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By Sam Dumitriu Yes. At least that’s according Harvard psychologist Sanjay Srivastava who looked at the correlation between hotness scores on RateMyProfessors by subject and the average IQ scores of PhD students by subject. He found that on average hot professors had lower IQ

By Sarah Rousseau So you think that your halls aren't great or you've experienced the worst buildings and prices? Think again, here are some of the worst student halls out there. 1. University College London – New Hall Last year UCL shelled out a

By Rachel Shapiro Every student experiences stress on a regular basis. With exams to study for, a part-time job to work at, and friends to spend time with, it can feel like there is just too much to do and not enough hours in the day. You can easily get to the point where you’

By Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak When you get your first bill you may be a bit confused. How do I split the bill? Do I really have to pay that much? Can I switch to a different supplier? Should I choose online or paper billing? Here are some tips that will help you make good decisions

With The Appreciate back on UK screens, no doubt many students will be day-dreaming about discovering that one fast-track-to-a-fortune idea. For those of you who need further inspiration however, we rounded up five of the most notable individual or team entrepreneurs who came up

By Imi Groome 1. Plan a trip with your friends Whether you brought your car to uni or you decide to pile onto a train with everyone, reading week is a chance to explore the area near your university and learn more about where you’re living. Sight-seeing, shopping, hi

By Emily Peddle Halloween is fast approaching, which means that all students can most likely look forward to two things – discounted sweets on the 1st November, and an opportunity to show off your finest costume ideas. However fancy dress isn’t always the cheapest – the prices

By Sarah Rousseau Being a Brit we can sometimes forget about Halloween, sure you might dress up to a club as a skeleton but we forget the essence of Halloween, to be spooked! If you want to get into that Halloween mood, then we’ve got a selection full of freaky-features to pr

Freshers week is very often simultaneously one of the best, and worst, weeks of your life. Much alcohol is consumed, lifelong friendships are formed, and you’re liable to have done at least five embarrassing things before the end of the first evening. Whether the first week of in

By Rachel Shapiro The housemate relationship is a complicated one. When you first start uni, you must to live with people who you’ve never met before and know nothing about. These are people who could potentially be your best friends, or they could be people who you just pas

By Isabel Whiteley Moving away from home for the first time can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re going to be living with people who are essentially strangers. Living on your own means there’s no more mum and dad to fall back on when you need to cook or do laundry and

By Emily Peddle University is no cheap deal, and when you say ‘I’m on a student budget’, you may as well be saying ‘I’m dirt poor, please feed me’. However this doesn't have to be the case! You can find a part-time job in any city if you look hard enough, and chances are you

by Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak Unfortunately, schools do very little to teach students how to learn effectively. Fear not – memorising facts can be easy, quick and fun. These memory tricks will save you time and help you get better grades with less effort. 1. Eat (and drink)

By Amy Moore Student discounts are one of the best perks of student life. For students scraping by on a tight budget, it really is worth keeping an eye on all the savings you can make. Be it on the essentials or the occasional treat, student discount websites are here to pro

Yes, we know. Joining a society in your first week at Uni is an important part of the ‘experience’. It’s just that some societies seem to attract idiots who seem to be intent on ruining the ‘experience’ for everyone else. Here are our five, well four, worst; 1. The Wyverns

By Ryan Maguire. Often universities may attempt to group flatmates in halls together in relation to course studied, gender or age but ultimately which flatmates you are grouped with is randomised. Many students may have whimsical images of what delights halls may inspire but afte

By Sarah Rousseau So you’re a fresher and the only meal you know how to cook is beans on toast? That’s okay! I am here to share a few tips and tricks on surviving fresher’s famine whilst keeping the cost at a low. Sharing is Caring We've all heard the saying but never ha

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