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Student Blog

Written by Isabel Whiteley Following on from our round-up of the ten happiest countries in the world, we thought we’d bring your attention to the ten saddest. Things like coursework, sorting out student finance and having to get up early for lectures can seem the end

Written by Lewis MacLean While some of us in this world are naturally organised and know what they want in terms of a career from day one, and as such, have a thoroughly researched life plan, others don’t. Instead, we simply fall into our degrees in the same way we

New research has revealed that the number of tenants who are 'severely' behind on their rent – that’s being in arrears of at least two months - has dropped by 5% in the past year. The Tenants Arrears Tracker – which is published by LSL Property Services – shows that 98.5% of pri

Written by Jess Macdonald Now that it’s summer and you don’t have anything to do, why not learn some interesting facts to amuse your friends… or save this list for the next exam period when you’re desperately trying to procrastinate? Either way, here are 30 amazing f

You would think that tenants would take all of their possessions with them when a tenancy comes to an end, but that's not always the case. Lettings agents Benham & Reeves says they continue to be surprised at what tenants do leave behind – including, in one case, a Range Rover

Written by Dagmara Reczka Yes, nobody wants to think about flat hunting over the summer, but in most cases, you’ll be living away from home during your time at University. No matter if you’re just about ready to start your first year; or are returning for second and

Written by Elle Pollicott The World Happiness report was released in March 2014 this year, ranking all countries in the world depending on how ‘happy’ their population was. Whilst happy can be a difficult word to define due to its subjectiveness, the list was determi

Written by Gaia Croston Birthdays really are a time for celebrating, and no one seems to know how better to throw an extravagant bash than these celebrities… friends, I hope you take notes for how to really celebrate birthdays once we all become rich and world-famous.

Written by Isabel Whiteley We’ve all seen those student-inspired TV shows where no-one ever seems to do any work, and all problems between flatmates are solved to humourous effect. Unfortunately, that one time I accidentally set a tea towel on fire did not end with a

Written by Christine Braganza Summer’s here, exams are over and it’s time to celebrate! Rather than splashing the cash at a swanky bar, why not have a go at making some cocktails yourself? Lounge in the garden with your best friends and a couple of cocktails and you

Written by Elle Pollicott Predominantly made up of Norway, Sweden and Denmark (with Finland and Iceland also considered Scandinavia); Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe and is my favourite place in the whole world! It’s relatively undiscovered and as such, a m

Written by Jess Macdonald Need something to dream about and file in the ‘if-only’ section of your brain? Check out our list of the top 10 beaches in the world and get ready to have major rich-person envy! 10. Baia do Sancho; Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Written by Gaia Croston Fancy taking a break with a bit of a difference this year? You should probably take a look at these seven weird and wonderful hotels that can be found around the world!  
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Written by Lewis MacLean For students, cheap pints are everything these days; and with 12 pubs shutting down a week across the country, supermarkets are cashing, making it even harder to find a nice, quiet pub for a pint. All in the name of research, I’ve scoured pub

Written by Jess Macdonald Imagine how devastated you would be if someone broke into your student house and stole your laptop a week before your final deadline – well unfortunately for students up and down the country this isn’t a hypothetical situation, it’s a very re

Written by Ashana Beria Going to a new country, we often wish we could speak the language, not only for the Brits to get rid of the appearance of being complacent with conversing only in English; but just to make it easier to communicate with others. Unless you’re st

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