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Student Blog

Written by Isabel Whiteley We hear all the time about how technology makes our lives easier, and sure, itís pretty great to be able to access lecture slides on your mobile on those days when youíre too lazy to make it out of bedÖ but what about when you wake up in the mid

Written by Ashana Beria India is huge country with a vibrant culture where people in different parts have different traditions and lifestyles. Selecting ten places in India is a very difficult task considering each place has something unique to offer; although Iíve compi

Written by Gaia Croston Another one of our list of amazing facts that you really should know Ė perfect for wiling away the hours when youíre bored and unsure of what to do! Mice are essentially shape-shifters With a soft skull and unmatched gnawing skills,

Written by Greg Henley Itís not exactly a secret that a typical studentsí week will involve watching quite a lot of TV, or a whole box set back to back. Itís also common knowledge that friendships can be formed at Uni... how many times have you: ďhave you ever seen [ins

Written by Gaia Croston Itís not news to most university students that contact hours with lecturers and academics remain minimal for students while tuition fees Ė whether you are a UK student or coming from abroad Ė continue to rise. As Arthur Gould, a former lecturer

Written by Gaia Croston It can be quite depressing moving into an empty, cold room with no personality Ė and it certainly doesnít help if youíre missing home! Whilst you canít go painting your walls bright pink, you can brighten up your room and make it yours, without r

Written by Dagmara Reczka University is a difficult time, not only because of lots of exams and essays to write, but also because itís often the first time youíve lived away from your home, without your family and friends around you. Experiencing that, you sometimes ju

The run up to exam results is the biggest time of year for students, with many looking back and wondering if they could have worked harder. Stylish student accommodation provider Vita Student has surveyed more than 800 students across the UK to find out how easily they are distra

Written by Elle Pollicott The day that I am writing this article (Saturday 9th August), I found out that today is actually National Rice Pudding Day, where we are all encouraged to ďindulge in more adventurous rice pudding recipes". A quick check of my birthday on Jun

Written by Elle Pollicott University is not just a time for studying, but for making great friends who are going through the same experiences as you (and weíre not just talking nights out). There are a lot of weird traditions at many Universities that make for a real

Written by Isabel Whiteley As a student your life is ridiculously busy, whether itís Netflix-ing a whole season in one sitting, sleeping the lecture away or staring at the blank word document thatís meant to be a 3000 word essay. There always seems to be way too much

Written by Ashana Beria China... one of the worldís largest country, a force to be reckoned with, and a destination many of us hope to visit in our lifetime. As mysterious as it is, hereís ten facts that you didnít know about China! 10. Fortune Cookies with Chinese

Written by ZoŽ Richardson The most essential object for all students is a laptop. However, there are so many different kinds of different weights, storage size, power and price, so which ones are the best and are going to see you through your degree? Whilst standard co

Written by Greg Henley Debt comes attached to student living, but there are things you can do to reduce the costs while studying. While there are many perks of University Ė such as discovering a new city with your new-found friends Ė ultimately, it can mean a lot of money

Written by Isabel Whiteley Summer is finally here and with it comes the festivals! Picture this: youíre at the festival of your dreams and your favourite band is open to come on when the skies open. Rain pours down on you and you realise you forgot to bring your rain

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Student Blog
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