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Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone, particularly students, but there are some fantastic work opportunities available once term finishes that can help boost your budget so that you can afford to buy decent gifts and get to all those Christmas parties. Most of thes

New Yearís Eve is one of those strange nights where having fun is compulsory. On any other night of the year you could decide to stay in at the last minute or head home before midnight and not be frowned upon - but not on 31st December. This pressure to have an amazing night is p

Christmas can be something of a mixed bag when youíre a student Ė on the up side there are all the parties and the potential for plenty of free booze courtesy of the parents over the festive season; on the down side it can be quite a long time to spend squashed in a house with yo

If youíre in need of a budget assistant guide, look no further Ė just refer to these simple steps to keep up to date with your daily finance: ē Calculate your earnings ē Chart out your spending costs ē Check the time period you need to budget for ē Try to check your expense o

Along with searching for who to live with, comes rejecting people who you just donít want to share a house with. Itís a bit of a difficult situation, but it has to be done, so here are a few ways in which you can say no. Be genuine and honest Tell them why you canít or don

If you canít afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe, you can just revamp your old clothes using the key components of this seasonís trends. You can also use this guide to treat your friends and family to something stylish that they will want to use over the winter season. Instead

As you may well have learnt by now, the student loan is a wonderful thing, but it dwindles extremely quickly. Not gracing us with its presence again until long past New Years and well in to January at which point the festival season has long gone. So AFS has come up with a few w

Nearing the end of term, with Christmas getting closer, exams are at the front of studentís minds across the country. Whilst Christmas is a time for family and fun, for many of us itís a chance to catch up on much needed revision after months of avoiding the word. Everyone copes

So itís nearly the end of first semester and pretty much everyone will be stressing about finding a house for the next academic year. But before you even start looking for a house, do you even know who you want to live with?! This can be a very tricky decision and it has to be


It's almost December, so everyone has settled nicely into their students homes; but itís cold, and with endless assignment deadlines stacking up, next year at uni seems far - and a lot of essay-writing - away! With students almost a third of a way through their course, t

You beat fresherís flu, you've tackled your first assignment and finally cracked how to cook without setting fire to everything in a small radius. But the sickness is coming back... no, not hangovers! Cold & Flu!! The reduced number of fruit and veg in your new student diet, th

Living in halls of residence in such close proximity to complete strangers that you now share personal living space with can be quite daunting. It can instantly make you bond with people and establish firm friendships for life. Alternatively it can become a very unpleasant expe

A studentís Christmas is very different to a family one, but not necessarily in a bad way! It may be a lot less expensive and the decorations may be tackier, but whatís so wrong with that?! Here are a few tips on how to have your very own student Christmas. 1. Secret Santa M

Itís tough to come by good phone deals, even more so to know which networks are student-oriented. Orange, O2 and many other networks have great contract packages, but if you donít have a stable income every month; a contract isnít the best option. Pay-as-you-go seems to be th

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