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Viewing property is never treated as an exact science by most investors - but experienced landlords and developers work to a plan. Just turning up for a quick trip around a home is not enough - viewing a house involves a lot more. To help, here are some professional landlor

A student ‘front man’ for prostitutes offering sex-for-sale was jailed for nine months. Thai Tanasak Sopatai, 27, who was in the UK on a student visa, rented a luxury flat in upmarket Castle terrace, Edinburgh, intending that several women would move in to run it as a brothel.

A university has hit out at speculative student flat developers and councillors for building too much housing that is not needed. Birmingham’s Aston University warns they have their sums wrong and the city’s student numbers will fall as restrictions on students from abroad and

Students living in a shed village at Lincoln University have moved out to a new home. The university is in crisis over accommodation for students after accepting 200 more freshers for courses than beds were available to sleep. The solution was moving temporary huts on to ca

Desperate developers cashing in on student rental gold are flooding town halls with planning applications. Meanwhile, banks have lost their appetite for funding big student projects, according to a report from property consultants EC Harris. The study suggests a cut in publ

Freshers are picking up advice safeguarding themselves and their belongings from crime as the new academic year gets underway at colleges and universities. Many first year students staying in halls pick up crime prevention tips to help them stay out of trouble. While severa

Police tracked down a thief who stole a student’s laptop by monitoring his internet usage with antitheft spy software loaded on to the computer. Now, police are urging students to download and activate the software to deter thieves on campus and at student houses. The call

Students moving out of home to start a college or university course may have a lot of book knowledge but have problems looking after themselves. Many confess they have never had to cook, wash clothes or do the ironing. The shocking statistics were highlighted in a survey of

Students are such rubbish about putting their garbage out at the right time that a special team of bin men has to clear the streets where they live every day. Now, neighbours and the council are so fed up with their laziness that £100 fines are being introduced for residents w

Cash-strapped students have offered sex-for-sale to raise the money to pay their living costs and complete their courses, a court heard. The sordid details were revealed in a sex trafficking case involving an escort agency in Glasgow. One girl, an unidentified girl from Bel

University bosses have banned parties at a nightclub because they fear students might be encouraged to take part in lapdancing. More than 1,000 complaints were received about the club’s licencing plan - and public opinion led to the University of Bedford pulling a deal to hold

Hundreds of students looking for digs were shown around a holiday camp after a university put up a ‘no vacancies’ sign on halls of residence. New students at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Lancashire, were offered shared chalets after a guided tour of a Pontins Holiday Camp a

Students are competing with young professionals who can pay higher rents in some cities. Landlords with shared houses are picking up more inquiries from young adults out at work who can no longer afford to rent or buy a flat on their own. For them, renting a room in a share

Universities are pleading for more private landlords to offer their homes to rent as numbers of homeless students queue up for digs. Renting black spots include London, Crewe, Aberystwyth and Carlisle, while Edge Hill University is sending students to check out a holiday camp

Broadband access is rated as more important that value for money and location by students looking for a home. Thousands of students in universities and colleges across the UK were asked what makes a good home by the National Student Housing Survey (NSHS), and 90 per cent rated

Finding an affordable home to rent while organising courses and a move to a new city can be a stressful time for students and their families. Online portals and letting agents can make the task easier - and to help here’s a helpful top five tips for students moving in to digs:

Lawyers are challenging the Scottish government’s university funding scheme because students from England face discrimination that breaches their human rights. Legal firm Public Interest Lawyers are preparing to take the Scottish government to court for a judicial review of ho

Students starting university this year should expect to pay an average £9,541 living costs plus tuition fees, according to new research. Those that fork out top-rate tuition fees of £9,000 a year to study will have to find around £1,855 a month to fund term-time at university.

Students starting university and college courses next year expect to run up debts of more than £50,000 each - double what students starting this year reckon they will owe. On graduation, in three year’s, this year’s students will finish their course by handing over an IOU for

Crooks face a crack down as the Student Loans Company joins ranks with other financial bodies in the battle to fight fraud. The Student Loans Company (SLC) has lined up with CIFAS, the government’s fraud prevention service. Joining CIFAS lets the SLC check out weed out frau

Students signing up for a year’s tenancy at purpose-built halls can earn a £1,000 cash back. The cash incentive is offered to students who want to live at Point Exe, Exeter. Rents for the cluster rooms and en suite flats for the year average around £6,775 - with the cash ba

Three students sharing an average house will have gadgets and electronics worth around £8,000. Computers, mobile phones, cameras and music players make up the bulk of expensive personal belongings for most university students - adding up to equipment valued at around £2,650 fo

