch and travel to work from bristol! However, a 90minute daily journey to work has been averted due to the excellence of your site. In less than a week, i received 4 replies and i will now live in cardiff over this period at less than the cost of having to commute (with the added bonus of an extra hour plus in bed!). Thankyou accommodationforstudents! 10 Cardiff
Dan Fox Fast and hassle free assistance Great service and help, inclusive of a polite nature and speedy contact. I emailed to have account details changed due to my error. All ammendments occured within six hours, were clearly explained and I was kept informed. A great (yet unfortunately rare!) relation between administration and members of an online community! 10 North yorkshire
Sarah Fennell Good site This site is really useful, everyone should be on it who is searching for flats and rooms. 10 glasgow
Andy Glenn site Great site. 10 Aberdeen
Frances Stuart-thompson a general overview of this site. I think that this site is very good and is easy to access. 9 Carlisle
Juan P. Lewis Helpful The site is very well orginized and it contains a lot of useful info. Maybe some pictures are lacking, what makes the decision a little bit harder. Even so, It has been of great help. 9 San Sebastian
Katrina James thankyou! really helped us communicate with other students.. cheers! 8 cardiff
Mohd Fattani Dr We are happy from this site to help all students and other pepoles come to Glas'w for visiting or studying 10 glasgow
Tom Williams Good Really useful site thats been a lot of help. The advanced search could do with more criteria and the ticks and crosses could be more accurate. 8 huddersfield
Tracy Nnanwubar Beautiful This site is recommended by Ucas's website and i think itis very helpful and beautiful. 9 Liverpool
Jez Turner awesome awsome 10 london
Charlene Jumbo WOW This is a great idea it is so much easier for student who are looking for accommodation to share with other students. It also gives users the tools to contact other students who are in the same situations (pre university blues). I think you should add a chat room so that student who have log ins/ password can talk to each other directly on subject concerning accommodation and general student life. 8 Glasgow

Testimonials From Landlords
Total: 82
Given Name Title Message Rating city
Alwin Oliver Great platform I have been using AFS for about 8 years now and it is a vital part of my business model. Every year I secure a number of traffic and bookings. The staff are really friendly and helpful (Noel is a star) Highly recommended 10 Southsea
Emma Bowden Great Advertising Service Just a quick note to congratulate and thank you on your great advertising service. Out of all of the student accommodation advertising websites this is the best. I like the fact that the owner/landlord receives an email and text with all of the students full details. May I say it works! and works well.We have filled all of houses for this year thanks to your website keep up the great work and I will be using you again come this time next year. 10 Worcester
Hester Hamley Great Website! Hi I was prompted to use your website for the first time this year as the University database Student Pad that I useually use wasn't generating any calls. I was very impressed with the ease of setting up the property on the website & now 2 weeks later I have found 4 lovely tenants. I can not recommend your site highly enough & thank you for helping me with my search. 10 Plymouth
Kevi Shaw Thank you Hi I would just like to thank the whole team for helping me throughout the year so far. Giving me enquiries and on the odd occasion helping me when I needed information over the telephone. You are a magnificent company and whenever I have rang up the staff have always been helpful and courteous. Once again a BIG THANK YOU and best wishes to you all. Kevin Shaw (BedeBrooke Lettings) 10 Sunderland
Jenny Well Done Accommodation for Students is an excellent site - we have found new tenants for our student properties well ahead of the time we normally do - I particularly liked the way I received a text on my mobile advising me that there was a contact on my e-mail account from a prospective tenant. Will certainly advertise with this site again. 9 Portsmouth
George Case Letting a house in Preston I was really pleased with the service received from afs. I was thinking of selling the house, but found your web-site and gave it a month to see tenants could be found. There were several applications with the first two weeks. I have agreed a let and found the system very simple and easy to use, keeping me and applicates up to date efficiently. 10 Preston
Dolores Mulkerrins Testmonial I am extremely pleased with the AFS website and the service they provide. I've filled my rooms form advertising form 29th June to 26th July. This is very good value for money. Also, I would like to commend the staff. They are most helpful and readily offer tips on how to improve your exposure to the market This will be the third year I have owned my student property and ALL of my students have come from this source. 9 Plymouth
