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Photo Credit: kitschbitch (Creative Commons) By Amy Moore For most students exam season is a distant, yet bitter memory by now. However, during this time certain universities participated in rather unusual traditions. Apparently, some traditions are to relieve stress, yet so

Exam season is well and truly upon us. As students suffer, social media once again brings to light the best and worst of question papers. From the GCSE #EdexelMaths howler to mistakes in A Level Physics, and ďimpossible" university finals, hereís our round up of the five hardest

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi By Isabel Whiteley Itís summer and that means itís time for some of the hottest festivals to kick off. Whether youíre a festival newbie or a veteran our top tips will be sure to help you out. 1. Pack a few layers of clothing It may be sum

By Sam Dumitriu 10 gap year tourists are facing jail after posing nude on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. A local politician has accused the group of Ďangering the godsí and causing an earthquake that killed 18 people. Mount Kinabalu where the tourists posed nude is beli

By Sam Dumitriu Students in Fallowfield have done it again. According to Greater Manchester Police, they shut down an epic party this weekend attended by an estimated 1000 students. To put that into perspective even if you put 500 people in the garden, that'd s

By Anna Phillips If you are one of the many students this summer getting ready to enjoy your last few weeks at university forever, you might be feeling pretty sad to be leaving. Maybe youíre mourning the loss of being able to take casual trips to the pub at 3pm and sleep past

The run up to summer can be one of the most stressful times of the academic year. Not only are you worrying about exams, deadlines, and getting your summer sorted; but youíve also got to worry about moving out of your rented student home and getting your deposit back. There can b

By Anna Philips These 5 websites will save students time and money. Here are our picks for the 5 websites that every student should know.

This is the go-to site

By Anna Phillips Itís about that time of the year when youíll have to start thinking about moving out of your student house. If youíve ever rented before, youíll know how difficult it often is to get all of your money back, as landlords can occasionally push the boundaries of

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