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Student Blog


If you want to start up your own business or organisation, then we’re the right people for you. Here at Accommodation for Students we understand that uni life can be overwhelming at times and that a little bit of extra support can make all the difference. We’ve got the proof t


Jules Quinn started up her own business whilst still at University, studying a Fashion degree at Northumbria. Working on a placement in London, it was during a tea-run that Jules spotted a gap in the drinks market, and decided to launch her own design-led tea company. Jules co


1 – Timing

Plan as early as you can but do not panic. If you are very confident about who you want to live with then there is no harm in committing early. However, if you are not sure or can’t find what you want, there are plenty of properties available


Finding Accommodation: Ultimate Guide

Finding somewhere to live with a paint job from this century and a functioning oven seems a straightforward proposition. Unfortunately, the reality is often a blizzard


You’ve moved in with complete strangers and now you have to live with them for an entire year. Here’s how to cope (without having a breakdown!)

Nightmare housemates are a student rite of passage. University wouldn’t be university without being able to sit in th


Landlords in general are often much too keen to hold on to a deposit, and when it comes to student accommodation this seems to be even more the case. Most contracts will require a property to be returned in the same state that it was rented out in, so that it can be rented out


Ordinary Boys: Interview

Ahead of their whistle-stop tour this winter, we were able to chat to the Ordinary Boys about their lives on and off the stage, and what we can expect from them and their new m



When people first think of medics, they will often think of their amazing ability to drink copious amounts and still go to lectures the next day. Of course, if you’re a medic, you’re probably very clever, as getting into university to do it is


Wherever you live, and whoever you’re living with, there are always bound to be a few problems along the way. We’ve put together a quick guide to dealing with some of the most common issues.

Lack of Space?

Lack of space is understandable w


When we discovered that the Australian born, British Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was an alumni of the Polytechnic of North London (now London Metropolitan University) we decided to head down to his foundation offices and ask him some questions about his time at Uni,


When we caught up with Si King of the Hairy Bikers he took the opportunity to share with us some of the Hairy Bikers latest recipes.

We know from experience that lots of students want to eat well and healthily, but don’t have the time or inclination to spend ages in the


As the first British Athlete to win medals at the European Championship, Olympic Games and the World Championships, we didn’t think that Beth would have had time to study. When we found out that she went to John Moores University to do a sports science degree we decided to giv


Living away from home for the first time is a lot of things: it’s fun, exciting, and just that little bit scary. It’s also going to be your first time of being properly independent, of getting out into the real world and going it alone. You’ll be able to come and go as you ple


Lots of you have probably seen the recent three-part series of ‘Freshers’ on ITV2, following the lives of six students, seeing how they coped with moving away from home, and juggling uni work with their new-found social lives.  We managed to catch up with three of the stars, A

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Student Blog
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