Paul Swaisland-Dyke wish I had found you guys sooner!!!! Have been letting property to students for past 7 years.....wish I had found you guys sooner!!!! 10 London
Carol Lingard Mrs My property was let 2 days after advertising on your site. During the next few days I had many more enquiries. Thank you I will certainly use your site next year when I am looking for Students for my property in St. Andrews. I thought the e-mail link for replying to enquiries was very useful. 10 St Andrews
Laurence Jacoby Bedford St, Earlsdon Just a quick note to say that I almost didn't advertise with you this year because the response last year was awful. The improvements you made to your website this year and your updates to enquiries have made a huge difference, thank you, job done, very happy.Laurence Jacoby 10 Coventry
aron gersh mr I spend much time raging against websites designed by teenagers or geeks with really bad language that fails to guide one properly and often things don't work properly and I suggest things to the designers but they are not interested. YOUR WEBSITE GETS MY VOTE AS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN ANYWHERE. MY BANK IS SOUTH AFRICA HAS A PATHETIC WEBSITE, THE SOUTH AFRICAN REVENUE SERVICE WEBSITE ALMOST NEVER WORKS FOR ME, ETC ETC. SO . . .high praise from me is DOUBLE THE VALUE. Well done!!! 10 London
Zara Thanks once again I have just let my house again for a second time using your website, excellent response, many thanks, I will continue to recommend your site. 8 Lincoln
trevor clifford mr your service is excellent,i have had many hits and have let one house already 10 portsmouth
Joan Purser Great Service A landlord friend recommended your site to advertise our properties. I was amazed at the response, I placed my adverts on the site on Thursday evening & by Friday I was receiving phone calls & email enquiries for the property. 10 York
Mr G Teers Student -let house I advertised a 5 bedroomed student-let house on your site and within less than a week I had 3 enquiries and let the house. I shall certainly use this site again. Thanks 1 Coventry
G.Conway G. Accommodation for students is a very accessible site and this encourages repeated use leading to good success with renting. I also like the speedy and efficient responses to e-mail requests. 9 Coventry
Marcus Spiller Landlords Help and Guidance-PLYMOUTH I found your website really good to use - keep up the good work. I also joined Westcountry Landlords Association found links back to your site. 10 Plymouth
Leydonlettings Leydon Leydon Lettings rate this site 8 out of 10. Leydon Lettings rate this site 8 out of 10. It would beit 10/10 if the categories included the features we offer like ensuites and double beds! This is an invitation! The site is otherwise brilliant and the staff are so friendlyand respond quickly to resolve queries and problems - nothing is too much trouble. 9 Canterbury
Linda Landlord praise I have just spoken to Sylvester on your help line and thought I'd drop a line to let you know what an excellent service I get from your web-site. I advertise my student properties with you every year and always get very good response. Excellent value for money. 10 Portsmouth
Emanuela Marketing Coordinator is a very efficient website to market your accommodation. We had an excellent feedback in terms of applications received and visitors. It's easy to use and you can manage your own profile making edits at any time. I would recommend to anyone in the business. 8 London
Philip & Shan Henshall feedback Thank you for a great service. We will tune in again next year. Please keep working on the ease with which the website can be used. It took us a while to get used to it. I suggest giving absolute novices different tasks to do, and watching the pitfalls. 8 Cardiff
Sandie Ollier Thank you for your service Just used your web site for renting property for the first time. I found it very easy to download everything and it is very competitively priced. Thank you in anticipation of finding tenants. 9 Shropshire UK
Julie & Stuart Harris Student Homes in Plymouth Would thoroughly recommend AFS to any landlord. Our website, which is hosted by AFS, is now an essential part of our business. Special thanks to Noel who is always super fast and efficient in dealing with any little problem we might have. Well done AFS. 10 Plymouth
Luke Williams Thanks ! has completly changed the way the way I rent my properties. It has decreased my relience on local based management companies who like to fill the houses they fully manage first !! It also gives me greater control over the tenants that view my houses and saves my a packet at the same time !! Great site, user friendly and effective. Well Done !! Luke Williams, Manchester 10 manchester
Barry Mrs Very easy to use access to advertising property. Thanks 9 london
