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Fresherís week can be daunting, yet itís always good to remember that everyone is in the same position as you and everyone wants to make friends.

Follow these top ten tips to make sure that you get chatting to people during your fir



University may well be the first time you've lived with someone who hasn't been your Mum, Dad or siblings. It's a big change bu



It goes without saying that going to university is a scary and exciting time. You probably have loads of questions about everything from


Itís nearly time for fresherís week (year), where the main subjects of interest will be drinking, socialising and pretending to understand lectures.

Here are some top tips of things to definitely avoid doing during fresherís.


As a follow up to the previous article detailing the truth behind the staggering salaries paid to the highest ranking university staff, today, we are looking at the ridiculous items that they claim on their expenses.

Despite earning


There are officially less beds than there are students in the UK in a revealing new study.

According to a study carried out by the National Student, the numbers of students in higher education is greater than that of university accommodating ro


Plans have been announced this week to heighten the sanctions towards online abusers.

The plan is to make sure that prosecutor


With university looming and many of you planning to move into either brand new student halls or accommodation, there is the likely possibility that you will be moving in with new people. Follow these top tips to avoid clashing with your fellow students this year, t


So, youíve got your university place! Freshers is nearly upon us all and to celebrate, here at Student Life Guide we have decided to explore some of the strangest societies on offer at the fairs all across the UK in September.

The V


Universities have been accused of being run like high scale cartels as they are making the decision to run their establishments at the highest of prices whilst dishing out fat pay checks to people at the top.

The sheer magnitude of money now fl


Dubbed as a masterpiece for the screen, Christopher Nolanís Dunkirk has been heralded as one of the best war films to date as it leaves a lasting presence and impact with its viewers.

A serious and well-structured re telling of the British and


Are we living in the age of hacking? Is our data online safe from the skill full art of computer coders and hackers that seem to be able to break into even the most sophisticated desktops?

With the  

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Student accommodation can be quite a daunting process, yet one brilliant way to make help calm the nerves on move in day is to make your room your home.

Follow these top tips in order to make your student accommodation feel like hom


Applications for university have fallen by 2% this year, whilst EU applications have fallen by 3 %, this means that there is a higher chance of a


It appears that Brexit could affect university financial backing, as  

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Jodie Whittaker has been named as the 13th Doctor, meaning that she is the first female to play the infamous role.

The new head writer of Doctor Who has dubbed Whittaker as a  

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From discovering hidden gems in some of Europeís coolest cities to eating new foods you didnít even know existed to meeting fellow travellers†and making friends for life Ė if youíre going inter-railing†this summer then youíre in for a trip to remember.


For those heading back to uni in September or those moving into a new house, this blog is for you. If you are not sure how to manage different characters and expectations then read on! I have compiled a few tips and suggestions for keeping a happy and clean household so that y


Courtney Boateng, a third-year student at Cambridge made news last week as she commented on the prejudice surrounding black people at Cambridge university, with fellow students commenting that black people are only accepted to  

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This week students all across the country have demonstrated their anger over rising tuition fees by refusing to take part in the National Student Survey.

Although the vast majority of students that did fill in the survey responded positively, t


On 23rd April the unthinkable happened: the Wi-Fi in our student house in Leeds broke for almost two weeks! Itís every studentís worst nightmare, but Iím happy to say that we all survived and Iím here now to tell the tale.

As you can imagine, the day t


The Oxford Bullingdon Club has been active for nearly 200 years, yet it seems this society which undoubtedly stands for a corrupt and severely outdated system is dwindling, as no one wants to join anymore.

The club, which was brought to public


So, you’re all set, you’ve got the approval and you know which halls of residence you will be moving into. Before you jump in the car and set off for some fresher’s fun, read this article for some top tips and bits of advice for moving into accomm


If youíre a person on planet Earth, then you have heard about Donald Trump. In fact, Donald Trump may be all you ever hear about, along with turmoil in the Middle East, the rise of anti-immigration


This blog is all about where to turn if you need extra help with lifeís stresses. Sometimes things can become so overwhelming it is difficult to know where to turn. There is a lot that we are bombarded with upon entering uni but not so much about mental health.

Not all


It can be argued that drugs which enhance academic performance and studying ability have been a part of university life for a considerable amount of time, as sleeping pills; Kalms herbal remedies and caffeine gum or tablets are usually pulled out the drawer during


Studying can take up a lot of time, especially if you are doing it full time. However, you may have a few spare hours during the week when you think ĎI could be filling this with something meaningful, or making moneyí. This blog is about part time work available while


Whether itís Holocaust denial leaflets posted around campuses, fascist stickers on buildings or swastika graffiti in halls of residence, anti-Semitism at UK universities is a problem which refuses to disappear. †


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