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Unprecedented changes to A-level examinations across the past two years have affected the university admissions process, causing an increase in the number of students applying to university and receiving the grades they need to firmly accept their first-ch


In our all new podcast Emma, Francis and Zoe from our student team talk about going to Uni in 2021.

The episode covers everything you need to know about the University experience this year, what to expect and most importantly how to make the


As young adults we have a big responsibility to fight for a future that is fair, sustainable and kind, so it doesnít hurt to keep yourself informed - and get to know new, smaller businesses that are better overall!


When it comes to new experiences it is natural to make mistakes, so heading into your first year of university without knowing all the answers is completely normal. However, as a student who has gone through the exact same thing, I am hoping my experience


All students who make an enquiry through AFS over the summer will automatically be entered into a draw to win 1 monthís free rent.

By making an enquiry you are automatically eligible to enter the competition and you wonít need to do anything els


Like everything else in student life, looking for student accommodation has become slightly more complicated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With travel shutting down, restrictions in place, and a lot of uncertainty, students have found it hard to


Hi, Iím Francis. The coming academic year will be my third at University College London where I study History. I am an EU student, though one of the lucky ones to have started university with Home Fees status. My time at university so far has been thorough


With the Covid-19 pandemic, travel has become a nightmare for many UK students.

Between the governmentís complicated traffic light systems, the expense of PCR tests, and the uncertainty of whether or not you can return, making a decision ab


Looking for a student property? Weíve got you covered. At Accommodation for Students weíve made some slight adjustments to our website to make your student property search as quick and simple as possible. Take a look at whatís changed, and how weíve improv


Hello, my name is Emma, and I have just graduated from the University of Manchester from BA English Language and Literature. Throughout my time at university, I have gained a plethora of interpersonal skills, as well as academic skills and enhanced my cult


Hello, my name is Zoe and I am a second year student at the University of Birmingham studying BA English Literature. So far university has been an incredible experience, I have gained so much confidence in my subject and as a person. Going to university ha


Hi, I'm Lauryn and I have just finished my BA course in English Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Manchester. I moved to the U.K. to get a unique university experience that you can't get anywhere else in the world. UK universities offer


Hi, my name is Magda and I am from Poland. When the summer will come to an end I will begin my third year at the University of Edinburgh where I am studying Maths and Business. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to study at such a prestigious uni


Education as a means to gain work is familiar to everyone, as is striving to get some experience. Internships are a good way to do that, providing shorter term work experience opportunities under the watchful eye of experienced professionals. These arenít


Over the past year, everybody has had to adjust to moving their lives online. Whilst it has been useful to be able to use digital platforms to maintain our daily activities, an increase in screen time is never beneficial to our mental or physical health. T


Studying at British universities is a dream for many young people around the globe. It is an incredible experience that comes in handy throughout life. It is also an amazing journey that allows one to explore different cultures, learn to speak languages fl


Still wondering which university to attend in September? Well The Guardian has created a really useful interactive database that might help you choose the best course and university for you, based on numbers!


We asked and you delivered! Here are the ten most popular bars, clubs and pubs, as voted by students in the UK!

Fancy a visit on us? All you need to do is head over to ourinstagram ,


2020 hit us all by storm, and the impact of the pandemic was especially significant for those who were due to sit their GCSEs and A-levels last summer. Back in summer 2020, when exams were cancelled across the UK, the exam papers which had already been fin

Sunís out (at least in some places), dissertations in, and hospitality is officially opening indoor spaces on the 17th of May (and clubs not long after on the 21st of June)! No need to sit in the rain, or stand outside queuing for hours, just make sure to book in a


As many students already know, finding the perfect student house can be a challenge. Youíll think youíve found an ideal property, only to move in and find a few surprises. Whether youíre a student property veteran or whether youíre looking for your first s


When the first lockdown came into place in March 2020, students were concerned about the future of their education and university experiences, but nothing could have prepared them for what was to come. Over a year later in April 2021 and many students have


April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. Itís a great opportunity to raise your voice and demand systemic change. We are still very far away from solving the issue of the climate crisis, plastic pollution or deforestation. Even though we need to a


The Times Higher Educationís impact ratings for 2021 have been released, with the University of Manchester taking the top spot as the most sustainable university in the world -  

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  1. The Pomodoro method : First thing to address is that no, we are not talking about some delicious tomato pasta (unfortunately).  
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If you use to secure your property this April you can claim a free Amazon voucher, worth £10*. All you have to do is make an enquiry through AFS, then when you confirm the booking let us know Ė then we will send you a voucher.