Zara Healy Thanks for a brilliant website Within a week of signing up and advertising, I found a group of 4 people to rent my house. Brilliant service Thanks very much. 7 lincoln
Ron Munro Private Landlord Once again, we have let our property in Aberdeen within 48 hrs of posting an advert on the afs website! Thank you very much, afs, for your landlord friendly service which I highly recommend to anyone seeking tenants. 9 Aberdeen
Judy Twyman Good response We had a good response from our advert on your site, and successfully let all our rooms within a month! Administration was easy to negotiate, and dealing with responses made simple with your email system. Many thanks, we will be back! 10 london
Paul Cooper Appointments I am very pleased with your service however I would appreciate you reminding the students of either keeping arranged appointments or letting the landlord know if they are unable to make it for what ever reason. Thanks & Regards Paul Cooper 9 Stafford
Jody Robertson Afs site I just happened to find your site by fluke last year when I was at a loss to know how I could fill my student house for the next academic year. I found the site very easy to use. I even made my first ever website. It was a dream to change or update, really no problem at all. Last year I managed to find students for my property within the first week. To find students again for the next year I came back to the site. It was great to find that with just one click everything was operational again. I just had to change a few details, and my site was up and running again. It's great to have the 'Boost to top' facility, as I was always checking and my property remained very prominent and visible. Again I let the proerty in the first week, while the dot was still flashing next to the property. I shall certainly return to the site when I look for students in future. Thank you for taking a load off my mind and even helping me think about taking on another property. I tell everyone who is in the same situation, or student looking for accommodation about your site as I have found it so useful. Jody Robertson 10 Coventry
Rob Dawson First Class Service All our properties have been let for the 2007/08 academic year within three weeks of advertising on the AFS site. The traffic received by e-mail and telephone was beyond all expectations. What more can I say other than a big thank you to Noel and the team who are always available offering help and advice as required. 10 York
Laurence Jacoby Thanks and an idea Dear Simon, AFS has, once again, worked excellently for me this letting season,despite a little hick up at the begining that with your help was resolved, thank you. I think we should talk as I have an idea which could be a great addition to the site as well as generating more income for you, please give me a call. Regards, Laurence Jacoby. 10 Coventry
Laurence jacoby Advertising AFS is by far the best website for student properties, even when there are problems with the advert they are very helpful, I cannot reccomend them highly enough. 10 London
Adam Sidat MR We were very impressed with your site, I found you by accident. Very easy to use and the layout is great. we hope to use your service every year. I like the idea of photos, so we shall be investing in a good a photographer. I will be reccomending your web site to family and friends. We just have to wait and see what sort of response we have as we usually advertise through the Leicester University and by word of mouth through our existing students. 9 LEICESTER
Thomas Mr I have repeatedly removed my property from the active list so that it is not displayed on your web site. Despite doing this i continue to recieve enquiries about the property - so i have had to delete it totally. I think this may be a flaw in your website somewhere. Other than that generally a great idea which is well executed. Well done. 8 Bath
Bill Roughton It worked Accommodation for Students was an easy-to-use, effective website, which enabled me to let my house in Lenton, Nottingham. It worked a lot better than the local paper. Photos didn't load too well, but otherwise a very good experience. 9 Nottingham
Rubina Mrs I am very impressed with this site. Within a month of advertising, all my rooms had gone. Very efficient service. Best money I have ever spent! 10 Newcastle
margaret bedell your service....9 williamson rd. lancaster Thank you for the very good service i had from yourselves. I have let the house and I don't know if that was thro your site or a notice in a window ...but I had 2 others from you and 1 of them was very keen and was a good back up to have. website brilliant and so easy to usethanks. M.Bedell 10 Lancaster
