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 “University is so much easier for you!” mum shouts down the phone as I lay in bed watching Netflix, still not dressed and smelling like a kebab shop, even though it’s almost 5pm. “You students do nothing these days!” She continues as I open a new tab to check if I missed


The Kardashians, a family we are all a little guilty of obsessing over. We can’t help but binge-watch their reality TV Show Keeping up with the Kardashians to find out what they’re doing, what they’re wearing and who they’re dating. The famous family have become househo


NatWest have just released their Student Living Index for 2016. After questioning 2,500 various students from 25 cities across the country, they foun


Following the announcement of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union on 23rd June, reports of  hate crimes led by racism have increased by 57%. These attacks range from  

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An obligatory part of being a student is being broke around 90% of the time and if you’re not, then you’re probably doing it wrong. To try and solve this problem, in recent years, there has been a surge of students swarming to charity shops with the hope of being able to pick


In an attempt to cope with extortionate tuition fees and the rising costs of living, a growing number of students are engaging in ‘risky’ fields of work to fund their studies.

Typically, the student body work in waitressing or bartending, but these minimum wage jobs are


Theresa May is on her way to securing Brexit once and for all. With a new party leadership, new changes are set to happen over the next couple of months. The first of which are already creeping up on us. And it’s students who are set to take the fall.

Tuition fees are


The ‘90s have returned. Spawning a new and modern twist, the world-wide phenomenon has stormed the internet and sees more daily users than Twitter and Netflix. It’s officially the most popular mobile game in U.S. his


When Ling Zhang took part in the ‘What would you do for a grand?’ competition, she never imagined that she would actually win it!

The University of Southampton student was surprised when she won the prize of a £1000 bar tab, but what she did with some


Let’s face it, sometimes tests can get a little dry. When you’re in the midst of exam season, you can get a little tired of all the same old questions. Sometimes, wouldn’t it be fun to start messing around a little? Here are 10 students who totally nailed their test answers.


What would university be without some good old fashioned drinking games? Boring – that’s what! Still, the tried and tested games can get a little old from time to time. If you want to try something completely new, we might have just the thing for you. Here are six of the crazi


If you have Tinder, you’ll have come across a whole load of crazy profiles in your time. While some people try to come across as sweet and innocent, there are the others who take an entirely different approach. Let’s face it, some of us are on the app for one reason and one re


Let’s talk about sex, baby! Sometimes, it all goes to plan. There are no sticky situations, no awkward noises and no stilted conversations afterwards. And then, there are the other times. Let’s face it, when you first have sex with someone new, things can get pretty uncomforta


Getting an extension on an assignment or test is every student’s dream. Honestly, most of us would do pretty much anything to get just a few extra days to make sure that we at least scrape a pass on that all-important part of the course. While it’s hard to get a lectu


It’s a cold, rainy evening and you’re binge watching Netflix. Again. The urge to grab the phone and start swiping becomes inevitable. You’re alone, bored and frankly, just want a bit of attention. If you get a match, then perfect; if not, then nothing’s lost – after all you ha


Fed up with the same old sports dominating the television and BUCS leagues? Wanting to try something new and a little obscure? Take a look at these weird and wonderful sports that are starting to make it big in the UK rig


University is all about learning, both academically and socially. The lessons you learn while studying are second to none, but some are more important than others. To make sure you are learning the right things, here are 10 things that you should know before you graduate and e


University is all about getting that all-important degree, but a good social life should definitely be just below on the priority list; because when will you have the plethora of clubs and societies available to you ever again? It doesn’t matter if you’re into  

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Your student card is your ‘saving’ saviour throughout your years at university. It’s the holy grail of great discounts up and down the high street. But you don’t always need to be in an actual store to make use of this student perk – it’s even easier when you’re in your pyjama


You might be miles away from your parents at university, but that is certainly not going to stop them texting you all the time. In fact, sometimes, it feels as though you never actually left at all. One of the greatest things about parents is their curious inability to use sma


12-year-old, Huang Sihan, has been accepted at the Anhui Professional College of Art, despite still being in primary school.

Most of us follow a certain pattern when it comes to education. You go to primary school then secondary school. You might go to


No matter what people say, being a student is not a walk in the park. People tend to think that students just lie around all day doing nothing. Well, we actually do a whole lot more than that and, sometimes, things get very stressful. Whether you’re a first year or a third yea


It might be a cliche, but sometimes us students really don’t eat the most exciting things in the world. When your pockets are empty, it can be tricky to whip up a tasty meal. What’s more, if you lack a certain culinary talent, you might find that the thought of cooking sends s


In exciting news, The University of Bristol are doing something rather brilliant for refugees. Those who want to study and earn an undergraduate, masters or PhD will now have extra support to do so. This comes as part of the Sanctuary Scholarship Schem


So the initial shock of “Brexit is actually happening” has just about settled, and It’s time to look at how this will actually impact student lives, in particular, graduate opportunities. There’s been a lot of talk about a graduate “brain drain”


With many anticipated releases still to hit screens this summer and later on in the year, it may seem like 2016 has just been getting started in terms of film. However, despite all the blockbusters landing soon, the first half of the year had some brilliant films that are wort


The University of Law (ULaw) has launched a new initiative promising graduates half their tuition fees back in cash if they fail to land a job nine months after completing their studies. ULaw is the largest legal training provider in the UK and i


I’m stood outside a coffee shop at Sheffield Students’ union, eager to meet a guy who the local Tab proclaimed as “Sheffield’s answer to Jay-Z“. Fo


Studying abroad is an exciting and rewarding experience, but the preparation before hand is certainly less enjoyable. It is easy to put the preparation to the back of your mind and convince yourself you will research it later on. It is really important, however, that you are o


We’re over halfway through the year and have watched some excellent TV shows in that short time. With summer in full swing, there's no time like the present to hope on the sofa and binge on some excellent television. So, for your pleasure, we present a short list of the best T


So, the summer is finally beginning: you’ve got your results (and maybe even your final degree classification), and you can put all the madness of exam season behind you. What would be the worst thing to happen to you at this juncture – death by lions, or being jailed for chea


Let’s face it – students eat lots of pasta, and sometimes it can get a bit repetitive using this single thing over and over. I wouldn’t knock pasta as a ready meal. As much as this column aims at opening up the competency of students who cook, th


Britain’s vote to leave the EU has caused uncertainty and concern in countless areas, but the apprehension felt by universities, academics and students alike has been particularly prevalent. Britain is home to a number of the world’s most presti


On a surface level, a degree in Journalism seems great! Wandering around a new city meeting interesting people and getting yourself in dangerous situations. Why not? If you set out to be a great journalist then yes! You will be getting yourself i

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