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Student Blog

The academic year has almost drawn to a close which means that most students will be saying goodbye to their friends and going home for the summer. Some of you may be sad to be leaving your housemates behind, while others have been counting down the days to escaping since Christ

This past weekend we actually had some sun. Could spring finally be here? Looking at the forecast, the outlook is positive and the weather couldn’t be better timed. With the academic year winding to a close, lectures and seminars are slowly dwindling. There may still be exams

Once your exams have finished you’ll be looking forward to the start of September when you can share a new house with your closest friends. It’s going to be an exciting time and you’re sure to have lots of fun, but before you all go home for the summer, it’s best if you decide o

Perhaps after exams you’re hoping to earn a little bit of extra cash over the summer holidays to boost your savings... maybe you’re thinking about bar work or a shop job... or you could join our student team here at Accommodation for Students! is

Right in the horizon after all of those exams are the summer holidays... three long, lazy months – how are you going to fill your time? You feel like after sitting all of your exams, you should congratulate yourself on all your hard work/commiserate the bad grades you’re certain

Besides the actual learning part, the majority of university activities involve drinking, sleeping or trashy American TV. Though undoubtedly enjoyable, it could easily be argued that these activities are perhaps not the best ways to spend your free time and some of them are poten

Poor housing is one of the biggest stress triggers for students living away from home for the first time, according to groups helping depressed students.

Universities worldwide have set up counselling and self-help sessions to help students deal with homesickness and s

Deciding which university to go to can be an extremely difficult choice to make – whilst the degree you choose is important, so is the area in which you’ll spend the next three years of your life in. After reviewing the breakdown of average rents, and feedback from previous stud

University societies are the best ways to make new mates and have a laugh at uni. Through several (usually fancy dress) nights out, you’ll make a great new group of friends who share your passions. For those sporty individuals, it's a great opportunity to get out and exercise and

Work experience: like it or lump it, you pretty much need it. We’re living and learning in a day and age where a university degree is just not enough. The competition is fierce, with thousands of students nationally graduating with the exact same qualifications as you. How are yo

Failing an exam has to be one of the worst feelings ever. You put your heart and soul into something and it turns out you just missed the mark. Alternatively, you didn’t study hard enough in which case it’s your own fault! We’re human beings after all, we’re genetically programme

Back in last summer, it all seemed so rosy. You and your mates had signed the rental agreement for your very own house. No more living in halls with random people imposed upon you by the university accommodation department. Now, you’re panicking - one of your mates has unexpecte

Poland is cranking up interest as a bargain basement place for a university education – and wants more British students to take the plunge and enrol in the nation’s high education institutions.

As fees and the cost of living make studying in Britain a major financial h

1. Bring water, and lots of it! Dehydration can cause fatigue, and you'll want all the energy you can get. 2. Gather everything you need first. That way when you sit down to start work, you won't keep interrupting yourself to find another vitally important book. 3. Take healthy

Revision sucks. There’s absolutely no two ways about it. It is an obstacle you cannot avoid, and university exams boil, simply, down to this: if you don’t revise, you won’t do well. It really is that simple. However, revision itself is a slightly ambiguous beast and though we are

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