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As many students already know, finding the perfect student house can be a challenge. You’ll think you’ve found an ideal property, only to move in and find a few surprises. Whether you’re a student property veteran or whether you’re looking for your first s


When the first lockdown came into place in March 2020, students were concerned about the future of their education and university experiences, but nothing could have prepared them for what was to come. Over a year later in April 2021 and many students have


April 22 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. It’s a great opportunity to raise your voice and demand systemic change. We are still very far away from solving the issue of the climate crisis, plastic pollution or deforestation. Even though we need to a


The Times Higher Education’s impact ratings for 2021 have been released, with the University of Manchester taking the top spot as the most sustainable university in the world -  

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  1. The Pomodoro method : First thing to address is that no, we are not talking about some delicious tomato pasta (unfortunately).  
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If you use to secure your property this April you can claim a free Amazon voucher, worth £10*. All you have to do is make an enquiry through AFS, then when you confirm the booking let us know – then we will send you a voucher.

Although many students will think carefully about the degree that they choose to study before they begin university, often it is the case that after three years of study, students will have a completely different opinion about their chosen field. Perhaps your degre


Easter in many regions of the world is a huge thing. Even though it is the most important day in the Christian calendar it is now celebrated by people sharing non-Christian values as well. Just like Christmas, it is the time during the year when families g



<3 Apps are a really easy tool to find preloved items that you may need. -For clothes I love Ebay, Depop or Vinted. -For household appliances I love Facebook marketplace. They’re basically giving things away for free!


We’ve all seen them, the advertisements for Open evenings or various other shindigs and soirées. But have you really considered just how beneficial they might be?

If you’re wrapping up your final year of university and are seriously conside


The safety measures which have resulted in an extensive amount of time at home has meant that opportunities for professional and personal growth have been sparse. Though many are suffering a lack of inspiration as a consequence of the challenges faced with


Every university student across the country has been made to pack up their desks and start studying from home, whether it’s on their mums kitchen table or at a tiny bedroom desk. We have been faced with a new way of living and a new way of studying which h


Over the past year (yes it really has been a whole year since universities had to take teaching online), students have had to adapt extraordinarily to massive amounts of screen time.

Not only are we already a screen-dependent generation, with


Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911 in four countries Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Since then it became recognized by the United Nations as an international event. 8th March for over a century now is a day to celebrate women’s


At last the road map has finally been set out for the end of all the restrictions that we’ve been living under this past year. If you’ve not seen it already June 21st has been set as the date when all COVID_19 restrictions will be lifted. Howeve


As all students know, throughout the semester you can become increasingly preoccupied with meeting all your deadlines, applying for jobs, volunteering, working, and socialising. You can be easily consumed with all your responsibilities and often forget to


Groceries are the second-largest expense on the student spending list just after the rent. However, there are a few things which you can do to limit your food spending. Cooking on a budget doesn’t mean eating less or more boring. It’s the opposite! It’s al


Moving to university is never an easy step, but students this year have had it worse than ever with two national lockdowns and many limiting restrictions. You might have found it difficult to meet people, stop feeling home-sick, or actualise your universit


Staying motivated during the winter lockdown is a challenge for us all. Although lockdown is testing in any season, it’s easy to feel sluggish and like you’d rather sit on the sofa when the nights are drawing in at 5pm. You’ve probably had days when you ju

The Government has recently announced a support package of £50 million for students who have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. This is an addition to the £20 million that was announced in December of 2020.

Students in difficulty <


For many university students the January assignments have finally been submitted and semester one has come to an end. Whether you’ve already started your second semester, or whether you don’t start back again until next week, it’s always good to take some


Health and wellbeing have been spotlight topics for the last few years, and rightly so! We are all aware of the importance of being kind to others, checking in our friends, and how it’s OK to ask for help if you need it! Our mental health and well-being ar


Both in student and professional lives we lead one’s general success or lack thereof is often boiled down to a calculation of little victories and failures. We compare ourselves to our peers, we quantify our performance—be it through per cents on our essay


If you’re a student on a budget, you probably already know that it’s a challenge to make your student loan stretch until the end of the semester – and that’s before you’ve considered Christmas. Perhaps you’ve saved some of your money during lockdown as you


How to prepare for online exams

Exams are a daunting part of the university experience for any student. This year the introduction of online learning and assessments has left many students apprehensive for the upcoming examinat


The long-awaited Christmas break is finally here. With the extra pressures on students this year, to adapt to online learning and to complete their assignments under the additional strain of the pandemic, many students will likely be looking forward to som

Mental health…it’s a complicated topic. Knowing what it is is important, and how yours might change and what to do is useful for maintaining the happiest version of yourself. So what is mental health, how is it affected, and what can we do?