Peter Wilson Missing suburb Hi there, Congratulations on a very successful website. I would love to advertise my property on it. I have in the past but have not had much response sadly because the suburb where my house is located is not amongst the list given for Edinburgh. The nearest suburb is Sight hill which is a very bad area in Edinburgh. I was wondering if it would be possible to add Currie to your list of Edinburgh suburbs, as its less than a mile from Heriot-Watt University. This would definitely help those poor homeless students of Heriot-Watt find my superb accomodation! :-) I'd be interested in your reply, Cheers, Peter Wilson 6 Edinburgh
margaret bedell mrs. i am very impressed with your service...i had a silly query but you rang and sorted it out and were most helpful and having looked on the site i am very pleased to see how well it works...user friendly. i don't have any one in the house yet but it is very soon and the information goes on very for rtaing...not v. used to doing this but 1 of the best websites i have come accross. 10 lancaster
Thomas Hill Carlsberg don't do accomodation websites but...... Very impressive. Alot of responces from people scattered all over the country who wouldn't see the local press etc, so very effective in hitting the target audience. Only slight quibble was too many e-mails from individuals when the advert says clearly house for group of 4, however that's not really your fault is it! 8 Bath
Simon Topple AFS is ace! AFS is key to us renting our properties out quickly. We recommend this to all landlords who want to find good tenants, and quickly. 10 Liverpool
Tracy Matheson Feedback from a landlord I love this site. Staff are quick to respond to emails and are very efficient. I successfully let my properties through this site. My only slight grumble is that I sometimes receive text alerts that someone is interested in a property in the early hours of the morning! This is because the student is logging on at 3 am for example! I find the text alerts really useful, but not when they wake me up. I use my mobile as an alarm when I am away, so it's not as if I can switch it off. I also like to have it on in case of an emergency. Is there any way we can eliminate the midnight callers?!! 9 Plymouth
lilah selman mrs Really impresseds with you web site. Within 2 hours of the ad appearing I had been contacted and it was let immediately. many thanks for a cheap but efficient service. 1 Newcastle
maureen wharton manager The site is really useful. Just one comment to make, even though I reply to every enquiry I get they are still flagged as not replied to on the adverts, which is why it is 9 and not 10 9 newcastle upon tyne
G & D PROPERTY SERVICES Debbie Nicholls Many Thanks For a Superb service.I will certainly advertise my flats agian when they become available next year. Thanks to Everyone. Debbie Nicholls 10 BRISTOL
David Manning Thanks for the advice about my ad Hi, Thanks for the advice about my ad. As the property is now let for the next eighteen months, I shall not be renewing now. However, the results have been very impressive and I shall return in due course. Best wishes, David Manning Press 10 Canterbury
Richard Mee Thank you!!! AFS - Another batch successfully housed with the minimum of fuss... takes all of the stress out of the process and makes a mockery of the 10-15% charged by most 'management' companies. A massive thank you - look forward to advertising again with you next time. 10 Cambridge
janet dudley lupol lets It has been good to receive text messages to my mobil as some times the e-mails have not arrived into my address and i,ve still been able to contact students.I,m not always infront of my computor,so I,m reminded to check. 10 Nottingham
angela would professional landlord We let 6 student properties within 4 days of placing the adds - which was great , we had an incredible response and the beauty is, that unlike the uni list, once the adds are removed, there's no more enquiries 10 southampton
alaster thom let Very quick let for our house in Birmingham. Quicker than the Uni site! Thanks 10 banbury
claire kremer landlord A brilliant easy to use site! We were overwhelmed with suitable applicants and filled our properties in 4 days.I wish we'd found you sooner! Claire 10 Nottingham
Hilary Harrod Thanks Just to say once again I have filled my house from your excellent website in on 2 weeks! Pity I paid for 3 months! However, I really believe it is the best website for landlords to use as it is well run and organised to be efficient both for landlords and students. Well done and keep it up. 10 Lincoln
Nicholas Alexander Thank you Hi- Nice idea- thank you! kind regards Nick 9 sheffield
William Fish Managing Director - Hello Simon, I have now been using your website during the last year to let rooms for our large and small student accommodation. The response levels from students is great, they are picking up your site with a simple search and using it to find next years student accommodation. The site is simple, straight forward and to the point. Kind Regards, William 07767414446. 10 nottingham
Hassim Vorajee MR Excellent 8 Preston
