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Written by Veronica Stratford-Tuke If thereís one thing I wish someone had told my 16-year old self, itís that small-scale boutique festivals are where the magicís at. As I trudged to my first festival at Reading - inadequately prepared as most first-timers are Ė I was blis


Written by Jess Macdonald

They say itís the people youíre with and not the venue is what makes the night (and maybe a lot of alcohol too!). But here are eight clubs in the UK that you really SHOULD avoid:

8. Eve

Written by Isabel Whiteley Summer is the perfect time for a short break from your studies Ė with the sun blaring down, itís a period of relaxation and fun activities. Unfortunately, a lot of those activities cost money and with your student loan being stretched on important

Our second installment of events this bank holiday weekend sees us heading down to the South - with the variety on offer, you'll find it very difficult deciding how to spend your weekend! BRIGHTON 3rd May-1st June: Brighton Fringe There are plenty of Fringe festi

Fancy a fun-filled bank holiday weekend, but not quite sure what's on? Take a look at our guide for the low down on what's happening in the North - there's guaranteed to be something for everyone! BIRMINGHAM 24th May - RAM Birmingham Warehouse Party @ Pop Up Wareh

The world of technology is evolving so fast that it may only need a night for an entire product category to become redundant. Amidst the growing abundance of devices being launched every year, upgrading your technology can make your life easier, bring about better entertainment,

Festivals are the best way to spend the summer with your mates, and with our 2014 music festival guide you wonít miss out on the hottest gigs around. Itís time to dig out your wellies and prepare to see some of the greatest artists of this year! Budget: under £100

Remember way back last year when you were signing your contract and had to hand over a huge lump sum as a security against your accommodation? Well pretty soon, you should be getting it back... depending on the condition of your property anyway! The basics of deposits

Living in student accommodation generally means no pets which can be really difficult if youíre used to having a household pet at home. Of course, if you do have a pet itís likely to be a dog or a cat, but those arenít the only options for pets. Some animal lovers have really ext

Student housing is notoriously a trying experience from start to finish, and the obstacles to enjoying a decent housing experience never seem to end. Released last month, the National Union of Studentís ĎHomes Fit for Studyí research showed that of almost 3,000 student respon

You may live in the country, but it certainly doesnít mean you know everything about it! Here are 20 weird and wonderful facts about Great Britain that you donít really need to know, but probably want to...! Modern Facts 1. Tea has always been the nationís favouri

The secret to backpacking across Europe, believe it or not, is being prepared. Europe has so much to offer in terms of arts and culture diversity, and itís right on our doorstep! Youíll be surprised at what you can find, and gutted at what you might miss. Here is my top 10 of

Ever thought the town you live in is quite pricey? Considering moving somewhere else after you graduate? When choosing a place to live, some areas are indeed much more expensive than the others, with differences so big that you may think you can be much better off living in t

So youíre about to uproot from the home youíve grown up in for the past eighteen years, complete with Mumís home cooking and your comfy bed - you are about to share a flat with boys who donít wash up and girls who steal your food. So how about a guarantee that youíll have hap

One stress-filled day of first year studying, me and a group of my closest friends in halls met up in my room to watch a superhero film. Popcorn and other snacks were supplied and weíd found that the film we watched was full of plot holes and general silliness. This led to us

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