Mental h


Carbon Neutral is a term we hear a lot these days. From UK pledges to be it, to companies telling us it’s what we should aim for. It seems such a large concept, achieved by mass effort towards a common goal, but what actually is it, and how can the single

As the new academic term is underway, many students have moved away from home and relocated to embark on their studies at university. While you may feel that moving away to a new city is a big step outside of your comfort zone, it’s simply just the next chapt


With most UK universities beginning their Autumn terms somewhere near the end of September, it’s time to start thinking about heading back to class. Over the summer break, it’s easy to get out of your old routines, and with the added factor of the coronavi


The five best IQ student properties:

IQ student accommodations is a great place to find your next place whilst studying, but with so many flexible choices, it can be hard to work out what’s best for you! So which are the five best properties on


Let’s face it: freshers’ is probably the moment you look forward to the most when it comes to starting university. After all the chore of packing your life away into boxes and swotting for exams, meeting new people and letting loose in pub crawls or club n


Living with your family is often hard enough but going away to university is a whole new kettle of fish. You’ve more than likely never met the people you’re going to be living with, and there’s no guarantee that they’re going to be clean and tidy, and even

As the new academic year draws nearer and nearer, both new and returning students are beginning to prepare for the return to university. Looking towards September, there are many things students can do to make sure that they’re ready to return. Whether you’re comin


As many recent graduates begin to enter the job market, many individuals may find themselves facing the dauting prospect of an online interview. Due to the COVID_19 restrictions, and the surge of online video technologies, such as Zoom, many companies have


Our research shows that some students think that finding accommodation is more stressful than finding a University place through clearing. Things are likely to be a little different this year, so here are our top tips for finding accommodation during clear


This year Accommodation For Students are working with a number of leading student accommodation operators as part of our 2020 clearing campaign. Each partner provides high quality student accommodation and is working closely with our team to respond quickl


Ugh bills. Do I want to check my bank account…nope I really don’t want to. Saving on bills is a proper issue, but I don’t want to save on my bills at the expense of the environment! So here’s a few ways you can do both!

If you’re


For many students, the return to the pub has been long awaited. Three months after the initial lockdown began, Boris Johnson gave the go ahead for pubs and restaurants to re-open their doors to the public on 4 th July. This announcement marks the thir

Bread? Check. Milk? Check. Drinks for club night? Check.

These are some of the typical items on a student weekly shopping list. Other popular features are cheese, pasta (can’t forget the pasta) mince, fruit and veg. Budgeting is something drilled into us

The development of the coronavirus pandemic was as rapid as it was confusing: everyone thought it was an overreaction to a virus ‘less deadly than the flu’, but it managed to quickly mutate into a serious crisis that threatened our well-established student life. Du


It is important to take some precautions when you are using Accommodation for Students, particularly if you are trying to book a room in a property without viewing it.

Accommodation for Students has been around since 2000 and during this time

Over the past few months, the world has changed in ways previously unimaginable. With the job market taking a plunge, and uncertainty becoming all too familiar, many individuals are choosing to use their extra time indoors to enhance their CV and career prosp


Universities, as independent institutions have complete governance over how they structure their courses and which platforms they use to deliver sessions. However, with the global pandemic changing the way society operates, universities must take decisions


After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic this March, many UK Universities underwent rapid contingency measures to swiftly convert teaching from the traditional face-to-face lecture style, to online or virtual platforms. While in March, this online co


The unprecedented national outbreak of the coronavirus has changed the platforms for viewing accommodation. While, previously students were able to preview their potential accommodation choices at University open days, such large events, for the foreseeabl


Since the national outbreak of the corona virus, many UK Universities have taken the decision to deliver the summer term online, encouraging students to leave campus and return home. When this was announced in March, many students and lecturers assumed tha


Over the last few weeks Accommodation for Students has been taking feedback from students and the landlords that advertise properties on our website. It is clear that both students and landlords have been hit by the current crisis and in some cases are str


AFS students recently shared their thoughts on who makes the best housemates and offered advice on how to get on living with others.

Hundreds of you completed the survey and the results showed that the most popular housemates are usually studying


By Jordan Darlington

Is staying on trend more important than standing against morally corrupt branding?

Our recent survey found that despite more people valuing ‘design and popularity’ over ‘brand morals’, 75% of the respondents stated that they would


What does the future hold for the holidaymakers and travellers of post-brexit Britain?

With yet another parliamentary rejection, we are no closer to finding out. All that can be said is that, at this point, it’s anyone’s guess. Will you be able to travel visa-free?


The mere mention of the word vegan is often enough to make the vast majority of us roll our eyes in judgement (I know, I’ve done it too…) however, it can’t be denied that the term and lifestyle have become increasingly popular over the last few years. On Instagram alone, #vega


When we hear the word ‘private’, we tend to think of things such as private education and the big price tag that often comes with it. However, fear not! This is a common misconception and far from the actual truth. Private Halls are usually a block (or blocks) of shared flats


The age-old question that plagues every student and the answer is... There is no answer. Starting the search for accommodation is a personal experience and therefore different for everyone. Some students will find what they are looking for with relative ease and others will fe


Student life is all about studying. At least that’s the sensible version. In reality, being a student means hard study, but also a darned good party.

That can be pretty expensive though, and if you’re a social animal then having fun with your mates isn’t


For students who have made the unfortunate mistake of not packing a lunch from home before heading out the door to lectures, it can be tricky to find affordable yet still delicious food on the go.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spend

By Elizabeth Whittingham

‘we must find the means to recruit the talent that exists within the breadth of the student body’

According to a study by the Independent, state school students, women, first generation graduat


We thought we would run through the worst student house fails to date, in celebration of students starting the house search this October.

Don’t worry, whatever happens, it can’t be as bad as this! All tales sourced from the good old


It’s that time of the year again, and everyone is at it: house hunting. We’re here to help you along the way.

You’ve organised a million and one viewings, and you can’t discern


If you’ve just started your second year at university, then you’re probably all moved into your new student house by now.

As opposed to student halls, this time you’ve got yourself a brand new bedroom which will probably be much larger and much m


Although the idea of organising a student house when you’ve only just moved into student halls may seem a little alarming, for some students, the sooner the house is sorted, the better.

