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Semester one is right around the corner, and while you still have a few more weeks to make the most of lazing around at your parent’s house, it’s time to slowly start thinking about the semester ahead of you.

Start budgeting


We were all born in the 90’s. And it was brilliant. We had the best games, TV shows, and playground crazes. The 90’s were the best decade to grow up in, and this is why:

1) The good old VHS tapes which mum made us rewind when we finished the film.

Every. Time.<


We teamed up with THE face of reality TV, Charlotte Crosby. After rocketing to stardom in MTV’s Geordie Shore, she’s gone from height to height and is now about to hit our screens again. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to get to know her a little bit more and ask her for


Here’s a rundown of what can your free university student card can save you.

Accessorize: 10% off


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If you don’t have the luxury of freshly cooked food from your hall’s canteen, then no doubt you’ll end up buying the cheapest and easiest stuff from the local supermarket – especially once the student loan runs low.

£1 pizzas, £1 ready meals… yeah you get the gist. The


Warning: Content inappropriate for those who practice abstinence.

Welcome to freshers’ week, aka, the messiest week of your life. In this first week you will learn that living at university can be fun, wild and exhausting. You will get your first taste of being


The Great British Bake Off has well and truly stolen students’ hearts up and down the country. If you’re not swooning over Paul Hollywood, then you’re gazing excitedly at the tremendous food porn on offer, or howling at the witty comments that the contestants are just so good


In choosing where to study at university, it would surprise me if the safety of a place determined student choices. It appears that academic ranking and nightlife, for instance, are more important to students during the selection process.

Although students like to think


1) The security is always a little ropy to say the least

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Whenever I feel afraid.

I hold my head erect.

And whistle a happy tune.

So no one will suspect I’m afraid.


There still a few more weeks until it all starts again, but you’d be lying if you said you weren’t starting to feel restless. The itch to go back to university is growing. Here’s exactly what you’re probably feeling right now.

1. You’re craving Vodka


Exploring and preparing for employment is crucial.

Yes, making those 9am lectures can seem the biggest struggle of your life right now; but you’ll be thrilled to know that the world of work is just around the corner. Unfortunately though, nowadays it’s


A-level results day has been and gone, you’ve got into a university: maybe it was your first choice, or maybe you got in through clearing, like a record 64,000 students did in 2015


It’s a well known fact that every student house in the UK will posses one of these:


University is a minefield. It’s demanding, stressful, and at times, confusing. Some thrive, while others silently buckle under the pressure.  Today, the latter is becoming all too common. It’s time to stop ignoring it and talk about student mental health. Now.


Welcome to the University of Leeds Freshers, whether this is your first, second or last Freshers, this article is here to provide you with the best of what Leeds has to offer.

University of Leeds

  • Official Arrival Party – 18th<


Halls are the best part of university. You’re unwillingly shoved together with a group of other students and within days you’ll all probably end up being BFFs.

First year is the foundation for the rest of your time at university and there you will learn the most import



As you’d expect from such a big place, Birmingham knows how to have a good time, and you’re about the join the party!

Here is your guide to the best of Freshers’ 2016 across the universities: from amazing nights out, to movie marathons, to chilled-out day-trips


It’s that time of year again. Freshers’ is just around the corner.

“But what on earth do I pack?” I hear you ask.

A trip to Ikea can leave you with ‘all the gear, but no idea.’ So save a bit of space in your car-boot and ditch the set of 50 saucepans your parents


Freshers’ week is a time for making friends, joining societies, and settling in, but let’s not lie – there’s probably going to be a lot of drinking going on too. Here are the top seven alcohol myths that you and your flatmates might have fallen for:

1. Beer be


Remember that time in first year when you laughed because a student asked you and your friends to be quiet in the library? That person was in their final year of university and that person saying “sssshhh” behind a wall of books is now you.

Welcome to your final year at


Picture this: it’s 9am on a Tuesday morning and you’ve managed to scrape yourself out of bed, make-up-less and rumpled for the depressing fifteen minute walk to your university campus. Although you’re already running late, you decide that you’ll risk getting yourself a coffee


FINALLY. Goodbye night bus; hello night Tube!

The days of passing out during the hour-long night bus journey are finally over. The night Tube starts today.

Said to cut journey time down by at least 20 minutes for those travelling between Central and the outskir


Manchester has been voted Best Place To Live in the UK… AGAIN!


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A-level results day is one of the scariest days of your life. Your future all depends on those three or four letters inside that brown envelope. And no matter what grades you receive, there will always be that inadvertent sense of ‘Wtf. What do I do now?’

