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So, exams are over, the sun is shining, and you’re thinking about planning a last-minute mates’ holiday with your uni pals.

We’ve all either heard of, or been on, one of th

By Elizabeth Whittingham

There are plenty of destinations dotted around the UK hosting a variety of holiday opportunities, from the rocky coasts of Cornwall through to the rolling hills of the Peak District or the enticing Highlands.

By Elizabeth Whittingham

If are looking to travel the world after you graduate but you are unsure about where to go, what to organise and who to go with, then here are some handy tips on how to get the most out of the experience.


Once it was pretty rare for students to be looking for a place to live in the late summer. Now it’s common. If you are looking for somewhere to stay right now, chances are you are one of a growing band of students who have found a place at University throu


Buying faulty tickets can be a really tough experience. Not only did you spend your hard earned money but you missed out on a show, festival or a gig that you did really want to see.

In the last three years, over 21,000 people have


There is a viral sensation sweeping the web; YouTubers and celebrities are attempting to use just one pound a day for their food.

For a nation that spend £25 a week alone on grabbing meal deals and picking up extra bits on top of th


Deeply embedded in every individual is an inherent fear – someday, somehow, there will be a zombie apocalypse. Whether that be from a zombie-like disease breaking out or an alien invasion, there’s a little part in each of us that believes it’s on the horizon. So, imagine the w


Are you currently waiting upon your A Level results and refreshing UCAS every hour?

If so, it might be worth reading this article for an insight into the easiest universities to get into in the UK.

Firstly, let’


Love Island in full swing and let’s face it, you’re hooked. But, there’s something unsettling about this series. A certain Dejavu, je ne sais quoi. You might even feel like you’ve met the boys before. There’s a good reason for this – you have. The islanders this year perfectly


On Friday 15th June, in an almost empty Parliament, a Private Member’s Bill was read out to a sparsely populated room.

The Bill was an act to make up skirting- the act of photographing up a woman’s skirt without her knowledge- a criminal offenc


A big chunk of money paid into your account at the end of the academic year is always a plus point in the life of a student and is definitely something that is worth fighting for.

Even if like most students,


A recent study has revealed this week that a minuscule 16 per cent of pupils actually achieve the university grades predicted for them by their teachers, research also shows that around 73 per cent of 1.3 million pupils were handed intentionally inflated grades by


Could you survive it?

Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse, worldwide famine, killer robots or unstoppable diseases, people like to bet and consider how long they would last in an unknown world, ripped straight


Job Spotter

Job Spotter essentially pays you to take pictures of job adverts and post them onto the site for others to see.

Your photo will be ranked on its uniqueness by a specific algorithm, you will then be paid accordingly.

Job Spotter is re


Whether you’re strapped for cash and would like to sell a few items; you’re moving out of your property and would like a clear out; of if you’re unable to even move around your house due to the sheer amount of stuff that you own; then it’s probably time to have a s


This uni year may be over, but the party has only just begun. As per, we have all been gripped by this series of Love Island and now that Hayley’s out of the villa we have every reason to celebrate! Now, imagine you could combine two of your favourite things – boozing and bing


Heading off to a festival this summer?

Stuck for ideas on what to pack? Don’t worry!

Follow these top tips on how to effectively pack for any festival so that you’ll be able to deal with anything t


A big chunk of money paid into your account at the end of the academic year is always a plus point in the life of a student and is definitely something that is worth fighting for.

Even if like most students, cleaning is just not your thi


It’s officially British summertime and that means one thing for TV fanatics across the UK – Love Island is back. A way to avoid revision or a post-exam treat, Love Island will have you hooked from the word go. So, without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of every time


When it comes to cheap holidays away, quick get-a-ways to Spain or ventures to Magaluf come to mind, yet there is a hidden gem that has everything to offer, at affordable and most importantly, student-friendly prices.

Here are seve


Moving out of your student house can seem like a stressful process. Whether you’re moving to another property or are at the end of your university career, there are a few steps that you can take to make the big move that bit less chaotic. Then you can focus on enjoying t


Cases of plagiarism at universities are on the rise. Russell Group universities have been deemed the worst culprits, with cases of plagiarism at Newcastle University having doubled over a one-year period. Instances rose from 34 to 64 cases in 2016/17 to the previous year.


Here are 21 ideas to try out for your 21st- enjoy!

1) Do something extreme

It sounds cliché but why not try go race car driving, attempt a bungee jump or go skydiving. At 21 you’re probably the fittest you’ll ever be!


Are you worried about paying your summer rent?

The letting out of student houses is a lucrative and expanding business, but the summer holidays are a period of instability for both students and landlords. For stu


Which is better: BA or BSC?

It has to be said, whether a BA or a BSc degree is better is one of the most common debates you will come across while at university.

If, like man


As a student, days out tend to be very rare. I haven’t actually been on a day out since September 2017 when I headed down to London, being so put off by the whole cost of the day that I have been reluctant to splash the cash on just the one day out since!<


Take a look at these great opportunities for festival volunteering this summer. Spend your days volunteering and your evenings partying for free!

Bestival 1-6th August

Bestival is a four


If you’re looking to eat healthy this summer, but you’re struggling for cash- here are some top tips on how to eat well for less.

Remember, a healthy diet doesn’t have to be expensive!

#Buy frozen


If you look up exam season in the dictionary you’ll find it next to a giant picture of Satan. Exams are hell, it’s a fact. Fortunately, you are not alone in your fear and dread of the worst one hour 45 minutes of your life (and I’ve seen Shrek 4, twice). We spoke to s


After a call from BME students and activists to ‘decolonise’ university curriculums, the University of Hertfordshire have introduced a Black Lives Matter module. The module, available to study as part of the university’s MA programme, will engage topics such as identity, viole


If you’re strapped for cash this summer then follow these great tips on how to put together a summer wardrobe for less!

#1 Have a good clearout

It’s always a good idea at the start of su


Vicious storms in Germany resulted in an unlikely consequence this week; the alleged escape of two lions, two tigers and a jaguar.

Unused to a life in the wild, experts were uncertain of how the felines might react and encouraged the public to remain inside.



If you’re fresh out of university and looking for a job, you might be able to find your first job on social media.

Us students usually associate social media with procrastinating rather than improving employment opportunities.

However, i

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