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Student Blog

Students should work hard and play hard. Yet, playing costs money these days and, with tuition fees at an all-time high, itís getting harder and harder to stretch the student loan to accommodate this. Therefore you, like many others, may be considering a part-time job to fill a f

Your house may just be a base for you between lectures and Friday night drinking sessions but it probably has most of your living possessions in it too. While youíre out enjoying yourself, you need to make sure itís protected and everything inside if safe. Unfortunately, crime i

1. Turn down the brightness on your screen. Make the most of working on a computer that you can adjust. Your eyes will thank you for it. 2. Prioritise your work. If you've got a film to watch as research, take the opportunity to do it while you know you can blast sound from your

Youíve finally been let free to live on your own. No mum, no dad, no dogÖjust you and the big, bad world. Dishes and clothes wonít wash themselves, no one can survive off curry forever. Waking up and going to lectures, washing and your general well-being is all down to you. No on

So youíve found your housemates, decided on location, logged into and drawn up a shortlist of great properties. Now itís time for the viewings! Thereís a certain art to viewing a student property, especially in very competitive areas, so make sure

Times are tough for graduates. In the 2012 High Fliers survey of the graduate market, it was found that there were, on average, 52 applications graduate per job. Itís a 25% rise since 2009 and means that competition is at an all-time high. Back in 2010, over one in five graduat

The reputation of British universities is under threat because of tighter controls on international student visas, say critics.

There is now a growing chorus of politicians and university leaders calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to stop including overseas studen

More students from the UK would be willing to study overseas if they have more information about doing so, according to the British Council.

Just one in five students said that they had received enough advice on moving abroad and this lack of information is preventing

University is a fantastic chapter in life. You meet some of your best friends there, become a more rounded person and experience moments that shape the rest of your life. Itís a transitional phase, for many, when you go from being a teenager to an adult. For most of us, it involv

A lack of housing options for asylum seekers in Australia has been blamed after a university student was allegedly subjected to a sexual assaulted in her home.

The issue has come to light after an asylum seeker was charged with indecent assault on a female student at a

A student at university is like a child in a sweetshop. Every day is the opportunity to go out and do something fun, broaden your horizons and live life to the full. Unfortunately, the majority of students wonít ever take these opportunities and spend the majority of time either

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Student Blog
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