If you’re finding yourself i


When it comes to student halls, most people think of little shoe box sized, damp, cell like rooms where students can touch each wall by spreading their arms.

However, more and more universities are realising the staggering finan


because going out takes a lot of effort

The time has come, you’ve moved into your second year of university, and you’re pretty sure that you’re ready for the year ahead. However, whilst you may think you’re a dab hand at the whole un


If you’ve aced your CV, got through the interview process and have been accepted into a new graduate role, you’re probably waiting with baited breath for your first day at work to roll around to your doorstep.

Although the idea of a


If you’ve already blown that fresher’s loan, don’t panic! We have plenty of free stuff and offers to keep you happy throughout the rest of September!

If your un


Climate change is a hot topic at the moment, no pun intended- and whilst our scorching summer was perfect for sitting outside with a few icy Strongbow dark fruits, there was a much more sinister feel to the whole affair. The planet is warming, much quicker that

In a new report by the Guardian, it has been revealed that thousands of student nurses drop out of their degree courses before they have graduated, the vast majority occurring in the first year of study.

With the NHS already struggling as it is, there is concern tha


According to the Independent, over 1 in 5 students are completely teetotal, with the demand for alcohol-free university events growing in popularity amongst freshers this September.

Whilst the general stereotype of students tends to be based around getting drun


Juggling a job alongside your studies can be a tricky business, especially when more and more students are resorting to time consuming jobs in order to cover expenses, with student maintenance loans now being revealed as insufficient in funds.


According to a new report from PETA, students are now six times less likely to eat meat than their parents.

Vegetarianism, veganism and even just having few meat free days in the week, is definitely on the rise in th


Homesickness can be hard, and can often leave you feeling distressed, isolated, lonely and upset. However, it is completely natural and should be something that is expected from your first year at university, when the fresher’s wave is over, it can leave a

By day three you will want to incinerate 90% of your previous wardrobe

Fresher’s Week is one of the best, most exciting periods of your life. You’re in a new city surrounded by new people and are (finally!) free from your parents to do whatever you wan


bag a job through social media

Create Profiles

Whether you are new to social media or not, it is important to make sure that you have profiles in all the right places. Create profiles on job specific websites such as Linkedin,

Technology, homeware, food and travel

-Head over to Apple both in store and online to bag 10 per cent discount on all your purchases as a new student. Although it might not sound like a lot, it does make a difference and is well worth grabbing. Also,


a round up of the best...

First year is renowned for being a time to make mistakes, and boy did you guys prove this to be true. We spoke to Fresher’s across the country to find your most hilarious/cringe worthy tales and let’s just say it


because going out takes a lot of effort...

The time has come, you’re moving into your second year of university, and you’re pretty sure that you’re ready for the year ahead. However, whilst you may think you’re a dab hand at the whole univ

accept your Fresher’s Flu fate

Happy Fresher’s Week! Here are some tips and tricks to surviving the madness.

-Firstly, be yourself. Although the pull to make new friends and share new experiences is strong, make sure that you do

The mattress topper, our saviour

It’s officially the start of fresher’s week and chances are you’ve either moved into your student accommodation, or you’re set to head off in the next few days. Whilst it’s pretty great to be

Is prevention the best solution?

According to the Independent, the numbers of students arriving at university with an existing mental health condition is five times what it was ten years ago! Alongside this, there has also been a trebling of students dr

not harissa paste

With students around the country heading off to university for the first time, there are plenty of companies out there trying to cash in on the big event- from duvet sales at Sainsbury’s through to a back-to-university range on Boo

UCAS will now have a mental health option

In the wake of 95 student suicides last year alone, universities are stepping up the pace when it comes to mental health care within an educational and academic setting.

Under new regulations, yo

12 members of staff?

If you thought Prince Harry’s room was a little bit extra, then you’ve seen nothing yet.

A fresher at the University of St Andrews is hiring twelve servants to assist her throughout everyday student life; from cookin

no more pasta and ketchup

Here are some top tips on how to cook affordable meals, minimise on washing up and also make your food more exciting- whilst still sticking to that ‘Student Budget’. Although during Fresher’s Week, cooking good, wholesome f

sh*t loads of water If, like most freshers, you’ve started at university and are therefore partying non-stop-you’re probably experiencing the mother of all hangovers right this minute.

After the lie ins and family meal

look at us health freaks

being healthy has never been cooler

It’s still legal

Concerns are being raised over the numbers of university students who are buying pre-written essays online- with the government being forced to consider outlawing essay writing service sites in order to stop the practice.

Free food for all

There is a viral sensation sweeping the web; YouTubers and celebrities are attempting to use just one pound a day for their food.

For a nation that spend £25 a week alone o

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Let’s spill the tea…

The worst on class equality

The University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Edinburgh

There are plenty of universities who have com


Viking society anyone?

By Elizabeth Whittingham

So, you’ve got your university place! Freshers is nearly upon us all and to celebrate, here at Student Life Guide we have decided to explore some of the strangest societies on offe


Soft drinks soft drinks soft drinks

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Although alcohol may seem like the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to having the courage to chat to new people during Fresher’s Week, for some people, drinking alco


Toy towns and chocolate box villages

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Ever wondered where the best place to holiday in the UK is?

Don’t worry, Vogue have compiled a list detailing all the best places to travel to, meaning that you don’t have to


Stay up to date with these handy apps

By Elizabeth Whittingham

If you’re starting university and are unsure about how you are going to find the whole experience then a great idea is to down

By Elizabeth Whittingham

It’s a given that during your time as a student, you’re probably going to be pretty poor.