Janet Dashwood Mrs Hi, I have just seen your pitch to the Dragon's Den (on video). Well done and commiserations. I think you were very wise to keep a majority share. You are producing a very useful and much appreciated service. I'm sure you can find other ways of raising capital without the Dragons and keep control. Good luck. Janet 7 Huddersfield
Sarah McDonald Love your work I put my property details up late on a Sunday night, 3 days later I had the new tenancy agreement signed and complete! Best of all, this was sorted 4 months before the uni year started/the tenants were due to move in. The level of detail required to display a property on AFS means no-one is wasting each others time and leads are good leads! My new tenants are lovely too. 10 Edinburgh
M Sinclair Mr House let within one week of advertising! Thank you for an excellent service. Can you confirm that the house is now hidden from view and any charges will be stopped? Thanks very much 10 Newcastle
elizabeth webster Mrs Just to let you know that my property is now let an enquiry received from this website. Thank you. 8 Carlisle Cumbria
Margaret Caunce Thanks With the help of your advert, the room is now let. Thanks very much for your help again. 10 Lancaster
atkinson landlord fine service - tenants found 7 lancaster
Mr Coles satisfied customer I would just like to say that this site has worked ! simple , efficient , effective thank you 9 Coventry
Gloria Weisfeld Landlord After using conventional forms of advertising my student properties I was absolutley delighted with the results of Accommodation for Students website. The response I received & success in letting my properties surpassed all my expectations. Apart from them assisting me in building a highly professional website of my own which was simplicity itself they are always available to answer any queries very promptly. There is also the extra benefit which enabled me to proactively market & target my properties & this I found invaluable. Their website is highly prominent for anybody looking for student accommodation & I believe there is no finer way of letting properties than through this superb company. 10 London
Geraldine Bunting Thanks Dear Sirs, I now have my property rented out until June 06. This was as a result of an email I received through your service - many thanks. I will use your services again for the next academic year 10 St Andrews
Alex Wood Feedback An absolutely fantastic service - easy to use and very effective. Transformed our rental business. Would like to know what causes you to be listed at the top of the list when a student searches for you. I guess that 'boost to the top' impacts this. Is there an underlying rotation system? 9 Nottingham
Tracy Matheson SMS Text alerts Absolutely great idea - except when they arrive in the early hours of the morning!! Could the system be modified to take into account overseas visitors to the site on a different time zone? I would prefer only to receive texts from 8.00am until 10pm for example. Thanks for a great site though 9 Plymouth
Geraldine Bunting contact I would welcome text messages 6 St Andrews
Linda Lowe txt alert txt alert is a superb addition to your site. 10 Manchester
Maureen Wharton Mrs fantastic site, one of the best I have used. really useful. 10 newcastle
Dominic Dobson Major Fantastic service you give. I have been with you from the start, and I am very pleased with the letting results. Many thanks, Dominic Dobson 1 Nottingham
Daphne Green Text alerts Text alerts are really appreciated, means I know when to log on and check my email. 10 Edinburgh
Kim Kim Taylor Thanks for a great website which has already proved very useful. Is there any way that contact emails coming into my website can be auto forwarded to my normal mailbox to save me having to log in to AFS everytime to check for a response. Alternatively an auto email from you to my normal mailbox telling me there is a contact email on my website with you. Regards Kim 10 Portsmouth
John P Heath Feedback on web advertising Good web site, my advert placed was productive, I will use again next year without hesitation. 8 Sheffield
Tracy Matheson Feedback I find this website to be extremely efficient and well used. However, it is quite slow in the afternoons to log on which can be frustrating when you have paid for the service!! 8 Plymouth
Margaret Houlihan Letting a student flat After advertising my flat on this website, I had 11 replies and it was rented out within 5 days. 8 Edinburgh
Hilary Harrod Brilliant Site This site is very good. I have used it almost since it started I think. I have always had interest from it and frequently filled my two houses from it. Thanks AFS 10 Lincoln
Roger Bell Best Site A great site that produces a good flow of quality enquiries. Good luck and well done Roger Bell Aabee Homes 10 Southampton
Mr. Lawrence Will get back to you soon Thanks for getting in touch with OGAS. 10 London
shamene khan ms the service seems like a good idea,however i will be trying it for the first time 3 london
