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Student Blog

So youíve done the hard work and applied to some Universities, and are starting to hear back from your offers. Now youíre trying to decide which University is going to be your firm and which is your insurance. Deciding which University to attend is a huge decision, as it will n

Christmas and exams are finally over... itís officially the start of a new year and the end of feasting on festive food, and gorging on takeaways during that last minute cramming session for your exam. Pigging out on fatty foods for any length of time can make you start craving


So far this winter it hasn't been particularly cold in the UK, with little or no snow in most cities. This is a blessing for the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, but also for students who need every penny we can get our hands on.

Because it hasn't been particular

First and foremost, do excuse me for bringing up the Valentine topic when some of us havenít even overcome the joy of January blues. But itís just around the corner, more evidently in the high street and trust me, itís coming sooner than you may realise. So for those who have nor

Letís face it; as soon as the clock strikes 12am on the 1st January each year, we all vow to reinvent ourselves. New year, new me and all that. But seriously, just because itís the start of a new year doesnít mean you can suddenly have a personality transplant, lose three stone

So, we've all enjoyed a long Christmas break full of relaxation, plentiful alcohol and lots of amazing food to gorge on. The idea of getting back into a routine at uni is not just scary, it is down right terrifying. The first alarm of the term is always the hardest and you beg

When in need of an answer to a dilemma we are fortunate in this technological age to have an application for all situations; if you want to know where to go, what to go to, if it is cheap or if it is healthy, there is an app to get the job done. Why should finding a gre

I know you want me....... do you? 5 Ways to tell if that girl in class REALLY likes you You've got settled in now, into the flow of assignments and lectures, how to cure that hangover, and where the hottest of hot hotspots are. You may have even got talking to that hot

At this time of year not only do deadlines and exam stress mount but the pressure on the wallet peaks; it might be a long time since your student loan came in and January can be a long month. To see people through January blues, Glide set a challenge to help students; armed with

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Student Blog
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