Although many students will think carefully about the degree that they choose to study before they begin university, often it is the case that after three years of study, students will have a completely different opinion about their chosen field. Perhaps your degre


Easter in many regions of the world is a huge thing. Even though it is the most important day in the Christian calendar it is now celebrated by people sharing non-Christian values as well. Just like Christmas, it is the time during the year when families g



<3 Apps are a really easy tool to find preloved items that you may need. -For clothes I love Ebay, Depop or Vinted. -For household appliances I love Facebook marketplace. Theyíre basically giving things away for free!


Weíve all seen them, the advertisements for Open evenings or various other shindigs and soirťes. But have you really considered just how beneficial they might be?

If youíre wrapping up your final year of university and are seriously conside


The safety measures which have resulted in an extensive amount of time at home has meant that opportunities for professional and personal growth have been sparse. Though many are suffering a lack of inspiration as a consequence of the challenges faced with


Every university student across the country has been made to pack up their desks and start studying from home, whether itís on their mums kitchen table or at a tiny bedroom desk. We have been faced with a new way of living and a new way of studying which h


Over the past year (yes it really has been a whole year since universities had to take teaching online), students have had to adapt extraordinarily to massive amounts of screen time.

Not only are we already a screen-dependent generation, with


Womenís Day was first celebrated in 1911 in four countries Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Since then it became recognized by the United Nations as an international event. 8th March for over a century now is a day to celebrate womenís


At last the road map has finally been set out for the end of all the restrictions that weíve been living under this past year. If youíve not seen it already June 21st has been set as the date when all COVID_19 restrictions will be lifted. Howeve


As all students know, throughout the semester you can become increasingly preoccupied with meeting all your deadlines, applying for jobs, volunteering, working, and socialising. You can be easily consumed with all your responsibilities and often forget to


Groceries are the second-largest expense on the student spending list just after the rent. However, there are a few things which you can do to limit your food spending. Cooking on a budget doesnít mean eating less or more boring. Itís the opposite! Itís al


Moving to university is never an easy step, but students this year have had it worse than ever with two national lockdowns and many limiting restrictions. You might have found it difficult to meet people, stop feeling home-sick, or actualise your universit


Staying motivated during the winter lockdown is a challenge for us all. Although lockdown is testing in any season, itís easy to feel sluggish and like youíd rather sit on the sofa when the nights are drawing in at 5pm. Youíve probably had days when you ju

The Government has recently announced a support package of £50 million for students who have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. This is an addition to the £20 million that was announced in December of 2020.

Students in difficulty <


For many university students the January assignments have finally been submitted and semester one has come to an end. Whether youíve already started your second semester, or whether you donít start back again until next week, itís always good to take some


Health and wellbeing have been spotlight topics for the last few years, and rightly so! We are all aware of the importance of being kind to others, checking in our friends, and how itís OK to ask for help if you need it! Our mental health and well-being ar


Both in student and professional lives we lead oneís general success or lack thereof is often boiled down to a calculation of little victories and failures. We compare ourselves to our peers, we quantify our performanceóbe it through per cents on our essay


If youíre a student on a budget, you probably already know that itís a challenge to make your student loan stretch until the end of the semester Ė and thatís before youíve considered Christmas. Perhaps youíve saved some of your money during lockdown as you


How to prepare for online exams

Exams are a daunting part of the university experience for any student. This year the introduction of online learning and assessments has left many students apprehensive for the upcoming examinat


The long-awaited Christmas break is finally here. With the extra pressures on students this year, to adapt to online learning and to complete their assignments under the additional strain of the pandemic, many students will likely be looking forward to som

Mental healthÖitís a complicated topic. Knowing what it is is important, and how yours might change and what to do is useful for maintaining the happiest version of yourself. So what is mental health, how is it affected, and what can we do?

Mental h


Carbon Neutral is a term we hear a lot these days. From UK pledges to be it, to companies telling us itís what we should aim for. It seems such a large concept, achieved by mass effort towards a common goal, but what actually is it, and how can the single

As the new academic term is underway, many students have moved away from home and relocated to embark on their studies at university. While you may feel that moving away to a new city is a big step outside of your comfort zone, itís simply just the next chapt


With most UK universities beginning their Autumn terms somewhere near the end of September, itís time to start thinking about heading back to class. Over the summer break, itís easy to get out of your old routines, and with the added factor of the coronavi

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