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Student Blog


Freshly graduated from university, the world is your oyster but the excitement quickly turn into fear when applying for jobs, going to interviews or even planning your travels. Whether you are struggling with job hunting, suck at interviews or are poorly organised for your tra

By Amy Moore Legendary nightclub ‘The Willow’ on Coney Street has decided to close its doors this Sunday. In business for 79 years, the York nightclub was always a ‘go to’ place for students. It provided a unique atmosphere and cheap prices. Owner Mr. Fong has turned 70 an

Photo Credit: University of Michigan By Isabel Whiteley So now you’ve graduated and your university life is at an end. What now? New research says it only takes on average three and a half months to find a graduate job after graduation. But you can speed up your grad job s

Photo Credit: Juhan Sonin By Isabel Whiteley Summer time usually means breaks from uni and living it up but summer jobs can also be a good way to spend your days. Here are our top tips on finding a summer job. 1. Decide what you need Do you have enough time

Photo Credit: HM Treasury By Isabel Whiteley The new budget has been out for a week now and we’re going to start feeling the repercussions soon. What does this new budget mean for students? The most damning item on there is that maintenance grants are a thing of the past

By Amy Moore Think you have it tough living in your student accommodation? At least it’s not a tent. Evan Eames spent an entire year camping in a back garden to save on living costs! The Masters student, already paying £20,000 in international tuition fees, decided to camp

By Amy Moore In the middle of summer, students can often feel stumped on what to do with their countless hours of free time. To keep you from getting bored, why not reminisce on some of your favourite childhood programmes and relive the good old days. Here are a list of some o

By Ellie McCaldin If you’re graduating this summer you’ve probably heard the dreaded question – ‘so what are you going to do now’ – upwards of 100 times by now. Luckily there’s good news for those who may currently be feeling apprehensive about their future prospects. Recent j

By Rachel Shapiro If you’re starting uni in September, you’re probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness right now. I know—I’ve been there. When I was about to start uni, I was worried about a million different things and had a ton of questions. Here are six thin

By Amy Moore Either to prevent failing or just for the thrill of it, there are plenty of students out there cheating in exams. One in ten students cheated in their exams this year according to a report published by The Student Room. The report also showed that 50% of students fr

By Amy Moore Getting that 2:1 or 1st has become a matter of life or death and it is often be hard to imagine how your life will turn out if you fail to make the grade. Some employers say “don’t bother applying, you graduate with a 2:2". But, all is not lost as there are many fam

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