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Student Blog

Photo Credit: Jason McElweenie By Isabel Whiteley Two weeks ago 20-year-old student Mhairi Black won her seat in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, becoming Britainís youngest MP since 1667. With the end of the academic year looming, you may or may not have similar accomplis

By Isabel Whiteley With exams, deadlines and dissertations sucking up all your time you may think an all-nighter is the answer. Why waste hours sleeping when you could use it to cram more revision in? But itís not that simple. Recent research has shown that sleep and memor

By Sarah Rousseau 1. Switch up your study space A new environment can help you hold information. Try switching it up by going to different study spaces, a friendís house or take advantage of the different spaces in your home. 2. Chew gum Studies have sh

By Amy Moore Youíre nearly there. Those awful assignments are almost done and all thatís left is some last minute cramming for exams. When youíre done, you will immediately feel free and fabulous. The feeling of an elephant being lifted off your shoulders. Yet after a day, you

By Rachel Shapiro Summer break is coming up, and for many students that means itís time for an international holiday. Whether youíre inter-railing through Europe, exploring the beaches of Southeast Asia, or backpacking through South America, these tips will help you make the mos

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