After finding


Student life is going to be amazing.

It will be one big party, and I’m going to graduate with a first while learning loads of new skills  – maybe karate – as well as going to the gym every day and cooking like a real chef.

Yeah right.

1. Accommodation 


Most of us go into higher education with the hopes of gaining a first class honour's degree. Getting that first may seem painstaking and at times impossible but I am here to tell you that it is much more achievable than you may think.

Many students hope t


Fresher’s is just a month away and while the excitement of results day is rife, there are some important things you need to do before you jump in the car with all your belongings.

Every new student under the age of 25 should get the Men ACWY vaccine. <


So I tried it. I went a week without complaining.

Or did I?

I began by creating a daily ‘complaining diary’.

At the end of each day I wrote a paragraph about the times I’d complained. After each day, I tried to be mindful of making a point to not complai


1. Your student loan won’t last past September


With Suicide Squad, Finding Dory and The Secret Lives of Pets all hitting the cinema this month, film is all we can talk about right now. So we asked our writer, Thom, to talk us through the number one movie that changed his life, Mr Nobody.

Every now and agai


The popularity of clinical drug trials has soared among students in recent years. Considering the lack of sufficient maintenance loan, rising rent prices—including having to pay summer rent whilst not living there— and lack of available part time work, it’s no surprise that st


UCAS clearing is the way in which you can still enroll onto a university course for September if you do not already have an offer, or you wish to change your preferences. This is the way in which universities fill any spaces left available on their courses.

Who can use


Who would have thought that in 2016, vinyl would be something students would even know about? From Walkmans to streaming music online, we’ve experienced enormous changes in music platforms throughout our lifetime. Yet nobody could have predicted that we would be so interested


London: the city of history, art, diversity, business and an incredibly lively atmosphere.

Unfortunately, all of this of vigor comes at a hefty price tag. Many students completely dismiss the option of studying at a London university, thanks to soaring rent and the pric


If you’ve ever had your drink spiked, then you know how bad it can be. Almost one in ten people have reported being a victim of at some point in their lives.


The 2016 National Student Survey results are out. Despite the recent hike in tuition fees, 86% of students are still satisfied with their course overall.

312,000 final-years across the country took part in the NSS survey. It found that  

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1) It’s important to choose the right degree

After your A-levels, you might doubt your university choices for location or subject. Likewise, you may not have met the right grades for your preferences, or you may feel pressured to make a quick decisio


As a student, reading for fun is probably at the bottom of your list. However, when you do find the time to sit down for a few hours and pick up a paperback (or your iPad), here are some suggestions. These 7 books that are guaranteed to change your life forever.


Doping, taking illegal substances in order to improve athletic performance, has cast a shadow over the Rio Olympics Games. With Russia in the throes of scandal, a fierce debate has sparked around the world as to what the future of sport will be.

Athletes have been cheat


Gym music can be the ultimate motivator when you are close to giving up after 100 squats. It is actually ‘scientifically proven’ that raising a


1) The awkward moment you see your flatmate for the first time in weeks (we all have one)


Student life can be hard, and with maintenance grants gone forever, it might just get a little harder. So we’ve come up with 10 of the best life hacks you need to know as a student. They’re sure to save you  both time and money.

1. Use a 2l plastic bottle as a s


We’re constantly being slammed by the media. Millennials are lazy, unsocial, boring, and now we’re even bad at sex.

Newspapers are as infuriating as ever when it comes to reasons as


The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a controversial figure to put it mildly. Taking America by storm, Trump has moved from an amusing and off-the-wall-contender to nominee, with an enormously large backing. What’s clear is that Trump and Clinton are in a he


The University of Oxford is moving with the times and is replacing portraits of famous men with female, black and gay icons in order to try and counter its image as a ‘male, pale and stale’ institution.

Former Prime Minister, David Cameron, was at the f


1. Jet crash-lands at Dubai Airport


If you’re doing a Masters you’re probably in the middle of your dissertation, right at the time when most other students are taking long breaks and swanning around Europe. August has hit and no doubt you’re turning around and wondering where the past year has gone. If yo


Daren Grimes, a 23 year old student at the University of Brighton, was given almost three quarters of a million pounds for his Brexit campaign BeLeave.

The Electoral Commission records found that the fashion student became one of the best-funded unofficial campaigners o


Young people encounter so many things for the first time when at university; whether this be leaving their hometown, parents and friends, or having to fend for themselves financially and practically. Equally, for many students it’s their first opportunity to meet people from a

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