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Student Blog

As students, it’s all too tempting to procrastinate. That essay isn’t in for about a month – It can wait… right? Or maybe you’ve already started the essay but are attempting to multitask it with Facebook, Twitter, sessions on FIFA and copious amounts of tea making. Whatever your

University: 3 or 4 years of new friends, laughter, memories which will stay with you forever and jaegerbombs. So. Many. Jaegerbombs. But most importantly, we cannot forget the reason we actually applied to university in the first place; to further our education. The way Universit

With great power comes great responsibility. Renting your first shared student house can be great for you and your friends, but unfortunately this usually comes with a hefty price tag in the form of a deposit. This is basically protection for the landlord against any damage or

More than a fifth of all students flock to London to study, according to the latest official figures.
Just over 460,000 students out of the total UK number of 2.245 million students live in the capital.
Most – 341,200 – come from the UK, while over 40,000 are from

Your housemates form a big part of your time studying. So it’s good for everyone if you all get along. They may be your best mates or you might not even have known them before university. No matter how much you like them as people, though, it’s likely that their habits irk you on

Campaigners and councillors are pleading with Oxford University to reduce the height of a building housing students because the roof and top floors spoil views of the historic spires.

Castle Mill is branded “stark and aggressive” and calls are urging demolition of the

The first exam season for university students is just about over and, with all that revision, you may think that you simply don’t have time for a part-time job. Of course, your studies should come first – while the money may look good in your pocket now, it won’t help you get a

As students the last thing that many of us think about is being burgled. A few weeks ago a private student accommodation house on my street got burgled. Since then numerous burglaries have also occurred in nearby student accommodation and halls. This raises concerns about our sa

At the start of your second semester there are only a few more months to go before the end of the academic year. This may be scary or exciting for some people or even a bit of both. However, before we complete the academic year it is important to work even harder in the upcoming

The world of fresher’s week probably can seem so far away, and if you’re like most students, you’re probably finding it pretty hard to focus on your studies. With a world of distractions out there – from Facebook to funny cat videos, it’s no wonder you’re putting off the inevitab

Deciding who to live with for the next academic year can be quite a difficult task for some students, especially for first year students. It can be risky considering that you have only just met your new friends, and you have to arrange who and with how many people you are going t

There are so many opportunities open for students to try something that is way out of their comfort zone. One of the things many students fear is being unemployed in the near future, however the smallest changes to your usual university lives can differentiate you from other stud

It’s normal for students to feel overwhelmed with the amount of money they find in their accounts once the student loan has gone through. The majority of students would be tempted to hit the shops as soon as possible, and buy as many things as possible, without putting any though

Studying at University is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your knowledge and graduate with a degree. However, nowadays having a degree is simply not enough for some employers. Gone are the days where people used to graduate and go straight into their dream job. Nowadays, emplo

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Student Blog
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