Two women students have found tiny web cameras hidden in smoke detectors with an open view of their shower. The surveillance cameras and other electronic bugging equipment linked to a wi-fi transmitter were removed from their apartment by police. The two Bulgarian students,

A new online guide profiles the gay friendliness of Britain’s 150 universities by benchmarking the institutions’ attitudes to lesbian, gay and bisexual students. Backed by lobby and research group Stonewall and search giant Google, the guide is an up-to-the-minute look at the

Starting university is not only a life-changing event for new students, but a watershed for their parents as well. As soon as a place at university is secured, the countdown for the start of term begins, which can be just a few short weeks away for late-comers who grab a last-

Student rents are rising in London because accommodation providers cannot keep pace with the number of students flocking to the capital. The latest figures pitch 55,000 purpose-built student bed spaces in the capital - with 283,500 students seeking a place to stay, which is a 6%

Students and their parents will spend the next few weeks scouring the web in a race to find the best-priced accommodation. For students starting professional courses such as Medicine, Architecture, Dentistry or Law, buying a home is an option because they may stay in the same

Art experts believe a drab picture hanging in student halls of residence for more than 80 years could be the most expensive oil masterpiece ever - a missing Michelangelo worth more than £100 million. Generations of students have ignored the depiction of Christ’s crucifixion wi

Students at universities and colleges all over the UK are building a database of problems with landlords who are failing to return deposits at the end of a tenancy. Some students are losing deposits of £1,000 or more when they move out at the end of term. Now, student union

Bogus landlords are ripping off students looking for bargain properties to rent. The scams often centre around property advertised online on budget web sites like Gumtree and Craigslist. Often the properties do not exist or belong to another landlord unwittingly sucked in t

An empty office block that featured as a set for BBC TV’s Dr Who is likely to be converted into digs for students. The block may look small from the outside, but just like the Tardis, inside it will provide deceptively spacious accommodation. Villiers House, a vacant block

A top-rated student halls has chalked up another first in a rate-your-landlord survey. Liberty Living’s Atlantic Point, Liverpool, was voted best student halls in the city in a poll by Liverpool Students Union. The plaudit follows the halls winning the Best private halls pr

Students on green university courses are moving out of cramped accommodation in to yurt tents favoured by Mongolian nomads. Three students are ready to try their new home and are expecting others to join them. The move is packed with benefits for the students - • The yur

Homeowners are blaming their student neighbours for turning their street in to a slum because they are not putting out rubbish for collection on the right days. They claim rubbish sweltering in bin bags is causing the streets around Cathays, Cardiff, to smell and that birds an

Hungry students have taken to cooking and eating road kill they scoop from gutters and verges as part of their degree course. Forensic archaeologists from Bournemouth University learn how to cut up their carcasses as part of an investigation in to butchery throughout the ages.

It’s the end of term at most universities and colleges, so time to pack up and go home for the summer. No one likes the work involved in handing back a shared house to the landlord, but the job has to be done. Here are some important points to watch that could make the diff

Some of the not so pleasant truths about studying and working at universities are revealed by investigative reporters patiently sifting data from freedom of information requests. Ian Benson runs the whistle-blowing web site, which gives a warts and all view of

Universities are expected to give students better value for money if they charge higher tuition fees, according to David Willetts. The Universities minister claims British students are ‘frustrated’ by the low person-to-person study time they gain from lectures and tutorials.

A student evicted from university halls for breaking fire safety rules reckons she is around £1,000 a year better off living in a private shared house. Zoe Christo, 19, was thrown out of her Goodricke College room at the University of York, for smoking, interfering with a smok

Students are looking for some degree of romance as well as professional qualifications from university. Most think they will meet the love of their life on campus, just like Prince William and Kate Middleton. Romance is a hot topic for students - more than a third (35%) con

Students Josh Hart and Dan Gyi have had their two-year prison sentences overturned on appeal. The pair were sentenced to two year’s youth custody at Sheffield Crown Court after admitting criminal damage with reckless endangerment after end of term high jinks spiralled out of c

Email scammers have stolen thousands of pounds after tricking students in to revealing details about their maintenance grant payments. The fraudsters send out bogus online messages offering extra financial support to students picking up the payments. When students respond w

Shocked campaigners protesting against building student halls and an underground car park in a graveyard have lost their fight to stop the development. Planners have agreed the 262-bedroom student accommodation scheme can go ahead – but the developers have to wait for permissi

Police are investigating claims that prostitutes are running a brothel in university halls. The University of Sussex has told police a single bedroom flat in the halls at Falmer, Brighton, is advertised in an online escort site offering sexual services by single girls or two t

A university has secretly checked out the details of cars parked on public roads near halls of residence in a bid to catch students breaching parking restrictions. Drivers have had their car registrations checked against DVLA ownership records to try and match up their details

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