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Student Blog

A TV licence cost £145.50. It can be argued that decent programmes are becoming a bit of a rarity in the UK, so, it can seem a bit ludicrous to shell out that amount of cash. Even if you do watch quite a bit of TV, you’re unlikely to stay glued to it all day, and are probably ou

A great thing about the digital age is how many things that used to cost money are now freely available. One of those things is phone calls - something that separates you from your parents. When they were students, if they needed to call home or friends at other universities, the

Right in the middle of the summer holidays, we shouldn’t be thinking about University, right? Because we’ve got approximately a month and a half left of freedom... we can do whatever we want. University is the one thing that you aren’t thinking about. Except, what if you still

At £9000 tuition fees per year, University is no laughing matter. You have to think carefully about which degree is best for you in terms of what you enjoy, and what job you want at the end. But hidden away amongst the masses of courses available on UCAS are the weird and wonde

Life as a student can very tough financially, especially if you don’t receive financial support from your parents. So the best thing to do is earn a bit of extra money in your summer holiday before term starts. You don’t want to be financially strained when you arrive at uni an

I was recently given the task of writing an article about students’ experiences in accommodation and how they met their friends; and my inbox is slowly filling up with anecdotes from students all across the country – some students have had a great time at Uni, where they’ve met l

We all know the score: University fees have reached an all-time high of £9,000 a year, and we all know that unless we get an absolutely amazing high-powered job earning us millions; we’ll be stuck in debt for the rest of our lives. Yet we all kind of feel that we have to go, b

Summer is upon us. The weather’s had its ups and downs but you are free of the shackles of academic essays and exams for a few months so you need to know what’s going down this summer. In amongst all of that hard studying you’ve been doing I bet you haven’t really had time to get

Term is over. That means for most of you – back to live with the parents until September. But rather than mope around and mooch off well-meaning parents, why not actually do something productive? Having spent the last few months doing nothing but work, you may fancy a solid s

Summer seems to have finally arrived, and it’s about time too! As a student with the long summer stretching ahead, it can only mean one thing – barbeques! Many an afternoon can be whittled away out in the sunshine, cooking/charring sausages and burgers. Of course, food isn’t

School’s out for summer and you’ve completely filled your calendar with fun activities to do. However, you’re slightly worried about that snakebite muffin-top hanging over your Speedo’s; or your dreaded bingo wings, right? Don’t worry, a little post uni chub is normal but if you

This is probably the only benefit of moving out. If you’re a bit ditsy like me, you’ll probably have forgotten that you paid a somewhat hefty deposit before moving into halls or your student house. This means that now you’re moving out, as long as you keep your room and the house

Summer is finally here. Like it or not, this is pretty much the best we’re gonna get so you need to make the most of it. You might be saving the pennies after splashing out on a Glastonbury ticket (I envy you so much) or waiting patiently for your holiday to the classy Marbella o

Summer – it’s finally here. What better way to celebrate than to grab a load of your mates, get some hideously offensive t shirts and jet off to some sunny destination to get absolutely slaughtered for a week? If you’ve seen the Inbetweeners movie, you’ll know what it’s all about

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