However, there are plenty of things that you can cut back on

By Elizabeth Whittingham

With Fresher’s Week fast approaching- we thought we would run through everything you are definitely going to experience for your first seven days of university life- from the hangovers through to setting off of the fire a

By Elizabeth Whittingham

According to a new study, it seems apparent that the UK is missing out massively on international student applications due to strict UK VISA regulations.

University leaders are calling for the VISA system to be changed in order to allow

By Elizabeth Whittingham

In the wake of A Level result’s day, grime artist Stormzy has unveiled his plans to pay for two Black students to head to Cambridge University for the start of the academic year.

Stormzy will pay for everything, including all tuition and

By Elizabeth Whittingham

It’s time to settle the debate.

Science students are smarter that Arts students. At least, that’s according to data recently released by ETS. They tested 26,000 students across every degree subject known to mank

By Elizabeth Whittingham

If you’re concerned about your student loan falling by the road side and heading down the drain in the first few months of your university experience, then chances are that you’ll probably be looking for a job pretty soon into the academic term.

By Elizabeth Whittingham
Freshers can be a bit of a whirlwind, emotionally and physically. From being horrifically ill with Fresher’s flu and still finding yourself in a club, to having random outbursts of fear and homesickness, it’s an emotional roller coaster. It can be

By Elizabeth Whittingham

I know it’s hard to believe, but the summer is nearly over and Fresher’s Week is fast approaching!

Before you let that fear creep in, have a look at our ultimate guide to Fresher’s Week below to

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Packing for university, whilst exciting, can be a tricky experience! We’ve already gone through everything that you do not need for university, next, we’re going to let you know all the items that simply do not cross your mind when ma

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Starting university soon? A little worried about living with brand new people?

Try not to worry! Everyone is in the same boat at university and there is plenty to do in order to make the whole e

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Starting university September? A little overwhelmed by the endless tips, advice and checklists floating around the internet?

Don’t worry, here’s a no-nonsense guide to preparing for university, from sorting

By Elizabeth Whittingham

University is never going to be a completely affordable experience, despite this, there are some choices that you can take to make sure that you can save your pennies whilst still having a brilliant time in a student destination of you

By Elizabeth Whittingham

In the wake of gender neutral toilets and campus fancy dress bans, universities across the country are set to introduce gender pronoun badges during welcome week, in order to ensure that transgender and non-binary students feel comfortable and relax


Although the idea of getting a job during your final year of university might not seem like the best idea, especially with the added stress of third year academic work, an internship can be a vital asset to your student experience and can be a deal breaker when it comes to n

By Elizabeth Whittingham

With the Love Island bunch swanning their way around various night clubs up and down the country right now, sometimes making hundreds of thousands of pounds for a few appearances- it appears that the rise of the tacky, overpriced and unavoidable clu

By Elizabeth Whittingham

14 per cent of all students over the age of 21 leave their degree before they move into second year, with 9 in 10 of them leaving higher education altogether.

With the start of the unive

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Believe it or not, August is nearly over and with September just around the corner, we thought we would let you in on a few more discounts and freebies to enjoy this summer- while it still lasts!


There are a lot of weird universities out there, and selecting the right university to benefit your future career can be a tremendously personal choice. But, once you’re in, it’s easy to forget all those other places you considered. All that resea


With the ever so popular Made in Chelsea returning once again to our screens, (this time there in Croatia!), it seems that many of us are currently a little bit obsessed with all things posh.



Check out these top holiday destinations for students on a budget and looking for a week in the sun.


The well-known classic still retains its clubbing reputation, hailed as one of the best destinations for those look

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Here at Accommodation for Students, we are committed to providing you with all the relevant information, and when it comes to international students who are coming from far and wide this September to enjoy a year abroad i


You’ll hear every single noise

Seriously, with the walls in student houses, you are going to hear everything single sneeze, cough, and hushed conversation- especially when it’s about you!

It will eventually get to the point when every


Here at Student Life Guide, we are committed to providing you with all the relevant information, and when it comes to international students who are coming from far and wide this September to enjoy a year abroad in Blighty, we definitely think it’s important to pro


With 5,000 places still available in clearing, some even in the Red Brick area, universities are now offering free transport and even cash to encourage students to head to their institutions.

Alongside these incentives, guaranteed campus accommodation and huge sc

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Happy A Level Result’s Day 2018!

Although everything can feel a little overwhelming on a day like this, here’s quick run-down of all the A Level Result’s news happening right now, including a few tips on where

By Elizabeth Whittingham HAPPY RESULT'S DAY!

It’s easy in the apparent chaos of university clearing to brush accommodation aside, yet as soon as your university place has been sorted, it’s incredibly important to get your living situation sorted

By Elizabeth Whittingham HAPPY RESULT'S DAY!

It’s nearly that time of the year again and the tension is undoubtedly extremely high.

Whether you’re going to university this year or in the years to come, these top ti

By Elizabeth Whittingham HAPPY RESULT'S DAY!

Over the past week we’ve covered our top tips on how to handle the stresses and pressures of clearing, from tips on how to stay positive through to what to expect on the day.


