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1) Saying goodbye to your parents on your first day as a fresher


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It’s September, the start of an academic year, and A-level students across the country are thinking about where they want to apply to for university. Soon enough, their parents will bring up the difficult question of where their university of choice ranks for their chose


Contemporary culture rests on what seems to be an irrefutable fact. We live in an age of excess.

We have so much that’s available to us, that it’s hard to decide what we ought not to blindly accept. Oddly, this applies to nothing other than Paracetamol.



Shootings by the American police against unarmed black men are becoming terrifyingly familiar in the media.

The past few weeks have claimed two more lives, that of  

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Avocados so goddam healthy for you


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First day:

I am so ready for this semester, I love my course, my modules will be great, I’m going to do all the reading before the seminar.


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UNiDAYS have just released their newest student offer: you can now get 10% off your shop at Morrisons.

All you need to do is sign up for an account by using your university student number and then


By Nina Harris. 

Jeremy Corbyn has launched an initiative through his supporting-network, Momentum, to push for political education amongst the young. Known as “Momentum kids", it is designed to combine childcare with political engagement for children f


It has to be said, one of the most liberating parts of freshers is signing up for every society you have a vague interest in. Whether it’s something adventurous like mountaineering, something boozy like winesoc or something a bit more unusual like battle re-enac


By Andrew Kendall.

It’s likely that if you have ever left familiar surroundings for a prolonged period of time, you’ll have experienced homesickness at some point.

It’s that that depressive and anxious state which comes with being away from the th


1) The thought of going to a crowded club fills you with dread


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Last week, the government announced plans to introduce tougher laws to those who use their phones while at the wheel in the UK.

Drivers will now face a £200 fine if caught once, along with double points (6) on their license for dange


Data collected by Tinder shows that London unis have the most students who have been swiped right on the app.

As you lie dying from your mega hangover after the night before, you’ll probably be about to reach over for your phone and flick through a couple of Tinder pr


Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr likened Syrian refugees to a bowl of poison skittles as a promotion for his father’s campaign.


By Nina Harris

Sport plays a central role in university life. You’ll see the Ruby boys donning their matching hoodies and girls with lacrosse sticks almost daily. Whether you are an avid sportsman or have only ever watched sports from your sofa, as they


By Holly Smith

Ahead of the UN Migration Summit today in New York, charity volunteers have laid out a graveyard of life jackets in London’s Parliament Square.

2,500 life jackets lay on the ground, all of which were worn by migrants on their trea


By Georgia Tindale

It has to be said, some of the ideas people have about university before they move are pretty entertaining. Whether it’s thinking that you’ll be out partying every night, be able to survive on a diet


By Ciara McGinley

Being productive at university is hard at the best of times. But, when you’ve had 4 months of summer holidays it’s even harder to get back into the swing of things.

Here are some ways you can nip procrastination in the bud and st


Being a student is emotionally tough. You’re tired, hungover, stressed and poor. Who better than Ross Geller to talk us through those trying times

6pm: You find out someone has eaten your food…