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Surely all news is real news? Well, not anymore. A whole new category has been introduced somewhere in the middle of the ‘facts’ and ‘opinions’ we all learnt the difference between in primary school, and its name is ‘fake news’.



Homesickness sucks – and regardless of whether you’re in your first year of university or your last, it can still affect you. Over half of UK students experience some degree of homesickness. Although there’s a common perception that homesickness only affects


There’s no point denying it: everyone loves free stuff! However, it’s hard to know what’s actually available to you. After all, free isn’t as often widely advertised! This list will give you an idea of things that will benefit your life without you having to spend a


Live. Party. Study.

How do you live with people you hate without resorting to passive-aggressive notes? Can you really live on £2 a day? Is student drug dealing as bad as everyone says it is? Where


Can’t wait to join the adult world? Is your three year degree just too long?

Today, plans have been unveiled to introduce two year fast-track degrees into universities.

With shorter summer and winter breaks, the two year course will be the equivalent to


Just when you thought it was safe to open a dictionary…

Personally, I didn’t think that Donald Trump could infiltrate any more of my daily life, but I was so wrong. There is a chance that Trump-based expressions might find their way into the prestigious

If you’re currently hunting for the ideal student accommodation, one of the things you need to consider is whether a property’s design features will boost your productivity and help you to achieve the grades you want.

The best landlords give proper thoug


It’s getting on in the evening, you know you should eat but you’re really not sure what you’ve got in. You need a proper meal because your diet of instant noodles, orange Fanta, and the occasional 4a.m. kebab is not doing you any favours. You peer into the fridge littered with


2017 marks ten years since many of our favourite books, films and songs burst onto the scene. Prepare to feel old…

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The final installment of the Harry Potter series was released 21st July 2007, bringing


So before you came to university, your parents probably sat you down and gave you ‘the budgeting’ talk. And you nodded obligingly, then promptly ignored it and proceeded to blow your whole student loan in the first term. You legend. But seriously, the world of budgeting opens


Cooking for yourself at uni is hard enough as it is. If you also suffer from an intolerance to gluten or Coeliac disease, it can seem like a nightmare. Here are some top tips for making gluten free eating slightly easier on a student budget:


Having moved from Birmingham for my undergraduate degree to Cambridge for my masters, I can tell you that life as an Oxbridge student is not that different to life at any other university. Despite what Instagram says, it’s not all formals, gowns and stupid traditions


1. The try hard edgy one

How to spot them: Dressed head to toe in ‘vintage’ clothing that’s actually just from the vintage section of Urban Outfitters, the try


Student life certainly takes its toll on bank balances. Although our cherished student loans are coming in again soon-ish, once rent and a round of beers has been deducted, most of us are left to count out the coppers. So the idea of splashing cash on a date seems next to impo


It’s February, it’s cold and if you’re anything like us, you’ll still be recovering from the downpour of Storm Doris. Time to get hygge!

What’s hygge, you ask? The Danish word hygge (pronounced hue-gah, if you want to get all fancy and official about it) isn’t actually


1. When you move in and realise your room is nothing like the accommodation you were shown on the open day


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Ah, university students and drugs. I bet you won’t have looked at these particular statistics with your parents when you were applying for uni back in the day.

However, without meaning to, you may well have ended up at one of the top-dogs for illegal substance


Earlier this month the government began plans to sell billions of pounds worth of student loans to private companies.

The controversial move, which has been highly criticised, was previously called off in 2014 by then business secretary Vince Cable, who decided the plan


THE University of Tokyo is aiming to tackle gender imbalance on its campus by offering cheaper rents for female students.

As the Asian newspaper The Asahi Shumbun reports, Tokyo Univer


TWO students from the University of Bristol have come under national criticism after photos emerged of them with hair in cornrows braids and heavy orange make up.