According to Credit Angel

,financial education stands as one of the most important factors of a child’s education, working to ensure that they understand the value of money, the logistics behind savings and


Although the prospect of a healthy dose of student loan being dumped into your account every few months can be an attractive proposition, it can be tempting to simply blow it all at once, especially in the first few weeks of starting student life. <


#1 Your loan is never really enough

Think about it, after you’ve paid for accommodation, food, university books and a few cheeky nights out here and there, your loan tends to be pretty non-existent.

Most graduates advise on searching


Have you just graduated? Are you feeling the pinch and the pressure of graduate life?

Although it’s easy to say, try not to worry too much- there are plenty of schemes out there if the job search is not really going to plan.


In the wake of substantial student backlash, Durham University have made the decision to cancel 8am lectures.

According to Durham University, the decision was made after a meeting between students and lecturers took place, during which the early lecture idea was


Newcastle University will be introducing gender neutral toilets across their campus this coming September, in a bid to make transgender and non-binary students feel more relaxed and comfortable with using the facilities.

The toilets will display a specially desig

By Elizabeth Whittingham

It has been revealed this week that the student loan company (SLC) have been spying on vulnerable students, using their social media accounts to discover whether they really are estranged from their families, before using this

By Elizabeth Whittingham.

The universities’ minister, Sam Gyimah, released a statement yesterday stating that universities’ main focus should no longer be learning, arguing that emotional and mental support needs to be given to students, taking the priority over academia.

By Elizabeth Whittingham.

Fancy jetting off to a European city this August yet strapped for cash because of your student status?

Don’t worry, where there’s a will there’s a way; here’s a quick guide to tackling Berlin on a shoe strin

By Elizabeth Whittingham.

The gap year is definitely seen by many as a defining moment for young people, with the one year break before university considered by many as essential time to relax, travel, work and gain new experiences before university begins.


Graduate life can be an interesting and rather terrifying experience at first.

Although it can be liberating to leave university, it can also be daunting to know that the support ropes have well and truly been released.


If you’re doing some last minute house shopping before university begins, or if you're looking to move into a student house this summer but you're unsure who to choose to spend your time with, then here are some top tips on what to consider.


It’s the bane of every student’s life; buying course books.

Often universities will give you a list of books that are either compulsory or preferable to buy for your course, but it feels like they don’t tak


It’s easy in the apparent chaos of university clearing to brush accommodation aside, yet as soon as your university place has been sorted, it’s incredibly important to get your living situation sorted as well.

Follow these five han


With its medieval buildings and magnificent facades, Bruges is a wonder in the summer months and a mysterious, beautiful marvel in the winter.

Appearing famously in the cult classic ‘In Bruges’, the town is very much a chocolate box affair and o


In our latest list of places to visit on a budget this summer, we’re going to focus on the beautiful city of Bruges, the capital of West Flanders and Belgium.

With its medieval buildings and magnificent facades, Bruges i

By Elizabeth Whittingham

If you’re starting university soon but you’re not too sure which student bank account to team up with, don’t worry, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to talk you through the process.

Here’s a qu

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Despite being renowned as one of Europe’s most expensive and opulent cities; filled to the brim with luxury stores, delicious food and extravagant accommodation, it is entirely possible to enjoy a weekend away in the city of love for

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Happy August! If you’d like to enjoy summer on a budget this August, then take a look at our latest list of freebies to get your hands on!

Cool down with a free serving of Hotel Chocolate ice cream this summer.

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Although many students finishing their university degree might look in horror at the prospect of further education, for some students, a postgraduate degree stands as the next, natural step progression in their academic studies and fur

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Embrace the modern age by rejecting the stereotypical job sites that go with it to make the most out of social media instead on your job hunting journey.

Social networks can be an incredibly use

By Elizabeth Whittingham

A new report by the BBC has revealed this week that the UK is the most expensive place to study in Europe- with increasing numbers of students studying abroad pointing towards a last minute dash to secure places before the UK leaves Eu

By Elizabeth Whittingham

The graduate life can be an interesting one.

Not only are you struggling with the stress of finding somewhere to live, you’re also focusing on finding a job- a process which can be a very draining experience at


Starting university soon? A little worried about living with brand new people?

Try not to worry! Everyone is in the same boat at university and there is plenty to do in order to make the whole experience run smoothly!

By Elizabeth Whittingham

With the current heatwave, eating out really is the ultimate experience at the moment, whether it’s garden restaurants or hosting picnics and BBQs, there are endless opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and good food this


Homemade body scrub

Summer is the ultimate time

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Photograph any flaws

Although you will not be seeing your deposit money for a whole year anyway, it’s always best to act as soon as you move in to protect your cash. Take pictures of all notable damage in the pr

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Clearing can be tough.

Despite the most likely result of your efforts being a secure university place- upon going into the whole experience, it can be difficult to keep an open mind and a cool head.

Here are some words of adv

By Elizabeth Whittingham

It’s summer, and all you can think about is starting university.

Although plenty of your emotions are probably positive ones, for the majority of first

By Elizabeth Whittingham

UCAS recently revealed that more young people than ever before are applying to university- with a whopping 37.4 per cent of all 18 year olds in England now in higher education.

The report also pointed to increases in Scotland and Norther

By Elizabeth Whittingham

Someone brags about how much they can drink

There’s always at least one person in a university group chat that can’t go one minute without letting the whole chat know how much they drank last night, how they’re never dri

By Elizabeth Whittingham

There is no doubt about it, A Level result’s day can be an incredibly daunting and overwhelming experience as your overall result will ultimately determine which university you will be heading off to this September.

