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Getting into university in the first place is pretty darn tough, but have you ever imagined that you might have been destined for greater things? Of course, any uni you get into is sure to help set you up for the world so that you get a decent career, but there are a couple of


The world of dating can be seriously confusing. When you’re trying to suss out whether someone likes you or not, it can be quite difficult. What’s more, there are that many cheesy chat-up lines out there that it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. If you think you’


It might be a cliche, but it’s the truth too. Us students, we’re pretty damn broke all of the time. The minute that student loan goes into our account, we go pretty much crazy with it. In just a few weeks, we’re back in the red, which is never a good sign. So, how do we manage


Have any regrets on leaving university? Don’t worry, we all do. From not going out enough, to not studying hard enough, to not spending enough time with friends, we all have our own personal regrets on leaving university - how could we not? So, to make you feel a bit less alon


When comparing contemporary student life to student life in the 1970s, it becomes clear is that university life in 2016 is under far closer scrutiny than in previous generations, perhaps down to its huge cost. To get to the bottom of this, I spoke to various people who attende


It’s an extremely common problem that most students come across at some point: it’s a few days before an important university hand-in and, for some reason best known to yourself, you’ve not even started the assignment yet. The typical approach to


A – Alfresco – Nothing feels quite like summer than a dinner party in the garden with chilled out music, endless greek salads and more alcohol than you were anticipating.


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We've all been there. It's 5AM on a weekday night and you're stuck in the depths of a YouTube rabbit hole with no signs of escape. You're not exactly sure what you've been doing for the past five to sixty hours, but all you know is that you've learnt nothing.

A good


I asked 5 students from different universities about how they’re going to be spending their summers. Here are their plans!

Freya, Liverpool John Moores:

"To start off the summer period me and my friends from home went to Parklife festival in Manches


Rice often appears to be a food item that requires work. It’s understandable, in a way, as it can easily go wrong, it can be too mushy or too hard, and sometimes it just seems boring. But rice is such a versatile grain, and you don’t need to be t


Who doesn’t remember writing their personal statement? The hours of agonising over quite how many books to pretend you’ve read, or even how to get your teacher to write it for you without them realising it? Now that many of us have seen uni to the end, I thought it would be a


The campaigns are finally over, the polls have closed, and the votes are in: the UK has, by a thin margin, voted to leave the EU. We know how the country as a whole voted (well, about 73% of it anyway), but with dramatic differences in voting patterns and turnout between most


Today we woke up to a somewhat less than ‘United’ Kingdom. The outcome of the EU referendum was the most seismic decision in recent history, and has undoubtedly shocked the nation. Sparking the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and the


Think back to the days when you were applying for Uni. The rush was on to do everything you possibly could to land yourself a spot on your dream course – parents, teachers and guidance counsellors were constantly nagging you about how this was on


As the final semester draws to a close, students impatiently anticipate the freedom of summer. When summer arrives, however, it is normal to find yourself pottering about the house moaning with boredom. A great deal of this boredom is related to


The summer is finally here and you should really be gearing up for some kind of holiday. But wait… What if you have absolutely no cash in the bank? Well, then it might just be time to get creative when it comes down to it. You don’t have to spend all your pennies having a quic


Two years ago, there was a horrific shooting at Seattle Pacific University. Recently, prosecutors released a video that shows one of the students in an act of pure heroism. The student runs out with pepper-spray and singlehandedly takes dow


Sometimes, dating can be seriously fun. After all, who doesn’t want to go out for nice meals and meet new people. Then there are the other times… When you’re on an awkward date, all you really want is for the floor to open up and swallow you. It’s truly an awful experience, bu


There’s no doubt about it, the deep, dark world of Tinder is a mystery to us all. While you might be looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, there are people out there looking for something altogether different. If you happen to frequent the app, you will have likely had your fair shar


If you hear about smoothies you’re likely to immediately wince at thoughts of fad diets or claims of healthy eating. The word smoothie might conjure images of stressful dieting and unpleasant tastes, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact,


As we all know, being a student in 2016 puts you in an awful lot of debt from the moment you take out your first loan. Perhaps unsurprisingly as a consequence many students use the hours between lectures and nights out to try and wangle their way out of the dire financial stra


1.) Mosquito Repellent

You may think that a mini can of spray-on repellent will be enough, well, think again


Thus far we’ve kept our kitchen series focused on the food. Naturally, of course, since it’s the food that’s the most essential part of living away from home and ensuring you’re getting the right nutrients. But, an essential aspect of university


1.) Interrailing Around Europe

Interrailing has tak


Your bank account’s on -£2K, all the pot noodles are empty, and the crippling pointlessness of your own existence is starting to settle in. Summer is here! Hurray! You’re back in with your parents now, after leaving the safety of the nest so you can pretend to be an adult for


According to a new set of data by Susan E. Schorn from the University of Texas at Austin, Google might actually be better at detecting plagiarism than leading software systems such as Turnitin.

