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Itís officially BBQ season as the UK is mysteriously experiencing some pretty hot weather currently! Here are some top tips on how to have a cheap BBQ experience!

#1 Embrace that pound shop


#1 Branded products

Yes, I know, sometimes paying that


L-R Matt ĎDoeí Muirhead, David (King of Sludge) Parks and Leo Pellegrino

Too Many Zooz are the subway sensation known for collaborating on Beyonceís Lemonade as well as a searing series of live bu


If, like most students, youíve finished your exams and are therefore partying non-stop- youíre probably experiencing the mother of all hangovers right this minute.

After the stresses and tea total nights of the exam period, your bod


When it comes to choosing housemates, you need to be as careful as possible. Of course, in the first year, you donít always get to choose who you will live with. After that, though, there are really no excuses. You need to make sure that your housemates are the right people fo


Itís summer, wahey! That means one thing, and one thing only Ė PINTS PINTS PINTS. Whether itís cracking a cold one in the back garden or heading to your local for a post-exams bevvy, beer is the word on everyoneís lips. But why limit yourself to the constraints of your domesti


Endless tears of joy and relief were shed in Ireland on Friday as the country voted unanimously to repeal the 8th Amendment, meaning that women will now have safe and available access to abortion.

A tremendous 66.4 percent of people voted in fa


Your summer term at university is always bittersweet. The nostalgia of finishing another year combined with the stress that final exams cause can be hard to deal with. Unfortunately, at Bristol University students are struggling with more than just the pressure of revision.

  1. Prank your housemates
  2. Have a large flat meal with a student discount
  3. Have a BBQ in the local park
  4. Go out to all the classic nightclubs
  5. Have a pamper night
  6. Do something for charity
  7. Watch a whole series in one day


Talking about graduation can feel as taboo as daring to mention Ďhe who shall not be namedí. Unlike Voldemort, however, graduation is an exciting time filled with opportunity and freedom, not death eaters and murderous rampages. Hooray!

Before G-Day arrives thereís so m


With the weather reaching some pretty impressive heights (for England that is!), itís no wonder that countless students are flocking to parks up and down the country.

However, if, like many students, you are in the thick of exams, it can b


On the 25th May, Ireland will go to the polls to vote on whether or not abortion should be legalised in the country.

The people of Ireland will have two options, either to repeal the 8th amendment or to allow the strict laws on abortion to rema


If you happen to be a perfectionist, there will be a whole load of things out there that will just annoy the hell out of you. After all, you always make sure that things are just right; just as they should be. Thatís why itís so hard for you to understand why other people caní


Here are some top tips on how to deal with interviews so that you will be able to cope with anything that is thrown at you on the day.

Identify the type of interview that you are going to face

Itís really important to identify the type of interview tha


As if the elite life of Cambridge students couldnít be more ridiculous, theyíve now sacrificed manís best friend to alleviate their own stress. Twiglet, an adorable Jack Russel terrier owned by senior member of college staff, has been left exhausted after students took him for


Summer can be a great time to get motivated and to get moving.

However, if youíre heading home from your university city and will not have access to a gym, or if you donít have the funds for a gym membership, sticking to a regular exercise rout


Relax a little (or a lot!)

The best thing to do between handing in that final piece of work and graduating is to relax! Seriously, I know everyone always says this to you but Ďyou will never get that much free time againí, so make the most out of it.

Return th


Campaign group, Leave.EU have been fined £70,000 for illegal spending during the EU referendum campaign. The group failed to report £77,380 worth of campaign spending, taking them 10% over the legal spending limit.

Chief Executive of Leave.EU, Liz Bilney, has been refer


As someone about to graduate from the University of Birmingham with an English with Creative Writing degree, I know that finding a graduate job after university is over can be a nerve-wracking and challenging experience. There are so many differ


Here is everything that you need to know about the university free speech pledge.

It appears that universities may no longer be allowed to ban speakers which they deem controversial from either practising peacefully on campus or holding univers


You may think that your student house is totally original, but thatís so not the case. When it comes down to it, there are things in your house that are in†every†student place across the country. From discount vouchers to smelly socks, there are some things that each


Finishing your exams can be an overwhelming yet extremely positive experience.

The huge sense of relief coupled with the desire to get out and do something other than revising often leads many students to head out to party and indu


Itís that time of year again; the sunshine is starting to appear, but youíre stuck inside, revising for exams. The library is packed, youíre exhausted, youíve probably had one Dominoís too many and you canít wait for the summer to begin and for


A new study has revealed that young people are going into debt just to pay for the most basic cost of living.

This information, of course, is nothing new. There are countless reports of students turning to endless, inventive and sometimes shockin


Trumpís latest speech to the National Rifle Association sees him offend both France and Britain at the same time! (Great!)

Aiming his sights at the two closest allies to the USA, Trump decided to state that the Paris Attacks of 2015, which killed over 1


Ever wondered where the best place to holiday in the UK is?

Donít worry, Vogue have compiled a list detailing all the best places to travel to, meaning that you donít have to do too much research, you can just get booking and go on your relaxing weeken


Close your student bank account and open up a graduate account

As soon as you graduate, you will need to think about closing that student bank account. According to most popular banks, student accounts usually roll over onto graduate ones, but not everyone offers this


The one who is constantly fidgeting

You know these people. They walk into the exam room, trip over a chai


Sadly, playtime is over and the real work starts from here. Now is about the time every student starts to hate their life and with good reason too. Why? Well, exams are just around the corner which means that youíre going to spend the next few weeks in the library while the re


Welcome to the Graduate Series! A guide with tips and tricks for surviving graduate life, from employment, travelling, accommodation, bank accounts, finance and paying your council tax, so stay tuned.

First, employment.

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