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Student Blog

There’s every chance you forgot to take something with you on your move to new accommodation, but you might not know what this was until after you’ve moved in. For many students, moving into halls of residence is the first time they’ve lived away from the parental abode. This


Bedroom Shrinking?

Whilst Hollywood’s Mark Wahlberg may have deemed his eleven-thousand square foot mansion claustrophobic, this has certainly been the decade of thinking small. Last year the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) claimed tha

So you've just moved into your house and enjoyed the non-stop party that is known as 'Fresher's Week'; but now it's back to reality and the start of Uni. There's no better time than now to sort out your house and make sure everything is up-and-running and as it should be, to sto

Fresher’s week has come and gone and now it’s time to get stuck into Uni and working hard to get the best grades you possibly can, right? This means that attitudes change as you have to actually, like, plan your days and organise your time to make sure you can get everything don

Woohoo! Fresher’s week has finally arrived and a huge lump sum has been deposited into your account all thanks to Student Finance! What with all the crazy nights out and fun you’re having, it can be too easy to quickly spend it away on drinks, taxis, clothes, until... wait, it’

Over the next couple of weeks new students will be moving to new cities, ready to start University. Yes, it’s a world filled with ambition, studying and hard work. But before we all get to that, there’s something called... Fresher’s Week! Out drinking every night, befriendin

Did you know…
…around six in ten tenants (58%) admit they don’t read their tenancy agreement thoroughly at the start of the tenancy, and only two-thirds (64%) say they read their inventory in detail?

If this is you then it could prove problematic as it mean

If it’s one thing everyone likes spending money on (aside from booze) it’s fashion. Instead of trying to save that twenty pound note, most of us give into temptation and end up buying a new top. Now it’s fair to say that a lot of us out there are quite fashion conscious, but ca

Students at Hull University are campaigning to force a council debate on action to curb the number of houses in multiple occupation (HMO) in the city.

Hull University Union wants at least 1,500 students to add their names to a petition to tilt the balance for a debate

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