Back in 2007, the university was plan


An epidemic is sweeping the halls of universities around the globe. It can’t be found on street corners or behind the counters of an off-license, no, this demon is far more cunning. It spreads like a virus in every home around the world with an


A vice-chancellor has warned that UK university bosses are accepting ‘counter-productive’ anti-terror legislation out of fear that they will be labelled extremist sympathisers by the media if they do not.

The head of Kingston University in London, Julius Weinberg, re


I was in that awkward point between Christmas and New Year. That part of the year where you’ve not really got much going on. You just sort of laze around in an unemployed haze, not sure what to do with yourself and forgetting how to be a functio


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve noticed that more and more young people are running their own blogs these days. According to some recent statistics, around 70% of bloggers are under 35, and over 20% are under 20. This is no surprise to me; within a day


The annual student academic experience survey shows that 35 per cent of English respondents believed that their university education had been “poor” or “very poor” value for money. Since the Higher Education Policy Institute and the Higher Educa


The link between wealth and educational attainment is a widely known relationship in British society. Nevertheless, it is generally assumed that the gaps between the educational achievement of different classes has been declining over recent year


Parents: we love them really. They’ve helped us with our educations, fed us, clothed us, seen us through our awkward teenage years with astonishing patience and given us a place to live both before uni and during university holidays. And now, for those moving home for summer,


For a lot of students, a Research Masters, or MRes, is the first step to a PhD programme, and perhaps a career in academic research. For others it is an opportunity to continue studying a subject at a higher level than can be achieved during an undergraduate programme. Whateve


In my second article about the ever-popular ‘staycation,’ I’m looking at some of the most unusual, reasonably priced holiday accommodation you can find in the UK. Whether it’s a railway carriage, a safari tent, or a floating pod, there are count


Learning to drive and getting a car was something I personally put off for the longest time I could. After moving away from home to come to university, though, the need for a reliable form of transport becomes more important: there’s only so many


So, exam season is finally over. The weather has its fleeting moments of looking gorgeous and you can’t wait for summer to get into full swing. One of the things that got you through exams was the thought of a holiday away somewhere sunny with your uni housemates, but is this


When you’re a student, you have to hold onto every penny you’ve got. That means making sure that you get student discount whenever and wherever you can. Well, there are a few places that you might not even know offer this discount. Check out some of the best ones that you defi


By now, your loan has probably all but run out. With a whole summer’s worth of fun activities, events and holidays, you’re probably worrying yourself silly about how on earth you’re going to pay for everything. Well, worry no longer. In fact, there are a few simple ways you ca


Summer can be a time when the average student just lazily kicks around their hometown, waking up at midday and lazing about the house before collapsing back into bed again at 3AM. If you’ve got the willpower, though, it can also be a fantastic time to finally start taking exer


Being a student is anything but easy. While the adults in your life assume that all you do is laze around all day and watch TV, there is so much more to life at university than just that. When it comes down to it, things can get a little chaotic from time to time. If


With a summer stretching ahead of you and plenty of time to fill, you might be thinking about saving up for a trip abroad to Africa, South America, or somewhere else where you can help a local community through voluntary work, and get some trave


If you’re heading off to a fun festival this summer, you need to make sure you have everything you need. If you’re new to the world of fests, you could easily make some mistakes! Before the big weekend rolls around, you should grab some of the essentials. You never know what t


Looking good on a student budget is never all that easy, but there are some crafty little tricks that you might want to try. When it comes down to it, you don’t need a massive bank balance to look incredible. There are some seriously easy things you can do that will make all t


So, you’re n longer a naive fresher, but a fully-fledged second year student. When you go back to university after the summer break, you feel like a whole new you. Finally, you get a chance to look down on those silly little first-years. Ah, it’s the dream! Here are some of th


Your classes are finished and your exams are almost over. That means just one things – it’s time to start planning an epic summer holiday. Since you get the best part of three months to chill, you might as well make good use of the time. In between doing ‘responsible’ things l


Cast your mind back to the moment you first arrived at university. It might have been last September or even as long ago as three years. You were a shy, naive person back then; a shadow of the great man or woman you are today. When you were living that wild fresher lifestyle,


Here’s one that will tickle all English Literature students. As you probably know, getting young people excited about classic poetry can be tricky. As if the old English words and complicated sentence structures weren’t bad enough, the poems often lack what makes them relatabl


With up to three months off over summer, it’s likely that you’ll have the time to earn some money and gain professional skills through a summer job. Many jobs can be fairly enjoyable and flexible, leaving you with plenty of time to still enjoy the sun. It It is important to st


Your graduation is fast approaching and talks of wild celebrations are already underway. Yet you know it will end up in the same old club with all your friends getting completely twisted (as usual). To mark the occasion you're thinking of doing something different: celebrating

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