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The perfect housemate - 65 tips for the successfull house share

Over the last 15 years we have spoken to thousands of students and they have told us what makes for a successful house share and some of the things that can cause some real problems. For the frst time we have gathered together all of those tips in one place.

How to win the race to find the best student accommodation has been helping students to find accommodation for 17 years. We have used our years of experience to put together the ultimate guide to finding student accommodation. Use our tips to make sure you are ahead in the race to get the best place to live and to find out about one thing you can do to help you save hundreds of pounds.

Landlord problems? The Students Guide to avoiding and solving

One of the most important aspects of having a good time in your student accommodation is the relationship that you have with your Landlord or the Agent who is responsible for managing the property. The better this relationship the more positive your experience of living away from home will be

The complete guide to budgeting for student accommodation

Where does my money go?! Being a student is an expensive business now. It is likely that you will be spending around £9,000 p.a. on your tuition fees alone. At the time you graduate you are likely to owe around £40,000. While you study, your biggest expense will be your accommodation – as you don’t pay your tuition fees until you have graduated.

The 5 most common types of Student Accommodation

Generally owned by the University and tend to be for first years only. They are a great way to adjust to living away from home, and making new friends. There are a variety of options including catered/self-catered and ensuite/shared bathrooms.

5 Things you must factor into your accommodation budget

The cost of private rented accommodation varies considerably between university towns. A survey by in March 2007 showed the average rent for student accommodation to be £60/ week although this encompasses large regional variations. London is the most expensive area for student to live at £102/week with the cheapest being Crewe at just £37/week.

4 places to look when searching for accommodation

Once you have established your budget, it’s time to start your search to find your perfect private rented accommodation.

5 things to ask the landlord before renting

If the house/flat has been available for a while, it could indicate that there is something wrong with it. The longer it’s been advertised, the more likely you are able to negotiate deals.

4 questions you must ask the current tenants

It can be very beneficial to you if the current tenants are in whilst you are viewing the property, as they can provide you with an insight which perhaps the landlord/letting agency can’t. Asking these questions will help to determine whether the property is the right one for you.

quick guide to securing a property

A financial commitment will be required by the landlord before a property can be reserved for you

tenancy agreement overview

The Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) Agreement is the contract that tenants must sign to confirm that they will be renting the property.


There are two different types of deposits to be aware of when renting a property, to ensure that you fully understand all of the costs you are paying.

5 things you need to know about inventories

An inventory is a record of the contents and condition of a property at a specified date. It is an extremely important document as it can be used to settle disputes at the end of the tenancy regarding deposits.

7 things to consider when deciding who to live with

Some students find in first year that they want to live with their flatmates; whilst others prefer to live with their course mates, or friends they’ve met through societies. It’s extremely important to ensure that you’re living with the right group of people, as it can be the difference between either having an amazing year at University; or an experience so bad you’re counting down the days until you can leave.

5 things to look out for

gas safety (installation and use) regulations

7 rules to help you live harmoniously

In order for everyone to get on harmoniously, it is essential that you establish some ground rules. Even if rule setting is the last thing you want to do after having moved away from home; they will stop arguments getting too heated later on in the year. These rules should be written up at the start of the tenancy and placed in a prominent place in the house so they can be referred to if any debates begin.

10 things every student should know before renting

Your biggest outgoing as a student is rent, so you should know your rights and make sure you’re organised. Not having to worry about being evicted and getting your deposit back means you will be a lot less stressed over the year, but if you do find yourself in any sort of trouble, get help as soon as possible so it doesn’t escalate further.

house hunting checklist

house hunting checklist

international student guide Read Student Articles

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