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Student Blog

Viewing flats can be very stressful: you turn up at the building to find a dozen other students all nervously eyeing each other up which provokes a competitive feeling and chilly atmosphere. This stress makes it hard to remember the checklist of ‘important’ things you had hastily

A student protesting about the cost of renting digs is in hot water over setting up home in a tent - on a raft in the middle of a lake. William Woodbridge, 21, has spent five years struggling to find a home. He has spent most of the time sharing digs or living in a car.

Operation Can-Do is targeting landlords operating unlicensed houses in multiple occupations to clear up rubbish, poor housing and anti-social behaviour in Peterborough. The council reckons the city has 4,100 private rented homes grouped in the city centre that are home to stud

Spending a fortune on fire safety measures and risk assessment is a waste of money for landlords when student behaviour sparks danger. Recent weeks have seen several student fire scares hit the headlines - with firefighters warning several of the incidents were avoidable. U

Students who want to make sure their funding for rent, tuition fees and living costs need to start an online application for their loan right away. English students can join in online web chats and UCAS conventions to find out what to claim and how to make the application as N

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Student Blog
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