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Christmas is fast approaching, and even if it isnít quite as exciting as when you were a kid, itís still a really fun time. As a child, Christmas always seemed really magical, leaving out sherry for Santa Claus and carrots for Rudolph like every other child across the world... e

International students coming to the UK donít just do it to gain a world-class education open the doors to their dream career, and to perfect their English; but also to have the adventure of a lifetime and do something different. If you also have these ambitious aims in mind, thi

It's approaching that time of year where the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and term is almost over! Now it's time to think about how you are going to get back home. 1. Book early The earlier you book your ticket home, the cheaper it will be! Save

Where do you start? Confusion strikes, especially when youíre a foreign student trying to find your bearings in a new country. So many banks! Sometimes it leads to an overwhelming amount of information which is difficult to process. To select one that fits you best has proved t

Alright, so Fresherís week is over. We all made mistakes, woke up in beds that perhaps werenít our own (and perhaps werenít even beds at all, but were in fact benches at 3am), did the walk of shame Ė or, if you prefer, the stride of pride. However, youíre settled now, and aside f

Itís official: itís less than a month until Christmas; and thanks to our extremely long University holidays and (argh!) exams: us students have a nice, long break Ďtil we need to be back Ė if we take full advantage, we could be away from our house for SIX WHOLE WEEKS. Whilst tha

Iím dreaming of a white ChristmasÖ As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, you may be wishing for a winter wonderland this Christmas, but with this comes chilly mornings, freezing floorboards and a huge gas and electricity bill. AFS is here to show you how to stay war

With our student loans dwindling down, you really have to start watching those pennies, especially during the run up to Christmas. A great way to buckle down and cut costs is to make a necessity list. This means jotting down all the required items you canít live without, with fo

Are you struggling to keep warm this winter? Some students tend to fall ill during this period, especially those that have travelled a fair distance, which means they donít know about the rapid weather change and arenít used to the cold like the locals. Here is a list of life ha

Dissertations - the dreaded word we hear during Uni, but push it to the back of our minds, convinced itíll never happen: until third year rolls around and catches us off-guard. Itís probably the biggest piece of work youíve ever faced in your education, but that doesn't mean it h

I know how hard it can be to concentrate in class, especially when you have a full day of lectures, or your noisy flatmates have kept you awake the night before. Here are some handy tips to make sure that you make the most of your lectures at university: Record Lectures As

Itís vital that a landlord chooses the right letting agent to ensure their property is looked after and the rent is paid on time but from next year there is a major change coming.

Thatís when all letting agents will have to sign-up to an approved redress scheme or they w

1. HOT WATER BOTTLE The must have purchase for any student who wants to keep cosy this winter without demanding the heating be turned on all day! These days hot water bottles come in a multitude of funky, bright designs and can range from as little as £2 from eBay and TKMaxx

The time of year is approaching when you will be looking for your house for next year, but how can you make sure you choose the right place? Here are my top 9 tips to help you scope out the perfect spot. Decide who you want to live with first. Thereís no point finding the

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub... or perhaps youíre not going clubbing at all! Maybe the clubs at your Uni city just don't do it for you. They're too crowded, too expensive/cheap, too sticky and smelly - or maybe you just want to do something else? If this is the

To a number of international students, coming to the UK may be the first experience of living away from home and settling down in a different culture. They can find differences between the British way of life and that of their origin, from the way people speak and dress to how th

As winter sets in and the temperature drops, it can be unbelievably tempting to turn up the thermostat and blast the radiators.... until the bill plops onto your mat and you're throwing away what little student loan you have left. But there's no need to let icicles form on your f


The big wide world, the Ďrealí world, - whatever you want to call it - life after graduation doesnít have to be as terrifying as most of us anticipate. Youíd be surprised how many graduates throw their hat in the air still unsure exactly what they want to do with th

Every landlord will tell you they receive a number of calls each year regarding mould, especially around windows and in bathrooms; and if the mould is REALLY bad, you could face a charge for cleaning or re-painting! The Cause Ė mould occurs when moist air is allowed to build up

Now that the initial excitement and buzz of fresherís week has died down and weíre halfway through the first semester with lectures in full swing, many of us are finally thinking about doing some work. As most of us know, a student bedroom is not always the oasis of tranquillity

The Lesser of 10 Evils: Who would YOU live with?! Searching for your first set (or brand new set!) of housemates to live with at university is very exciting! You want to live with everyone because everyone is your friend! But this is a very important decision you will have to

I donít know about you, but after a hard few months at university, I always find that the best thing to do is get away for a few days and visit somewhere new. And on that note, the Christmas holidays are looming, and for some reason people often think that December is a reeeally

The student job: that first taste of what itíll be like once you get out into the big, bad world. Itís actually better than that, because you generally wonít even be paying taxes Ė but weíre getting ahead of ourselves. The first step to working a student job is finding a studen

What do we lack? Nothing. Although most of us think, whereís our self-confidence today? Be it a bad hair day, clothes trauma or you canít get rid of that zit on your face. Sooner or later you realize none of that matters when you find your place at University. But how do you

Halloween has been and gone (and so has the pumpkin soup and leftover sweets too, no doubt!). Christmas is still a while away (and so are those advent calendars), but donít worry as gimmicky, themed treats are still on the menu because itís Bonfire Night! Probably less well-k

The internet, students canít live without it. The uses of having broadband in your student accommodation are endless from working at home to watching videos of twerking on Youtube!

But, how much are you spending on your internet each month and could you be making huge sa

Without doubt one of the best things about being a student is student discounts. Who doesnít like to save money?

However, if you arenít using your discount card to its full potential then you could be missing out big time. Here are a few quick tips on how to make sure th

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