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This really is a great time of the year Ė itís slowly getting colder, meaning winter warmers, woolly mittens and masses of hot chocolate are all just around the corner. Christmas may be looming in the distance, but we have Halloween and Bonfire Night to look forward to first, ju

Why Halloween is the greatest day of the year I love Halloween. And not because Iím a guy and American-style, Mean-Girls-esque ďHalloween" outfits have migrated across the pond. Halloween for me means people putting on masks; and masks, my friends, mean anonymity. Iím sure

Halloween is approaching us this week... what will you be doing to celebrate it? Maybe a fancy dress bar crawl, a house party, or maybe youíre doing nothing at all... One thing for certain is as a kid, Halloween was one of the best nights of the year. You got to dress up, get

On Thursday, (Halloween), you may find your classrooms deserted and the halls of the venerable institution at which you study cold and empty. (Colder and emptier than usual, in any case Ė studying in Scotland means theyíre never anything but cold.) Is this some sort of Halloween

Most of you are settling in at uni, either for the first time or returning back after a long summer break. Even with any savings, the purchase of food & books, paying for accommodation and partying for at least 7 days straight over Freshers Week means you are probably already fac

As a fourth year student who managed to come out of the last three years with a decent study and work result, I still find myself struggling with unlimited work to do, whether itís part-time jobs, academic study, social involvement, graduate job/internship application, and person

Contrary to popular belief, it is easy (and really not expensive) to eat both healthily and cheaply whilst at uni. Money is tight for students so people see ready meals, freezer food and takeaways as a cheaper solution. But not only does your health suffer as a consequence of a b

So, like everyone else youíve just gotten back to university after a long summer off and now you find itís time to get back into study mode. How on earth do you conquer the biggest disease that annually besets returning second, third and fourth years after the long, beautiful day

After days of partying, itís finally time to get your head down to do what you came to University for. So for all you newbies at University, I know itís going to be a whole new experience where you have to do more than just attend your lectures. But there are a few ways of how y

If you thought wholehearted personal information and qualifications dating back to the Stone Age made a CV glisten, then guess again. A great CV wonít get you a job, but it will grab a potential employerís attention. This is why your CV has to be bursting with the right material

Every student looks forward to the day when they get a nice big lump of student loan deposited in their bank account. But pretty soon, after numerous shopping trips, nights out and that new gadget you just HAD to have, that once-healthy sum of cash begins to dwindle, causing you

So, have you and your friends just moved into your shiny, new student house and are now wondering how youíll maintain a relaxed atmosphere, and a fantasy of living like the cast of Friends? Perhaps youíre aware that the rubber gloves are still in their packet, and the sink is sl

University is all about self discovery, as itís when you find out who you really are. You're on your own for the very first time, and can really hone in on your interests, physicality and appearances. Sick of being the same old you and fancy a change? Well itís easily done Ė y

Giving up smoking is never easy - but there's no doubt it's good for you. Not only are you improving your health, but you'll also be saving a lot of money! There are many different methods for you to choose from to aid you in your fight against the sticks - so as part of Stoptobe

So you've just moved boxes and boxes of belongings into your new student accommodation. Confused about where to begin with unpacking? How to make your room more homely? Don't panic, it gets easier once you start. We all know that most of these boxes contain clothes so why not sta

As much fun as Fresherís week is, going out and getting drunk with your new friends can turn sour in a heartbeat. Some cities are safer than others, but no city is free of crime. You've got to make sure that you and your friends don't cut the fun short by getting into trouble. He

Drinks! Friends! Parties! Drunken walks home! Hangover Cures! Itís all the fun of Fresherís Week! But I bet now you're feeling really rough: the cold you have is no cold. Itís not even a super cold - it's worse than the plague Ė itís FRESHERS FLU!! But won't worry, AFS is here to

ďIím a first year student and since moving out for university Iíve been really homesick during my first term." ďI have just arrived back at University after the summer break and I am feeling homesick again. All I want to do is go back home to my parents, my bed and my friend

When moving into a new student house, weíre most concerned with bagging the comfiest mattress, planning the first house party and discovering how many TV channels weíll get to spend our year procrastinating in front of. Sadly, this is where lots of us have gone very wrong. Donít

You're settling into your new city, new home and new surroundings but it is a completely different world to the one you left behind. Those established friends who know everything worth knowing about you - the ones you spent almost every day for at least 7 years with - are discove

As much as we may hate to admit it, fancy dress is pretty brilliant. As a university student it is part of the unwritten contract that you will be required to regularly embrace it, so like it or lump it youíre gonna need to get creative. However, there are a few issues with costu

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