Although the Students’ Union have claimed the incident is racist, the students involved argue they were dre


Uber’s popularity with customers is soaring higher than ever and despite the criticisms of the company thrown around in the media, people are equally as eager to become drivers. The requirements are fairly straight-forward, so maybe it could become a craze for part-time jobs?<


IT’S Valentine’s Day- a.k.a: another reminder that you’re totally single and alone, except for your takeaway pizza and mountain of essays. BUT, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; find out all about its lesser known cousin, Galentines.

Galentines Day is the inventio


Everyone agrees that primary school is the best time of your life: You’re young, free, careless, and full of energy. No other time in education is ever going to live up to them days of bliss when your greatest concerns were what your mum had packed in your lunchbox or what gam


A few weeks ago the media was saturated with claims that Nutella contains ingredients that cause cancer, and then, just under a week later, it was revealed that eating burnt starchy foods could also increase the risk. Now, as a student, this news came as a massive blow to


While your friends moan about their endless search for their loved one’s gifts, you can’t help wallow in your own self-pity and question how you are going to spend this dreaded date. Society tells us that if you’re single on Valentines day, you’ve had a mare. But don’t start l


2017’s barely even begun, but women- specifically women’s rights- have been dominating the headlines globally since the beginning of January. But will the rest of the year prove the same? Student Life Guide checks out what’s going to be occurring for women across the


That dreaded lump sum of deposit you have to pay before you move in is even more of an annoyance if you don’t receive it back. Student houses are bound to be messy and a bit chaotic, but if you take certain actions throughout the year, it’s not so hard to get your


University summers are long. Around three or four months in fact. This long span of time can be both liberating and at the same time excruciatingly boring if you find yourself at a loss with how to spend your time. It’s what we spend all year anticipating, and when it finally


Are you in your final year of university? Do you like Lego? Do you want to tell everyone you work at the University of Cambridge? 

Well, you’re in luck: Cambridge have created a new job which pretty much every student would kill to do – the Le


Academics at Oxford have teamed up with supermarkets to get us eating our greens. It’s well known we’re a nation of chip lovers, but the move also hopes to reduce the nation’s meat consumption, reducing health problems and greenhouse gases in the process.

Leading the wa


The American university system seems to be a bit of a myth to us Brits. There are enough rom-coms and comedies set in the US college system to portray a certain image of university life, from Legally Blonde to 21 Jump Street. But to what extent is this appearance actually true


It’s the bane of every student’s life; buying course books. Often universities will give you a list of books that are either compulsory or preferable to buy for your course, but it feels like they don’t take into account the massive financial strain this places on students. To


I remember making the decision to go to Birmingham for my undergraduate degree back in 2012, based on my love of both the city, and the course, and I’ve never wished that I chose differently. But with the forthcoming rise in fees, and increasing fears about finding a job after


After two weeks in office, the Trump presidency is beginning to wear. The ‘Muslim ban’, restrictions on reproductive rights, and executive orders coming out of his ears, and we’ve only just begun.

When I mentioned to a friend that I was going to write an article about D


What is happening?

The National Union of Students is encouraging a sabotage of the National Student Survey in retaliation to universities increasing tuition fees above £9,000 a year. The survey is used to assess undergraduates’ opinions of the qualit


So you think you think you’re a man about the town and has surely frequented all of the UK’s best bars? See for yourself…

1) London: Bounce


Would you clean a stranger’s house for £45 an hour – completely in the nude?

If you’re a woman, aged over 21 then Naturist Cleaners are hiring.

This is the latest job advert to be raising eyebrows and several blushes, but before you jump to any u


It’s coming to the end of your last year. You’ve been through hell and back in the pursuit of knowledge and righteous victory to get to this point. Now all the pain and countless hours of excessive studying need to be put into one final masterpi


Hanging out in your basement with your mates and setting hilarious challenges, it’s what we all love doing as students right? Now Chris Ramsey has taken it to a whole new level with his new show on Comedy Central with guests such as Jimmy Carr and Joey Essex.


It’s Friday night, it’s been a long week but you’re ready to get together with your mates and drink a lot of alcohol. However, no matter where you go in the world, you will always find the same types of people in a nightclub. You think by going to Ibiza you’ll get rid of the o

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