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Student Blog

By Ellie McCaldin Having a good CV, or resume, is important- it is a brief window to employment or rejection so you need to make that this first impression counts. Here are my tips to get the best CV for the job that you want. 1) Your name - Putting it in large capital lett

By Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak If I did not decide to go to university, I would never have thought that some societies as weird as those mentioned below could even exist. I am still not sure whether they speak of extreme creativity or extreme excess of free time Ė you be the judge!

By Aimee Dewar Fresherís Week can pass by in the blink of an eye, leaving you with hazy memories and a massive headache. To make your drowsy state in that Monday morning lecture seem worth it, however, here are 7 ways to make sure you get the most out of Fresherís Week. 1.

Written by Kanika Kaur 1. Go out five nights in a row without being wasted and turn up to every lecture that week 2. Have a completely sober night out 3. Visit a friend in every different Uni in a different city and experience the clubbing life of that specific ci

Written by Zoe Richardson Whilst not all landlord/ladies are out to make a fortune from abusing the naivety of students and their knowledge of tenant rights, there are still, sadly, a number who are. When you move into a new house, it is easy to see how you just want to

Written by Isabel Whiteley When most of us are stuck paying £9K tuition fees, student finance is more important than ever. Unfortunately some people like to spread rumours that put young people off higher education for good Ė but weíre here to clear those silly myths up

Written by Lewis MacLean So youíre soon to leave the home of mum and dad to a new city for the start of University... living in halls, making a whole new set of friends, becoming independent and attending wild parties Ė exciting right? But before you throw yourself into

Written by Zoe Richardson For many of you starting university in Autumn, you are no doubt nervous and excited about the people you are going to meet in halls. A few will end up as close friends, many will be friendly enough to meet up and have a chat in campus or town; a

Written by Dagmara Reczka So you want to look on trend this Autumn/Winter but canít be bothered or donít have time to scrutinise everything thatís been going down the runway? Donít worry Ė our Autumn/Winter trend guide is just for you! We tracked some of this seasonís

Written by Ashana Beria So youíre about to enter second or third year and youíve got to start thinking about your accommodation. Which seems like the best option: living in halls or a house share? This is a question that the majority of University will ask themselves, es

Written by Lewis MacLean Apparently the most expensive areas for a pint in Britain today are Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex and Bedfordshire... with the latest addition to the list being Scotland!? We all like a pint, but we arenít all millionaires, so for most of u

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