william morgan feedback This is a totally brilliant idea and should really take off benefitting landlords and students.Why pay agents fees when this website solves the matching problem. To improve this sites use you should advertise it in Epigram which is a student paper for Bristol Uni.They may do this for free if you ask as you are helping the students at no cost.You should contact the Students Union on Queens Rd Clifton Bristol 9 bristol
Jeanne Holroyd Mrs. Absolutely superb site. The response from prospective tenants was amazing. Shall not use any other form of advertising again. Well done! 10 Huddersfield

Testimonials From Letting Agents
Total: 13
Given Name Title Message Rating City
Rob Hunter CEO The London Student Group We would be lost without you! Just a quick email to say what an amazing start to the 2013 season we had! We have been completely overwhelmed with enquiries and our block viewings have attracted so much attention that on one occasion the police were called! We could not run our business without AFS, which is and has always been the most important part of our engagement strategy with students. The vast majority of our enquiries come from AFS, and we receive outstanding value for money from our advertising spend with you. As the UKLAP Landlord Of The Year For Student Housing 2012 and 2013, we aim to provide an outstanding unique bespoke service to our students, which is exactly what the team at AFS have supplied to us over the last 10 years. Thanks for all your help in contributing to our continued success. We would be lost without you! 10 London
Jonathan Griffiths Great Web Site! We have used AFS for the past two years and each year we find they generate upto 70% of our student tenants! The web site is very user friendly and simple to use - any problems - a quick phone call to their office is very friendly and helpful. We now advertise all of our properties through AFS and very rarely use any other advertising site because they are that good! We would advise any landlord with decent accommodation to go through AFS as an advertising portal and we're sure you would have the same success rate as we do. 10 Manchester
Loraine Marshall Fantastic marketing site I have been using AFS since starting in business in 2005, have seen the site grow. Once again I have successfuly let many properties from the advertising coverage provided by AFS. We will continue to market our accomodation vacancies thanks Loraine @ 9 sunderland
Dawn Sait Apartments manager Excellemt value, easy to update and change details. even for a computer novice like me. Very helpful with any queries. 8 Southsea Hampshire
sharon holdham manager excellent site, invaluable marketing tool 9 southampton
Debbie Nicholls G & D PROPERTY SERVICES Many Thanks For advertising my property,I will certainly use your services again next year when my flats become available again.It has been a pleasure to advertise with you, You have been very understanding & very helpfull on the occasions when I have had to contact you.. Many Many THANKS to EVERYONE! Debbie Nicholls. 10 BRISTOL
Yvonne Jones Lettings Manager The service we have received from Simon at has been first class. Right from the start he has guided us through the processes and this has resulted in an excellant start to our allocation process. Thanks!! 10 Bradford
Jenny I love the site! Can I just take this opportunity to say how much, as a marketing professional, I love the site. It is simple to use, allows you to create great listing, ranks brilliantly in the major search engines, is great value for money, and most importantly really get the results. Support is also second to none, a real refreshing change. 10 Cardiff
Sandra Matheson Website Hi Simon, Thanks for the mail this morning about advertising. I am fully booked at the moment but as soon as the rush is over and everyone is in, I will get my vacancies up for next year as there's no time like the present to start advertising - I just don't have the time to do paperwork at the moment whilst they're all moving in! What happens about getting my own website linked to AFS? I have tried to do it before but because I have not been in much I haven't given it too much time - any help you can give would be appreciated. Thank. Sandra 10 plymouth
m. gandhi Mr Very good. Helpful Thank you very much 7 nottingham
Julie Paterson Managing Director The system is easy to use and produces lots of good leads. I have many calls and emails for each flat and whilst I still hold on to other web sites yours produces the best results. 9 Edinburgh
Nick Jemmett Keep up the good work I will be subscribing again to your site towards the end of this year when we have some more houses coming vacant. Keep up the good work. Many thanks for your help. Yours sincerely Nick Jemmett A1 Student Accommodation in York. 9 York
Shirleyann Plumridge Office Manager A great site, generated plenty of interest in houses advertised. 8 Bournemouth