Although there is not

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Check out our top list of the ultimate party universities, affordable night life and student night’s out

The University of Newcastle

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If you’re all set to move into your new house share but you’re a little unsure about how it is all going to pan out, then try not to worry.

House share

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Have you bagged your dream placement?

Placement years can be a brilliant addition to your university experience, not only are they paid, bagging you some money to enjoy later on

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Life for most students means two things - no money and high expenses. The really annoying thing is the cost of basics like food and drink… essentials that you need for survival!

Don’t worry, because we are here to help. Believe it or not

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If you’ve got your offer from university and you’re all set, ready and raring to get going but you’re not sure where to start with packing- then this is the guide for you!

Whilst there are plent


Despite rising fees, there has been a substantial rise in university applications across Britain, meaning that more young people than ever are heading off to university.

The main findings of increased applications point to a definit

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If you’re looking around for accommodation and struggling to find the one that is right for you, then try not worry, at least you have left plenty of time.


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Wanting to make the most of your summer but lacking in the funds?

Don’t worry, these are the best summer student jobs ideas for you to try your hand at!

If you live in

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If you’re planning on moving back home after graduation and are not really sure how you are going to cope, then check out our ultimate guide on how to survive home life after three years of getting up at noon and making p


Here are our top productivity tips to help you stay focused this summer.

Whether it’s planning for your dissertation, or earning some extra money through working at home, here’s how to have fun whilst also getting your work done. <

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Discover a new hobby

Summer is the perfect opportunity to discover a new hobby due to the amount of free time that you’re going to have.

Being at university can sometimes feel a little stifling as so much eff

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All set for your graduation yet struck by the fear of what to do next?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


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If you’re moving into a shared student house this coming September and you’re unsure about how the whole venture is going to play out, then try not to worry.

Similar to living with anyone, basic rules and codes of respect, understanding,

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The majority of disputes between tenants and landlords happen at the end of the tenancy and the vast majority of these disputes are based around the topic of cleaning and the payment of the deposit.

Whilst it is apparent that certain lan

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University in 2018 is not cheap.

Fees are now reaching a staggering sum of £9250 whilst the average graduate is likely to be in debt by around £40,000 by the time they leave university, mainly due to univ


A study revealed last week that the post millennial generation, consisting of 18-22 year olds, are actually the loneliest generation to date, with the main crux of the report pointing to the influence of social media’s role in plunging young people into lonely and


Wanting to make the most of your summer but lacking in the funds?

Don’t worry, these are the best summer student jobs ideas for you to try your hand at!


Yes, I know, sometimes paying that


L-R Matt ‘Doe’ Muirhead, David (King of Sludge) Parks and Leo Pellegrino

Too Many Zooz are the subway sensation known for collaborating on Beyonce’s Lemonade as well as a searing series of live bu


If, like most students, you’ve finished your exams and are therefore partying non-stop- you’re probably experiencing the mother of all hangovers right this minute.

After the stresses and tea total nights of the exam period, your bod


When it comes to choosing housemates, you need to be as careful as possible. Of course, in the first year, you don’t always get to choose who you will live with. After that, though, there are really no excuses. You need to make sure that your housemates are the right people fo


It’s summer, wahey! That means one thing, and one thing only – PINTS PINTS PINTS. Whether it’s cracking a cold one in the back garden or heading to your local for a post-exams bevvy, beer is the word on everyone’s lips. But why limit yourself to the constraints of your domesti


Endless tears of joy and relief were shed in Ireland on Friday as the country voted unanimously to repeal the 8th Amendment, meaning that women will now have safe and available access to abortion.

A tremendous 66.4 percent of people voted in fa


Your summer term at university is always bittersweet. The nostalgia of finishing another year combined with the stress that final exams cause can be hard to deal with. Unfortunately, at Bristol University students are struggling with more than just the pressure of revision.

  1. Prank your housemates
  2. Have a large flat meal with a student discount
  3. Have a BBQ in the local park
  4. Go out to all the classic nightclubs
  5. Have a pamper night
  6. Do something for charity
  7. Watch a whole series in one day


Talking about graduation can feel as taboo as daring to mention ‘he who shall not be named’. Unlike Voldemort, however, graduation is an exciting time filled with opportunity and freedom, not death eaters and murderous rampages. Hooray!

Before G-Day arrives there’s so m


With the weather reaching some pretty impressive heights (for England that is!), it’s no wonder that countless students are flocking to parks up and down the country.

However, if, like many students, you are in the thick of exams, it can b


On the 25th May, Ireland will go to the polls to vote on whether or not abortion should be legalised in the country.

The people of Ireland will have two options, either to repeal the 8th amendment or to allow the strict laws on abortion to rema


If you happen to be a perfectionist, there will be a whole load of things out there that will just annoy the hell out of you. After all, you always make sure that things are just right; just as they should be. That’s why it’s so hard for you to understand why other people can’


Here are some top tips on how to deal with interviews so that you will be able to cope with anything that is thrown at you on the day.

Identify the type of interview that you are going to face

It’s really important to identify the type of interview tha


As if the elite life of Cambridge students couldn’t be more ridiculous, they’ve now sacrificed man’s best friend to alleviate their own stress. Twiglet, an adorable Jack Russel terrier owned by senior member of college staff, has been left exhausted after students took him for


Summer can be a great time to get motivated and to get moving.

However, if you’re heading home from your university city and will not have access to a gym, or if you don’t have the funds for a gym membership, sticking to a regular exercise rout


Relax a little (or a lot!)

