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We’ve all had those nights out when you wake up to realise that we’ve spent just a little too much. You know the drill, you’re hungover as hell and feel like a rat may have died in your mouth. You roll over to check your phone and then, to your sheer horror, you remember. “Wai


The student generation is commonly described as ‘addicted’ to their mobile phones. Whilst it is true that hours on social media could often be hours better spent, apps that are beneficial for University life and your studies certainly exist.

Apps for revision<


On the one hand, living with your peers is a whirlwind ride of nights out, Netflix binges and heart-to-hearts over late night tea. On the other hand, it can be a living hell of endless dishes to wash, bickering and hearing your bestie have sex in the next room. If you feel as


Before you headed off to university, you likely heard a few horror stories about first-year halls. People might have told you that your room will be no larger than a cell or that the communal bathroom will be a bacteria-ridden haven. When you got to university, though


I don’t want to scare you or anything, but the end is nigh. Whether it’s in three months or two years, pretty soon your life as a student will be over for good. I know that you don’t want to imagine a world where that could possibly be the case, but I promise it’s true. You mi


If you thought you could avoid paying back your student loan forever, we have a little bad news for you. The government recently announced that they plan to prosecute graduates who fail to pay back their student loan on time. Yeah, you read that right.

This is just the


It might sound like something out of the dark ages, but this story comes to you from the so-called modern times. For any forward-thinking individual, the very idea that a university could (or would want to) ban gay students from attending is downright repulsive. Over the years


Here in the UK, we’re lucky enough to have one of the finest education systems in the world. Yes, people travel from far and wide to come and study at our brilliant educational facilities. That being said, there are some areas where we seriously lack. When you take a look at w


Have you ever wished that you went to ‘college’ in America, rather than studying at one of our fine British universities? Well, let me warn you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. If you happened to study over in the US, you will have noticed that things are just a tad differ


1.) Dress to impress

Although this tip is commonly known, it is also regularly overlooked. The importance of dressing professionally for an interview cannot be stressed enough: what you’re wearing sets an impression even before you have said a single word to t


Without a doubt, exam period at uni is one of the most stressful parts of a young academic’s life. Regardless of how prepared you may think you are, the grips of anxiety can still get to you in the weeks leading up to examination. If you’ve been


One of the greatest thing about university life is the fact that you get to go to new faraway places and experience things that you may never have before now. While that might sound like a truly wonderful mind-stretching experience, it can sometimes wear a little thin. For exa


Studenthood is an odd phase in anyone’s life. For once, you don’t have to live under the rules of mummy and daddy. Oh no, you’re free to do just about whatever you please. So, what do you do? Well, you spend most of the time drinking, sleeping and eating. Sounds like the perfe


Have you ever walked around campus and wondered just what everyone else is talking about? It’s honestly no wonder uat people judge us students. If they hear the things some of us say from time to time, they’re bound to think that we reside anywhere but the real world.


There are two types of people in the world: those who cannot eat their Easter eggs quickly enough, and find themselves tearing through the plastic and foil before breakfast, and are having a sugar crash by 9:30 am, and those who keep their Easter eggs in cupboards for later, e


Walk through any city centre on a Friday night, and it’s clear that us Brits love to party. Clubbing is a huge part of many people’s lives, and has been going on for decades.  From the swinging jazz clubs of the ’30s to the dingy warehouse raves


1.) Research

Nothing can be stressed more than in-depth research when it comes to landing a summer internship. It is important to research beyond the common job websites and utilise all the available networks such as careers centres. It is also helpful to cont


I remember my very first Uni assignment when I got bombarded with the word ‘referencing’. Being the naive first year I was, I spent hours trying to compile a list of all the sources I had used, putting them alphabetically into Harvard style. This took longer than the time it


In the lead up to university, no one can ever truly prepare you for the culture shock you’re about to dive head-first into. For most of us, this is the first time we’ve lived somewhat independently away from home. It’s not merely about studying and getting a degree; it’s about


While you’re in your blissful little university bubble, it’s all-too-easy to ignore the fact that your racking up endless debt. Well, soon enough that bubble is going to burst and the letters will start coming. When you first see the outstanding total, it’s enough to send you


Life can be quite confusing once you’ve finished your A-levels. You’ve been in formal education for years and years, and now you’re finally seen as an adult in the eyes of society. Like most, I’m sure you’ll have a passion: maybe it’s music, pain


There’s a pretty good chance if you’re a student living in a shared household, you’ve come across a few interesting characters along the way…

Are you the clean and tidy one? Do you steal your housemates’ food out the fridge? Maybe you’re a bit of a party animal…or yo


With deadlines and final exams looming large on the horizon it can be good to unwind for a bit and plan your summer holiday. That’s why we’ve brought you a list of the top five holiday destinations in the UK - for trips that will let you get away from it all and relax without


When it comes to recruiting new students, universities often have to get creative. There are now more higher education institutes than ever before, which means that each uni has to go above and beyond to get people to choose theirs.

In recent years, man


It's only February, but students everywhere are dreaming about the freedom they’ll have during the summer. After months of lectures and coming straight out of exams, we would love nothing more than to go wild and explore the world. But, unless you’re filthy rich, this isn’t an


Your student years are a time to experience new things, learn about yourself and take risks. While you’re in the midst of training for the real world, it’s easy to crave a little ‘harmless’ escapism now and then. That’s why it’s no real surprise then that nearly three quarters


Final essay deadlines are approaching and this is the moment a lot of students start to panic. These tips should help you understand what tutors are looking for from an essay, and how to write the best essay with minimum stress:

1. Don’t read too much too soon

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