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A survey has found that if you want to find happiness as a student you’ll have to move to Northern Ireland.

Accommodation provider Sodexo ca


‘the silent killer’

Hundreds of towers have had their cladding ripped out this week after fears that the ‘ 

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In the wake of increasingly high crime levels throughout major student areas in the UK, the question can undoubtedly be raised as to whether cities are doing their best to keep students safe.

According to a recent study released last week, it h


Bring in 2018 with style!

New Year’s Eve holds it’s place throughout the world as a time for celebration and nostalgia, looking back at the year just spent, and contemplating how the next one will be better, and what it will bring.<


Donald Trump has announced that the US will now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This comes as a hugely controversial move considering decades of US policy to remain detached from the issue. Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 and declared the city its capital,


Another year of The Apprentice has past and boy was it a good one. We spoke to one of the stand-out figures from this series, Jade English, about how she got into business and any advice she would give to budding entrepreneurs.


How and why did


Everybody who celebrates Christmas always has their own traditions, whether it’s how you eat your Christmas dinner, what time everybody gets up or whether it’s food or presents first, I know, dilemma! We asked some students and graduates if they have any traditions



let’s get viral

The Election

Ye, of course the in


Pace Yourself

Remember that you need to pace yourself, and not set yourself too much today in one day. Create a time table and follow it religiously, this will help you to calm down and know exactly when to work. Give yourself regular breaks an


#1 Empty your fridge

Make sure that you remove all perishable items from your fridge, such as milk, yogurt, eggs or ready meals. If you feel like it, maybe give the fridge a wipe down, you need to prevent any food from being left there for a co


The holidays are finally here and you’re well and truly ready to go home! Here’s a guide to help you through the holiday season by signposting every stage you’ll go through whilst you’re home for Christmas.

You’ll welcome your mum’s cooking with open arms.


Business owner, Nigel Williams, has faced heavy criticism after refusing to do business with trans rights activist Joanna Lockwood. Williams, based in Southampton, owns a business card company and was approached by Lockwood after they met at a business conference earlier in th


Yes, I know, even the thought of having to revise over Christmas is one of genuine sadness and annoyance, yet, there can be a way to work round this issue, to set aside some days for work, whilst prioritising time with friends, family and relaxation.<


Yasmin Awan, 22, has hit the headlines for working in the coolest job role known to man- a full-time mermaid. Yasmin, a medical student at the University of Sheffield, earns up to £100 per hour performing at pool and land parties. This can include spending her time free diving


The number of Welsh students studying at Russell Groups universities has fallen by 10% in the last three years.  Figures have dropped from 6,900 in 2012/13 to 6,260 in 2015/16. These statistics come as a surprise, cons


#1 Ran out of food

Let’s face it, you start the semester ready to cook home prepared meals every day, maybe even start a meal diary, plan out your hot dishes, maybe even prepare them in advance so they’re ready for you when you get back form uni


There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available for you to partake in this Christmas, covering countless cities across the UK, from helping the aged, feeding the hungry or caring for the homeless.

Let’s take a look at some,


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and make lots of money (especially if you’re bearded!).

Grooming brand Mo Bro’s are looking for men to have their beard stroked by stressed out shoppers. And they’ll get paid a healthy £30 for doing so.


According to m


This week Facebook have launched a new version of their messenger app, specifically catered towards children under the age of 13, with the claim that it will make conversing online much safer for small children. Yet, is this a good initiative? Or it is encouraging


Merry Vegetarian Christmas!

Let’s be honest, Christmas is for the carnivores, and I’m setting out on a mission to change this, or at least to make Christmas vegetarian food taste nice.


A blog or YouTube channel is a great way to boost your online profile and your CV – and if you can make some money off it too? Ideal.

We spoke to Youtuber Sunbeamsjess aka Jessie


The BBC have revealed this week that Hollywood stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are imposing a one gift rule this Christmas, to ensure that their children do not grow up  

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Everything is really, really quiet.

The food is actually nice and


The flat/house Christmas meal is a uni right of passage. Much like regrettable Halloween costumes and chundering in an uber- if you didn’t have this meal, are you even a student?

Christmas is meant to be a time of festive cheer and joy, but let me tell you now- the flat


Secret Santa is amazing fun if you draw one of your friends. If, however, sods law has it that you draw the one housemate you just can’t stand then here’s some ideas for gifts to get for the least favourite person in your life.

Testicle Stress Ball – £3



Following in the footsteps of Germany, Australia and Chile, Austria has just legalised gay marriage!

The Austrian court argued that by having civil partnership for lesbian and gay citizens, and marriage for heterosexual couples, a divisi


Over 100,000 students have started paying back their student loan before legally necessary. Money Saving Expert (MSE) launched an investigation where they revealed that over the past three years 103,290 graduates have seen undue deductions on their pay slips.

This has a


there is no need to go anywhere else this Christmas 

Rest assured that you will not be short of something to watch this December, with BBC rivalling Netflix by offering box sets online.


If your Mum doesn’t ask for ‘smelly stuff’, is she really your Mum?

Struggling to think of present ideas for the parents? Don’t worry! We’ve got some nifty ideas, ranging from a wide variety of prices and ch


she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Ever had a truly terrible secret Santa gift, so terrible that you avoid the practice each year?

Well, we asked some students and grad


Bahtiyar Dusyak, a former Banking and Finance student at the University of Birmingham, has hit the headlines for being revealed as the man behind President Trump’s Twitter deactivation.

Dusyak, originally from Germany, studied his undergrad at Birmingham, moving to the


glüehwein all round

Birmingham ?

This is the biggest Christmas Market out of mainland Europe and is definitely a must see. The market offers delicacies such as pretzels, hot cider and foot long garlic bre


Merry Christmas!

We all know the drill, you have absolutely no idea what to get your loved ones this Christmas, you also have no money on your student loan for presents in general. So what to do?



We get pretty awful presents

I tried to do some D.I.Y presents last year, that wo

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