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Every student seems to have the same experience during winter, from being freezing 99% of the time, through to never having a good coat and constantly being ‘under the weather’. Oh dear.

Always being cold


More people are dropping out of university, with figures rising at a steady yet alarming rate. So, what’s going on? And how can we combat this?

According to  

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It’s nearly Christmas and this means that every company out there is getting in on the old calendar game. Here at Student Life Guide we decided to review some of these corkers, from a cheese one, to a gin one and finally to your standard Cadbury one, the brand I’ll


Oh Tinder, how you’ve changed the game. Gone are the days of romance, serenading, the thrill of the chase. Now it’s all swipe left, duck right… More akin to boxing than a budding relationship, Tinder has made hook-up culture an integral part of any student’s university experie




Milton Jones is a classic example of silly humour that makes you smile against your better judgement. With wild hair and even wilder shirts, Jones has practically become an honorary board member of Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo. Milton is now about to



We spoke to radio host and comedian John Robbins about his up and coming UK tour, which will begin in the new year on January 25th. Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner and London’s ‘saddest DJ’, Robbins has witnessed his show sell out, with 27 new dates added to the


Always remember just how much you are paying for your studies, if you feel that your university is not supporting you, then take the initiative to make them!

Make the most out of those office hours please!

I know all the


Alumni of Manchester University and full-time sass machine, Joe Lycett returns for another sell-out tour across the UK- and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. We spoke to the King of filing complaints to suss out exactly what we can expect from this promising and punn


All that student loan getting you down? Don’t worry, here at Student Life Guide we have some handy tips in order to get you on the road to business success.

Here are some top starting points on how to become an entrepreneur with no


It appears that elite schools are tightening their grip more than ever on the undergraduate places at top establishments, from Oxford, Durham, Cambridge and Edinburgh.

Five top schools are now sending more students to elite institutions than


Being a student is tough. The perpetual conflict between eating well and seshing hard leaves little time to worry about anything else. According to the NUS, the aver



The biggest pain in any student’s life is realizing that you’re not just here for a good time and, god forbid, will eventually have to do some work. It’s a struggle, to say the least, but one with which we are all well accustomed. Writing essays is like entering a bla


You never have any nice food

Let’s face it, the only nice food y


When you hear the name Katie Piper you’d be forgiven for thinking this legendary woman was anything other than iconic. Working as a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner (establishing the Katie Piper Foundation in 2009),


24 year old law student, Raya Sarkar, has published a list of over 50 Indian professors, accusing them of sexual harassment. The list was published on Facebook and received over 1,000 shares. The professors included were named alongside their university affiliations, although


First year student Hugh Fergusson (at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirenchester) has had a GoFundMe page set up in his honour to try and get ‘back on the sesh’. Hugh’s right-hand man, Hamish, set up the page after discovering that Hugh had blown all his funds on ‘pints and


It appears that the Conservative Party have excelled once again in their vendetta against animals, from May urging the reinstatement of fox hunting, to all that badger culling, they have now passed a bill stating that animals do not experience emotions, including the a



Originally from Canada and now making her mark in the UK, Katherine Ryan has taken the comedy scene by storm. Having presented and written Channel 4’s hit series ‘How’d you get so rich?’ Katherine’s sassy no-nonsense reputation has been growing leaps and bounds in the


Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, the credit crunch. No, these are not brands of Kelloggs, they’re words from that ‘politics’ thing. Urgh. You’d be forgiven for yawning so hard you implode at the thought of engaging in politics, but let’s face it, anyone can do a better job t



Bursting onto the scene in 2007, Joel Dommett soon established himself as a key player on the comedy stage, soon becoming one of the most exciting comedians of the moment. His presence in I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here rocketed him to the starlight once mo


I know it may seem a little soon, but by now you can definitely start looking into getting your student house for next year. There are’t that many guides around just with some tips on how to do this, so here at Student Life Guide we thought we could lend a helping


Social mobility charity, The Sutton Trust, have released a report encouraging the government to rethink how they are tackling the student debt crisis. The report advises that tuition fees are to be allocated on a means-tested basis so that students from poorer families are lef


If anyone ever told you a Humanities degree was the equivalent of throwing £9,000 down the drain, prepare to make them mince their words. Whilst you might think that analysing the causes behind Queen Elizabeth I’s jacket choices (yup, yup, actually been there) is a waste of yo


Crime against students is an unfortunate and infamous occurrence in every major student city. However, some university towns are hit particularly hard, with crime stats dramatically increasing in the 2017 academic year. Is this the norm? Is this exaggerated by a spike in socia


TopShop and their male branch TopMan have become one of the first clothing stores to introduce gender neutral changing rooms, basically, the changing facilities will be open to both men and women.

The fashion chain have commented on the topic t


Juggling a job alongside your studies can be a tricky business, especially when more and more students are resorting to time consuming jobs in order to cover expenses, as student loans are now being revealed as insufficient in funds.


It’s coming to that time of the year when you’re starting to think about houses. Whether you’re in halls or looking for a new house, this is a big decision that needs to be thought through carefully. Fear not, however, because we’ve made a tip-top list


Let’s take it back to 2007- the first Iphone was released, Britney went bald and The Hoosiers broke into the limelight with Worried About Ray. Yes, that’s right- The Hoosiers. Remember them? Well, they’re back on tour and back with a vengeance, embarking on a nationwi


sticky floors galore

Pussycats, Wellington
Holly, student

Cheese, cheese and more cheese, tackiness at it’s all time finest. This is the club that everyone in town always talks about in a positive manner bu


Are you dreading the long journey home? From expensive train station food and coffee, extortionately priced tickets and stressful changes, it’s not fun, is it?
Don’t worry, here at Student Life Guide, we have some brilliant ideas for


Student loans are both the best and worst part of being a student. If you get the max then holla holla hella dollar because for the first time in your life you are ballin’. If you get the minimum amount, however, you are well and truly in the shit. I decided to see if you can


Guess what? Selected tickets are only £7 each week day for people under the age of 26, at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, meaning that the theatre is now accessible to students! Simply show your recent student ID card as well as a form of ID to show you a


Here are six ways in which the Made in Chelsea lot have perfectly reflected the trials and tribulations of student life, from the endless stress, drama and gossip, through to the funny moments and cherished nights out. 

The endless


Student mental health issues, ranging from stress, anxiety to depression, are at an all time high, with more students than ever struggling with the stresses of student life and the pressures and expectations hoisted onto them daily.


Try out these great ideas to pamper yourself DIY style on a student budget.

Brighten up your skin and get rid of that student fatigue

Lemon Face mask: