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Student Blog

By Rose Malleson Students who study humanities can often get a lot of stick for being lazy, doing an easy degree or facing a future of unemployment. But being a humanities student is amazing — and here are five reasons why. 1. I got 99 Problems but a 9am start ain’t one<

By Amy Moore The job market is getting more and more competitive each year. Employers are looking to hire people with Masters Degrees and PhDs. However, the cost of doing any of these is unaffordable for the majority of students. Yet, don’t give up on the idea as the Governme

The 2015 Times World Reputation Rankings were recently released, and while many of the top ranked universities aren’t surprising, there are a few unexpected entries on the list. The UK is well represented this year, with twelve universities scoring in the top 100. If you’re curio

This is now possible with SPiKL, the first language exchange platform for students in the UK. The platform, started by students from the University of York, has just been made available online. is still in the beta version but in a near future it can completely change t

By Amy Moore Our secondary school years are often a time of experimentation, discovering what our ‘true’ style is. Yet often we go too far and look back a couple of years later wanting to burn every picture we have from our youth. Here are some fabulous looks that went just a

By Isabel Whiteley Not everything is allowed on campus and many things have been banned over the years. Here are some of the weirdest things banned on campus, from both here and across the pond! Strawpedoing Edinburgh University recently banned Strawpedoing- the a

Photo Credit: Flickr User SocialIsBetter By Hatti Sudell With the news of Kanye West’s visit to the University of Oxford last week (yes, really, more of that later), we thought we’d dig the dirt on some of the best celebrity appearances at UK institutions. You may have thou

By Sarah Rousseau 1. The Office (US) Whether you were a fan of the original UK version of the Office or whether you love American comedy and Steve Carrel, this is the show for you. The Office is a mockumentary with an assortment of totally relatable characters that

By Rachel Shapiro University halls are notorious for being the site of pranks. These are often clever, mostly harmless tricks that give everyone a good laugh. If you’re living in a hall and looking for something to do this April Fool’s Day, use these five pranks as ins

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! It’s the perfect day to remind your mother how special she is. You don’t need to spend loads of money to show love – experiences and memories are the best. Pampering and relaxation are the best roads to go down. Here are our ideas for gifts that don’t

Despite the promise of election campaigns, student tuition remains the biggest expenditure of university life. A recent survey has shown that a massive 81% of students think they’re overpaying their tuition fees. We’ve broken this down to show you exactly where things just don’t

Whether you’re searching for the perfect university town, or you want to see how yours compares, we’ve already done the legwork to measure the thing that matter the most: social life, culture (museums, architecture, things to do), academics (university rankings and student satisf

Image Credit: Middlesex SU By Hatti Sudell Internships are a great way to gain experience in your chosen field but 31% of graduate internships are unpaid. It’s important not to be exploited- have a look at our top tips and see if this is the right route for you. Can yo

When it comes to exam time, everyone can go a bit crazy. If you are one of those people who haven’t been to a lecture all year and start cramming the night before, you could end up doing something a little desperate like these students. 1. Referencing The Lion King

By Emily Peddle The numbers are in, and now we can see which universities give out the best grades. Judging by the percentage of first class marks, Imperial, Oxford and UCL seem to have the highest success rates. Does your university choice affect your exam results? Top 10

By Sarah Rousseau 1. Social Media Have you ever wondered how many hours a day a student spends on social media? I couldn't tell you the average time spent but I also wouldn't want to know. Social media is the home of the student, ensuring they stay in touch with frie

By Rachel Shapiro Most university students enjoy a drink or two when they’re hanging out with friends at the pub. But according to a recent survey, these ten universities are home to students take it to the next level—they’re drinking like it’s a competitive s

By Amy Moore Student Union election time is upon us and with it brings lots of ‘original’ pitches from longer library opening hours to more integrated communities. While most students don’t care who gets the position, there are some candidates that are pulling all the stops to

Last year just after the summer madness of furnishing the homes of what seemed like half of the student population in the North West, we gave a thought to the less fortunate half who weren't so lucky to have lovely new furniture from ourselves so we decided to run a competition.

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