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With plenty of streaming service sites now flooding the market, it can be tempting to sign up to them for unlimited show screening, however, all those subscriptions will surely add up!

Don’t worry, the vast majority of streaming sites now have f


Studying abroad is one of the most eye-opening, rewarding experiences any student will undertake. Whilst pre-departure nerves are a widely recognised reality, you probably won’t be told about the ‘reverse culture shock’ you might experience upon your return.

Reverse cul


Ella Mawson

So, you’ve been in your student house now for nearly two weeks, how’s everything holding up?

1 – Lack of Cleanliness

One of the universal features of student houses is a general


With the government this week revealing their plans to introduce two-year degrees on a larger scale across the UK, as some do already exist in areas such as finance and business, many universities and students are questioning the point of it all.


Pangaea is a huge student festival held at the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union three times a year. This year I was lucky enough to get backstage access to see if it lived up to all hype. With previous line-ups having hosted the likes of Everything Everything, Katy B


A YouGov poll of 2,013 18-24-year olds revealed that 75% young people have witnessed someone being groped in a bar or club. This shocking statistic comes as part of ongoing research into the normalisation of sexual assault in a bar or club environment. Another  

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Uni is a fun and amazing experience, but it comes at a price. If you are not amongst the fortunate bunch who can rely on the bank of mum and dad then your next best option is to look for a part time job. This doesn’t just have to come in the form of bar work, however, with uni


‘we did it’

This week, Saudi Arabia have become the final country to allow women to drive, finally lifting the ban that has gained international disapproval and has raised questions concerning Saudi Arabia’s oppressive rule over wome


Students across the UK are being forced to source external means of funding as the money received from Student Finance fails to sufficiently cover their expenses.

Students in Cardiff have been left with no choice but to take out  

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Although alcohol may seem like the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to having the courage to chat to new people and join in with the party, for some people, drinking alcohol just isn’t an option.

You might be ill, be on medication


Transport for London announced this morning that Uber’s application to renew their private hire operator licence has been rejected. TFL stated this was due to the app not being a ‘fit and proper’ operator, having demonstrated a ‘lack of corporate responsibility’.

Uber h


With tuition and living expenses for students continuing to rise by the year, student discounts are a very welcome part of the university experience. As a result, you will likely have heard about the discount card on offer from the National Union of Students. However, costing


Wetherspoons’ Chief Executive, Tim Martin, has announced that the VAT paid by pubs should be lowered to ensure customers get the best prices possible when purchasing alcoholic drinks. At present, Wetherspoons and every pub across the UK pay a rate of 20% VAT on all alcohol sol


University societies can be the best and most fun part of being a student. You will meet some of your best friends whilst simultaneously realizing that some of those infamous stereotypes your older siblings warned you about are completely true. Fear not, however, as we have co


Your first year of uni is whirlwind of adventure- new people, new places and (most importantly) parties. Everyone wants to make sure they make the most of this exciting period in your life, so we asked second and third years what they wish they’d done in Freshers to make sure


Last night, critically acclaimed dystopian drama ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ took home two Emmys, one for best actress, one for best show- but what is this drama that has come from nowhere to steal the show- and why is it so important?

Set presumably


‘You went on a gap year? You never mentioned before!’

Fresher’s Week is here guys, it’s officially happening. Here are the top ten people that you are definitely going to meet this week, from the party animals to the people who never come out of


If you are new to the whole university thing, then there are plenty of life hacks that you need to know in order to make sure that you can grab all the best bargains and not be spending more than you actually need to.

Here are some


‘we still drank too much, stayed up too late and all shared a political enthusiasm’

As a student going into my final year at university, it has occurred to me just how much has changed in the short time that I have been here- societies have deve


With a report in the Guardian this week stating that television companies such as Sky, BBC and ITV could lose up to combined 1billion dollars due to internet sensations such as Amazon, YouTube and Facebook, are we living in an age where the internet is taking over?


What is fresher’s week and when is it?

Fresher’s week consists of your first week of university, where there are little to no lectures, the only ones being welcome talks, meaning that you have all the time to meet new people and to


Fresher’s week can be a considerable learning curve when it comes to cooking for yourself. Don’t worry though, here at Student Life Guide we have 10 fantastic recipe ideas for delicious meals throughout the week, from group pancakes through to soup snuggled up in bed w

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