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Student Blog

The latest University rich list was published in April – and with the country as a whole struggling to make cash, it’s more than likely you fancy being the exception to the rule and want to know which place is going to make you the most money. Of course, topping the list are O

Shopping is a must. It is the best-loved procrastination tool and the development of online shopping has been lethal to the majority of students and their poor, suffering bank accounts. Unfortunately, with the way society is today, we just have to have new clothes every now and t

We’ve now reached the exam period, where fellow housemates will be stressed out with revision. But in a couple of weeks time, it’ll all be over, and you can get back to enjoying the last few days together before you all head off to your respective homes over summer. Now, it’s

The job advert you’re looking at – it says “experience in ‘X’ required”. The problem is you’ve been a student your entire life and, unless that ‘X’ represents working at Next, it is unlikely you have what employers are after. The key to building up key skills that big companies

Following on from how to find your perfect job, we have now got some advice on how to actually land that job. This is because at some point in your life, ladies and gentlemen, you will need a job. As university students, you are the cream of this generation’s crop, and consequen

Every student knows that after the stress of exams comes an amazing period of life, full of long, hazy summer days (we can all live in hope!) with no stress or cares in the world... you can do anything you like for three whole months – you can go on that once-in-a-lifetime backpa

Further to the last entry about avoiding dodgy housemates, recent stories suggest that it’s not just your co-tenants you need to be wary of – the landlord could be just as untrustworthy. Three students at Kingston University fell victim to a fake landlord rent scam last year w

At university you often move to an entirely new city and are faced with the likelihood that you’ll be living with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. Or it may be that you go into your second or third year with your friends and the idea that you’re all going to co-habit so

It’s gotten to that time of year again when, having stared at your bank balance in excitement at the realisation your student loan just came through; you (accidentally) blow most of it on nights out and shopping... now you have to try and budget your money until the summer. See

Unfortunately, food is not free. Try as you might to stretch that loan for one more night out, you need food and you know it. Food is the most important part of the day giving you energy and brain power to get up and go study, so you need to fuel your body with some grub. Having

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