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Student Blog

University is more than just a step towards your desired career; it is an opportunity for freedom, expression and creativity. Being a part of a society can be a great way to express your freedom and creativity however founding a society will go on your university transcript and

By Isabel Whiteley Moving away from home to go to university can be very hard, especially if you haven’t spent much time away from home before. It’s very likely you’ll find yourself homesick and lonely, but these tips will get you out of that rut in no time. 1. It’s a Comm

By Tom Cole Living in campus halls is a fundamental part of student life. While those first days in student halls can often herald some of our happiest memories, there comes a time to move out and find your own place to live so a new flock of first-years can nestle into your d

5 Ways to do Good as a Student These days there are a multitude of ways to support good causes. Online campaigns and petitions, epic sponsored runs, and even apps like iCukoo that allow you to donate money every time you hit the snooze button on your alarm. But you want to d

By Ryan Maguire. Faced with what seems like an insurmountable word count to conquer, the thought of having to devote several consecutive months to a single essay and the duty to regularly consult your dissertation supervisor in order to dwell upon the obvious brilliance of you

Although perhaps not the top of everyone's list when choosing a university, many students find it a source of pride when their university plays an active part in protecting the planet. In most universities, you'll find a society committed to raising awareness about environmental

1. London Of course the capital of England has to be on the list of best student cities as it is a fantastic place to study and live. The city is home to over 45 universities including University College London and King’s College London. London has a diverse and vibrant

By Hatti Sudell The mythical Freshers’ Fifteen you were warned. You were sure it would never happen to you, but just a few months into first year the impossible has become reality. You seem to be carrying more pounds then you’re spending! The classic combination of late nights

By Ryan Maguire. Many could be forgiven for thinking that the students’ union functions predominantly as a venue for cheap beer and as a social hub but unions offer more, including democratically representing your interests as a student. Not shying away from controversy as dur

1. Medicine When people first think of medics, they will often think of their amazing ability to drink copious amounts and still go to lectures the next day. Of course, if you're a medic, you're probably very clever, as getting into university to do it is hard enough; and

By Emily Peddle Sticking to a budget as a student certainly doesn't mean sticking to the same old beans on toast or Spaghetti Bolognese. If you’re cooking to impress, here are our top five easy but impressive dishes to get your mouth watering – they will all comfortably feed a

By Ellie McCaldin Want to make sure that the companies you buy from match your beliefs? Not sure who you can trust? Fret no more- here are five brands which you can rely on to champion forward thinking policies and initiatives, aimed at creating a more sustainable, equal world

By Amy Moore Your first day of a new module usually starts off great, you sit down excited to discover what it will entail, and then suddenly the lecturer drops a bombshell using two simple words. Core Book. You run to the campus bookstore to discover that this ‘essential item

by Megan Grewcock 1. Understand what career you would like your internship in If you know what it is you want to do, this will allow searching for internship opportunities much easier. This will enable to you to use specific websites to help with your work experience

By Aimee Dewar: Bonfire night can be a tricky one to get right if you’re new to a city – as we often are as students. But, if you’re lucky enough to be studying in or around these locations, you are well catered for. So, here is my pick of the 8 best bonfire nights and what you

By Rose Malleson. Whilst many of you will have already heard of the concept of Jailbreak, to those who haven't, the premise is simple: get as far away from your start point as you possibly can, by blagging lifts, train journeys and even flights, all in the name of charity. It can

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