The best thing to do between handing in that final piece of work and graduating is to relax! Seriously, I know everyone always says this to you but ‘you will never get that much free time again’, so make the most out of it.

Return th


Campaign group, Leave.EU have been fined £70,000 for illegal spending during the EU referendum campaign. The group failed to report £77,380 worth of campaign spending, taking them 10% over the legal spending limit.

Chief Executive of Leave.EU, Liz Bilney, has been refer


As someone about to graduate from the University of Birmingham with an English with Creative Writing degree, I know that finding a graduate job after university is over can be a nerve-wracking and challenging experience. There are so many differ


Here is everything that you need to know about the university free speech pledge.

It appears that universities may no longer be allowed to ban speakers which they deem controversial from either practising peacefully on campus or holding univers


You may think that your student house is totally original, but that’s so not the case. When it comes down to it, there are things in your house that are in every student place across the country. From discount vouchers to smelly socks, there are some things that each


Finishing your exams can be an overwhelming yet extremely positive experience.

The huge sense of relief coupled with the desire to get out and do something other than revising often leads many students to head out to party and indu


It’s that time of year again; the sunshine is starting to appear, but you’re stuck inside, revising for exams. The library is packed, you’re exhausted, you’ve probably had one Domino’s too many and you can’t wait for the summer to begin and for


A new study has revealed that young people are going into debt just to pay for the most basic cost of living.

This information, of course, is nothing new. There are countless reports of students turning to endless, inventive and sometimes shockin


Trump’s latest speech to the National Rifle Association sees him offend both France and Britain at the same time! (Great!)

Aiming his sights at the two closest allies to the USA, Trump decided to state that the Paris Attacks of 2015, which killed over 1


Ever wondered where the best place to holiday in the UK is?

Don’t worry, Vogue have compiled a list detailing all the best places to travel to, meaning that you don’t have to do too much research, you can just get booking and go on your relaxing weeken


Close your student bank account and open up a graduate account

As soon as you graduate, you will need to think about closing that student bank account. According to most popular banks, student accounts usually roll over onto graduate ones, but not everyone offers this


The one who is constantly fidgeting

You know these people. They walk into the exam room, trip over a chai


Sadly, playtime is over and the real work starts from here. Now is about the time every student starts to hate their life and with good reason too. Why? Well, exams are just around the corner which means that you’re going to spend the next few weeks in the library while the re


Welcome to the Graduate Series! A guide with tips and tricks for surviving graduate life, from employment, travelling, accommodation, bank accounts, finance and paying your council tax, so stay tuned.

First, employment.


The University of Utah has become the first college to install a ‘cry closet’ for stressed-out students this exam season.

The closet, designed by student  

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“There is no question that universities owe students fair compensation”

Students are demanding compensation after the UCU strikes, which lasted f

1. Try to not spend any money on at least one day of the week

Put aside one day of the week when you do not spend anything. It’s actually really hard to do, but just one day a week will really make a difference.

2. Search for those discounts

Whenever y


Bulgaria, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece

Beach holidays can still be accessible and luxurious on a student budget. Check out these fantastic summer deals to get you soaking up that sunshine this summer!


Seriously, with the walls in student houses, you hear everything single


The stereotype of the struggling student scrounging for pennies down the side of the sofa might be a fun one, but for university goers across the UK, this is becoming an increasingly problematic reality.  

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It’s been all over the internet lately, people are trying to live with absolutely no plastic wastage, turning down plastic bags, opting for organic food markets and even making their own toothpaste.

Whilst the environmental cost of plastic is ex


Make sure you leave enough time to edit

It’s important that you leave yourself enough time to edit your work. Put aside at least three days for each chapter and one day each for the introduction and the conclusion. Work slowly, highlight sections you are not sure abou


Watch your back Tinder, there’s a new dating app on the scene. Meet Toffee.

Meet toffee, the new dating app which resembles tinder in pretty much every way possible, albeit one feature: the app is exclusively for private school students or alumni.



One of the hardest things to deal with during your time as a student is the possibility that you could fail a university exam. Whether it be on an essay, exam, module or even on your dissertation, the whole idea of it all can be quite scary.

Try not to


With exam season approaching and stress mounting, it can sometimes be hard to actually stay calm and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are some top tips on how to get through revision this summer (and then you get to jet off on a well


Back in February, the internet expressed its shock at a video tweeted by Nottingham Trent University Student Rufaro Chisango. Is racism in UK universities a growing problem?

The video, taken by Chisango, consists of students chanting racist rem


When it comes to the stresses and pressures of the exam period, it can be very easy to let healthy eating fall on the roadside; something that can often have a negative effect on performance.

Food is vital to fuel our brains and bodies


spring cleaning!

Is clutter taking over your life? Don’t worry! Here’s a handy guide to minimalism, meaning that when you move as a student, graduate or even just decide to de-clutter, you can be out with th


‘it takes five seconds to produce, you use it for five minutes and it takes 500 years to break down again’

The war on plastic is definitely heating up, a


Seriously, why does The Sun hate us so much?

From countless articles in which young people are compared to snowflakes through to constant references to the youth as childish, lazy and selfish, The Sun really does seem to have it in for young peop



travel squad- assemble!

Busabout is currently on the lookout for four people to travel Europe, documenting their experiences every step of the way through social media.

The p


The dissertation is due, you haven’t washed your hair in 5 days, and biscuits have become your staple diet.

