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Student Blog


The University of Utah has become the first college to install a ‘cry closet’ for stressed-out students this exam season.

The closet, designed by student  

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“There is no question that universities owe students fair compensation”

Students are demanding compensation after the UCU strikes, which lasted f

1. Try to not spend any money on at least one day of the week

Put aside one day of the week when you do not spend anything. It’s actually really hard to do, but just one day a week will really make a difference.

2. Search for those discounts

Whenever y


Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece

Beach holidays can still be accessible and luxurious on a student budget. Check out these fantastic summer deals to get you soaking up that sunshine this summer!


Seriously, with the walls in student houses, you hear everything single


The stereotype of the struggling student scrounging for pennies down the side of the sofa might be a fun one, but for university goers across the UK, this is becoming an increasingly problematic reality.  

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It’s been all over the internet lately, people are trying to live with absolutely no plastic wastage, turning down plastic bags, opting for organic food markets and even making their own toothpaste.

Whilst the environmental cost of plastic is ex


Make sure you leave enough time to edit

It’s important that you leave yourself enough time to edit your work. Put aside at least three days for each chapter and one day each for the introduction and the conclusion. Work slowly, highlight sections you are not sure abou


Watch your back Tinder, there’s a new dating app on the scene. Meet Toffee.

Meet toffee, the new dating app which resembles tinder in pretty much every way possible, albeit one feature: the app is exclusively for private school students or alumni.



One of the hardest things to deal with during your time as a student is the possibility that you could fail a university exam. Whether it be on an essay, exam, module or even on your dissertation, the whole idea of it all can be quite scary.

Try not to


With exam season approaching and stress mounting, it can sometimes be hard to actually stay calm and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some top tips on how to get through revision this summer (and then you get to jet off on a well


Back in February, the internet expressed its shock at a video tweeted by Nottingham Trent University Student Rufaro Chisango. Is racism in UK universities a growing problem?

The video, taken by Chisango, consists of students chanting racist rem


When it comes to the stresses and pressures of the exam period, it can be very easy to let healthy eating fall on the roadside; something that can often have a negative effect on performance.

Food is vital to fuel our brains and bodies


spring cleaning!

Is clutter taking over your life? Don’t worry! Here’s a handy guide to minimalism, meaning that when you move as a student, graduate or even just decide to de-clutter, you can be out with th


‘it takes five seconds to produce, you use it for five minutes and it takes 500 years to break down again’

The war on plastic is definitely heating up, a


Seriously, why does The Sun hate us so much?

From countless articles in which young people are compared to snowflakes through to constant references to the youth as childish, lazy and selfish, The Sun really does seem to have it in for young peop


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