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Late filing landlords face tough tax penalties
The new late filing penalty regime for tax payers is worrying for many landlords who have not filed returns for a number of years. The new filing penalties have scrapped the old cap on fines that meant landlords with losses or tax due of less than £100 paid nothing or a fine e
Posted by on 24/01/2012 14:50:26
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Drug gangs farm cannabis in buy to let homes
Cannabis factories are springing up in shared houses as drugs gangs change tactics to outwit the police. The crooks are splitting their farms across several smaller properties to minimise their losses when police strike. The clear trend is reported by police, who are warnin
Posted by on 24/01/2012 14:47:12
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Student planning rows ripple out to smaller universities
A student housing onslaught in major cities as developers rolled out massive halls has rippled out to affect smaller university towns and cities. Property experts claim many cities are now at saturation point for student developments after several years of building - they cite
Posted by on 24/01/2012 14:42:28
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Student houses worth their weight in Olympic rental gold
Student landlords are leading the rush for Olympic rental gold by letting out their properties to media companies, tourists and sports fans for this summer’s sporting extravaganza. Landlords with shared homes in and around the capital are marketing their rooms for an average £
Posted by on 24/01/2012 14:29:59
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Investors sink £860 million in student housing honeypot
Institutional investors are still pouring hundreds of millions in to student accommodation in a bid to cash in on a shortage of homes and an increasing number of rich overseas students coming to Britain. The trend is for soaring increases of investment - hitting just over £860
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:37:32
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Best and worst places for house prices in 2011
Kettering in Northamptonshire is Britain’s house price black spot for 2011. The country town returned a 15% fall in house prices during the year - equalled only by Dunfermline, Scotland. London commuter belt suburb Woking recorded the biggest house price rise in the year -
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:35:24
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Rising HMO costs may force landlords to sell up
Buy to let landlords are concerned licensing costs and improvements demanded for upgrading their properties under new shared home rules will drive them out of business. A wave of local councils will start enforcing planning and licensing rules on houses in multiple occupation
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:33:15
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Councils lose HMO planning challenge in court
House in multiple occupation planning laws for shared homes with three to five unrelated tenants will stay the same after a group of local council lose their legal challenge on appeal. The Court of Appeal in London rejected their claim that Housing Minister Grant Shapps did no
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:30:42
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Billions poured in to student letting by institutional investors
Institutional investment in residential property - especially student accommodation - has almost tripled to £2.2 billion in the past 12 months, according to a leading firm of property lawyers. Much of the smart investment money has switched from equities and commodities to pro
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:29:18
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Buy to let fraudsters are back, warns lender
Property clubs that dupe investors out of large amounts of cash with dubious below market deals are coming back to buy to let, according to one lender Student letting was a key target market for property clubs at the height of the buy to let boom in 2007. The dust is still
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:26:13
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Uni applications drop by 23,000 for next year
Student landlords can expect little change in letting demand for the next academic year as the deadline for applications closes. The agency managing the booking of university places, UCAS, reckons applications are down 23,000 on last year. With just over a million places on
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:19:06
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Another uni town tightens up HMO planning controls
Hatfield is the latest no-go town for student landlords as councillors have introduced new planning rules for house in multiple occupation. Small HMOs in the town - where the campus of the University of Hertfordshire is based - need planning permission before any rooms are let
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:03:53
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Student landlords may face a Bath ban
The changes facing university cities as growing number of students move in to shared homes are reflected in new figures for shared houses in Bath. The city council is debating taking on extra planning controls to curb the number of shared homes - houses in multiple occupation
Posted by on 18/01/2012 14:00:54
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London student landlord yields double in a year
Student housing yields have almost doubled in London, according to the latest market report from property specialists Knight Frank. The latest figures show returns on investment surged from 8.4% in September 2010 to 15.1% at the end of September 2011. The firm reckons stron
Posted by on 18/01/2012 13:58:08
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Student letting is a good investment, claims property fund
Student accommodation is likely to prove one of the best property investment sectors over the next 12 months, according to a global property investment firm. Despite tuition fee increases and falling availability of university places, student letting still offers a good invest
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:42:32
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Buy to let yields won’t surrender to economic woes
Buy to let rentals are still steaming ahead thanks to a property drought - and yields are likely to continue to rise for landlords, claim letting agents. The latest private rental market review from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors shows yields have now increased e
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:27:45
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Period homes are the best deal for student landlords
Student landlords looking for homes with the best return on investment should look at larger period properties, according to new research. Larger homes with more rooms, high ceilings and bigger plots are attractive homes to rent to students - and have also led the way in prope
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:25:47
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Council admits not knowing how many HMOs in town
A housing officer has admitted he guessed the number of houses in multiple occupation in a town because the council has no idea of the total. Boston Borough Council head of housing, property and communities, Andy Fisher was telling councillors about a recent HMO survey that es
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:23:53
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Landlords ordered to rip down illegal extensions
Planners have ordered landlords to tear down eyesore extensions on 24 homes in just three streets that have been built without permission. Manchester City Council says just two landlords are responsible for 14 of the illegal extensions on buy to let properties in the Levenshul
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:22:28
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Student landlords should avoid ‘low status’ universities
Student property experts are warning investors to steer away from buying in cities with ‘low status’ universities. Property consultants Savills claim investors face a bleak future of falling student demand if they let property near universities that have limited growth prospec
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:20:00
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House prices tumble to lowest level for 40 years
House sales for 2011 are predicted to slump to the lowest level for 40-years - and could slip even further next year. The number of sales this year is expected to fall to around 50% of those at the housing market peak in 2007 at 840,000, according to housing market analysts Ho
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:14:37
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Pitfalls of telling all to the tax man
Accountants may be the resort for tax advice - but they are not necessarily the best people to act for clients if they are in conflict with HM Revenue & Customs. Most tax agents - accountants and tax advisers - do not receive formal training about gathering evidence and repres
Posted by on 13/01/2012 16:12:57
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