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In recent months I have become one of those people who starts every other sentence with “I heard on a podcast that…”.

I find that I am constantly trying to convince my friends and anyone who will listen that podcasting is the best thing since sliced br


It’s reached that point in term where Christmas looms, but for us students, the festivities mean only one thing: the commencement of deadline stress. With assignments due left right and centre, how can you handle your deadlines and still, y’know, have a life?



Sometimes university just doesn’t go as planned.

Those idyllic dreams of inspiring lectures, intellectual debates during seminars and thought-provoking content can sometimes end up as just that, dreams. After months of deliberating which university is right for you, it


“Did your family know anyone to get you in?” – No, you don’t get in via nepotism these days, it requires a gruelling interview and usually tests as well.


One in five relationships in the UK start online.

But where on Tinder is this man of your dreams, I hear you ask.

If you’re single and haven’t g


It’s no secret that the mental health services available for students at universities across the UK are pretty shocking. From hour long mindfulness workshops to counselling services only available on certain days and only during term time, to the stress management booklets han


Winter at uni is a time where nurturing yourself is the most important thing! Especially if you are at a northern university (like me, at Edinburgh). I have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to prepare for a winter at uni. Whether you are in student halls or shared accommodat


£400 to have sex on screen? Does this really sound like a typical University project?

As part of promotional video for condoms, Coventry university is seeking couples to have sex on film. For £400, three couples aged between 18 and 25 will be filmed in


2000 words, 12 hours? Walk in the park mate….

1) You spend about an hour highlighting the question and contemplating the meaning of life.


Home secretary, Amber Rudd, is set to rethink visa plans for international students at UK universities.

After government concerns over immigration back in October,  

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1. The big one – Birmingham

Birmingham Christmas market is actually the largest of its kind outside of Germany and Austria! Tatler magazine have rece


As is being increasingly recognised, student safety is a vital part of any university experience. It’s not something I thought seriously about when deciding on my undergraduate university, but it actually does make a big difference to your life there. If you’re studying at Dur


No matter how bad you are at maths, there’s one equation we can all understand and that is Student = Broke. The best student jobs sometimes seem impossible to find.

If you’re a student, you’re inevitably going to be living on pasta and always o


1. Wearing sport and society stash all the time. Everyone needs to know you played that game of netball once, ok?

2. Blowing your studen


Students at City University in London, one of the UK’s most respected journalism schools, have voted for the ban of the three UK national newspapers on campus.

The motion was voted by the university’s Student Union last night on a policy which outlined

University is already a stressful time without the added confusion of living arrangements. There’s no official date or week when it’s best to start looking, but here are some of the main reasons why it’s best not to rush into a contract:


1. English is not an easy subject because it’s mainly reading. Ever tried reading three books in a week?

2. No one ever finds your witty


According to The Tab, a recent report shows that graduate jobs will diminish after 2018, thanks to Brexit. 

Those currently in first and second year will be hit the most when they graduate, as experts warn that leaving the EU will reduce the number of j


According to this year’s Global Drugs Survey, there has been a rise in British females experiencing problems with MDMA with women up to three times more likely to seek emergency treatment than males.

There is an estimated 20,000 Britons who take the ill


So far 2016 has been an interesting year. There have been some great moments, from sporting victories to highly anticipated book releases. But, with the good comes the bad and I think it’s fair to say 2016 has had its fair share of bad moments


With last week’s news that Trump would become the next president of the USA, the world looked as if it was about to collapse. But today is not the day to feel overwhelmed. Today is the day you learn that McDonalds have started making the most amazing burgers in the world – a N


Seasonable Affective Disorder (SAD), is a mood disorder where people who generally have a stable mental health experience depressive symptoms at a certain point during the year. Logically, seasonal depression usually occurs in the winter period. Although many dismiss SAD as si


A year ago today, the world was shaken up by the devastating terrorist attacks in the French capital. Paris was seized by a group of attackers through a chain of shootings and explosions across six locations, killing 130 people and gravely injuring 350. One of the most fatal a


You’re in a corner shop, just picking something up for your big Wednesday night (helloooo sports socials) and you spot a cheap bottle of vodka of make you’ve not heard of. It’s really cheap, under seven pounds,  you’ve hit the jackpot! So you buy it and go home with y


1. You enjoy Instgramming pictures of the pretty buildings



It’s that time of year where Graduate Schemes have started opening and the working world is nearing. Whilst Graduate Schemes are extremely competitive, they provide a high standard of training and open up future job opportunities. However, there is a whole ocean of gradu


Pre-Brexit England portrayed Trump as a droll internet meme. He was nothing less than a poking stick at capitalism and the ultimate embodiment of an ‘ugly American’. However, the whole political scene changed on the 24th June when a country decided to reclaim their


One of the UK’s biggest car insurance providers is to start using social media sites, such as Facebook, to determine the personalities of drivers in order to set the price of their car insurance.


Yes, Admiral Insurance have said


1) How to down a pint



Today is National Vegan Day! Andrew looks into what it’s like being a vegan at uni, and why it can be so difficult for others to comprehend.

“No one wants to hear about your veganism."

Raise your hand if you’re a non-vegan who’s said


Final year is full of heightened emotions. It’s the year that every grade actually counts towards your end result. Hence, your world can feel like an absolute war and everything usually sucks and doesn’t go fully to plan.

Here are some things that drive final year stude

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