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Most of you are going to laugh at me when you read this, but I really don’t care, and I stand by what I say: Eurovision is like Christmas – it only comes once a year. And I’m not going to lie, I’m basically as excited by the Eurovision Song Contest as I am at Christmas, and I a

We’ve only just had a bank holiday weekend, and it’s almost time for the next one! Here’s a list of fun events going on during this weekend across the country to get you out of the house and stop worrying about coursework and exams! LONDON The Glamour of Italian Fashion

Let’s face it: we are all humans and an average student’s life can get busy. Like, really, REALLY busy at times. Not only are you faced with the obvious such as going to classes, revising for exams and writing essays, but sometimes you have to work a part-time job and try to sq

1. Cafe Piccante - Edinburgh, Scotland Also known as the ‘disco chippy’ of the ‘burgh, Cafe Piccante has everything that clubgoers need to keep the party going whilst on their way to the next club. The place has a tasty selection of fish and chips, burgers, kebabs, sweets and

Summer is the perfect time for a short break from your studies – with the sun blaring down, it’s a period of relaxation and fun activities. Unfortunately, a lot of those activities cost money and with your student loan being stretched on important things like deposits and food; a

Following on from the highest drop-out rates post, which may (or may not) have contained some surprises, we decided to investigate which UK Universities are doing the exact opposite and retaining their students. Following a recent study, it was found that the UK actually has the

So you’ve decided to go to University but now you need to choose where to go! Starting the comparison process can be overwhelming, especially since there’s a lot of information out there for you to consider when choosing a University - beyond which cities have the best student ni

So I'm sure you got lots of Easter eggs over the Easter weekend. But did you know all this about chocolate? • The best temperature to store your choccy treats is around 15 to 17°C. When chocolate is kept in the fridge it can get white marks, caused by sugar or fat cry

With the increase in university tuition fees, a lot of students are on the hunt for a degree course that will get them a well-paid job so they can pay of their student loan quickly and lead a comfortable life. Here are the top 10 degrees for getting you a high salary as of 201

With tuition fees having increased to £9000 for home students and £12,000 pounds for international students, more of us are having to look for university cities that provide a cheaper alternative to London, Oxford and Cambridge, where the cost of living is unaffordable for mos

Easter can be a funny period, with some students heading home and others staying put at uni for the holidays. To help you have a great break even if your housemates aren't about, here are our tips on how not to get lonely: 1. Gather a list of all people who haven’t left

With graduate unemployment rates constantly rising, it’s no surprise that students wonder why they came to university from time to time. But some industries require specific skillsets, which only graduates hold. Plus, some of these industries pay handsomely. From investmen

We all know that one friend who went to University for a term, dropped out and never came back... perhaps even you’re that person? Well, you’re not alone: despite the total number of dropouts falling, 27,000 students drop out after a year, which is the equivalent to 1 in 14 – no

If you’ve ever been a student living on a budget, you know this feeling – the dreaded moment of seeing a massive chunk of your money leaving your account every month just to pay the rent. No matter how much of your monthly spendings you have to devote for preventing yourself fro

If you’ve read through our previous blog posts already, I’m sure you’ll know by now that I love a good holiday! But if you’re looking for less of a city break and more of a beach escape, then look no further! Having scoured the Thomas Cook website, I have found the five cheapest

As many of us know, Easter marks the celebration of spring and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians all over the world. No matter what you believe, though, there are a number of fun and ridiculous ways people enjoy the festival in the UK and abroad. Here’s a list of

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