1. When you tell a family member your title and they tell you a few facts that they think you aren’t aware of


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“It’s unfathomable these websites still exist and they can’t be shut down.”

It has been revealed this week that thousands of British people have purchased fake degrees from an online site called ‘ 

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Landlords like to think that they’re down with the students but let’s face it, a lot of the time they just don’t have a clue. We asked you for the most stupid ways your landlords have tried to pimp your crib and they did not disappoint…

Katie, Physics, Birmingha


When you are renting student accommodation in the UK, you are likely to be asked to provide a rent Guarantor. This article provides a summary of what a Guarantor is, to get the full low down head over to  

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80 people died from knife attacks last year alone, four on New Year’s Eve

In one fifteen hour period alone, four people were stabbed to death on New Year’s Eve on the streets of London, and if you thought the new year was going to br


STUDENTS in England now pay the highest tuition fees in the world, a new study has found.

Compared to their global counterparts, the average English student pays an annual tuition cost of £9,188-a hefty sum when students in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and France al


say hello to the one penny challenge

I know at the start of the year things can feel a little bit…lacking


fancy saving a couple of grand?

Hannah, a first year marine biology student from the UK lives in her van full time, saving money and exploring in the process.

After living in halls last


So, Christmas is well and truly over and January is now upon us, we’re already eight days in!

Are you feeling blue yet? If you are, then try not to worry! January is of course a strange time, post Christmas break, when people are re


May has stated there is a ‘clear message‘ that the general public do not approve

Theresa May has


genius….and a very stable genius at that!

With the publication of Michael Wolfe’s book, ‘Fire and Fury’ hitting the shelves yesterday, an apparent detailed vision of the real story behind the White House, T


Yes, I know this is all a little bit cheesy, but setting these new health kick rules for 2018 will really help you to get into the swing of things!

Good luck!

Tip number 1, take your vitamins!


As it’s exam season *cries* we thought we would take you through some of the ways in which students have cheated in the past.

Warning: Do not try these (unless you want to get kicked out for your stupidity…).

Lucy, 22, gradua


Christmas is over, the bank balance is obliterated, and your liver could risk go into failure any time soon.

Let’s try to be better humans? Right?


1) Don’t sleep with ‘that one’ again

You know the one. The one you keep going back to, and then re


A survey has found that if you want to find happiness as a student you’ll have to move to Northern Ireland.

Accommodation provider Sodexo ca


‘the silent killer’

Hundreds of towers have had their cladding ripped out this week after fears that the ‘ 

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In the wake of increasingly high crime levels throughout major student areas in the UK, the question can undoubtedly be raised as to whether cities are doing their best to keep students safe.

According to a recent study released last week, it h


Bring in 2018 with style!

New Year’s Eve holds it’s place throughout the world as a time for celebration and nostalgia, looking back at the year just spent, and contemplating how the next one will be better, and what it will bring.<


Donald Trump has announced that the US will now recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This comes as a hugely controversial move considering decades of US policy to remain detached from the issue. Israel captured East Jerusalem in 1967 and declared the city its capital,


Another year of The Apprentice has past and boy was it a good one. We spoke to one of the stand-out figures from this series, Jade English, about how she got into business and any advice she would give to budding entrepreneurs.


How and why did


Everybody who celebrates Christmas always has their own traditions, whether it’s how you eat your Christmas dinner, what time everybody gets up or whether it’s food or presents first, I know, dilemma! We asked some students and graduates if they have any traditions



let’s get viral

The Election

Ye, of course the in


Pace Yourself

Remember that you need to pace yourself, and not set yourself too much today in one day. Create a time table and follow it religiously, this will help you to calm down and know exactly when to work. Give yourself regular breaks an


#1 Empty your fridge

Make sure that you remove all perishable items from your fridge, such as milk, yogurt, eggs or ready meals. If you feel like it, maybe give the fridge a wipe down, you need to prevent any food from being left there for a co


The holidays are finally here and you’re well and truly ready to go home! Here’s a guide to help you through the holiday season by signposting every stage you’ll go through whilst you’re home for Christmas.

You’ll welcome your mum’s cooking with open arms.


Business owner, Nigel Williams, has faced heavy criticism after refusing to do business with trans rights activist Joanna Lockwood. Williams, based in Southampton, owns a business card company and was approached by Lockwood after they met at a business conference earlier in th


Yes, I know, even the thought of having to revise over Christmas is one of genuine sadness and annoyance, yet, there can be a way to work round this issue, to set aside some days for work, whilst prioritising time with friends, family and relaxation.<


Yasmin Awan, 22, has hit the headlines for working in the coolest job role known to man- a full-time mermaid. Yasmin, a medical student at the University of Sheffield, earns up to £100 per hour performing at pool and land parties. This can include spending her time free diving


The number of Welsh students studying at Russell Groups universities has fallen by 10% in the last three years.  Figures have dropped from 6,900 in 2012/13 to 6,260 in 2015/16. These statistics come as a surprise, cons


#1 Ran out of food

Let’s face it, you start the semester ready to cook home prepared meals every day, maybe even start a meal diary, plan out your hot dishes, maybe even prepare them in advance so they’re ready for you when you get back form uni


There are plenty of volunteering opportunities available for you to partake in this Christmas, covering countless cities across the UK, from helping the aged, feeding the hungry or caring for the homeless.

Let’s take a look at some,


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and make lots of money (especially if you’re bearded!).

Grooming brand Mo Bro’s are looking for men to have their beard stroked by stressed out shoppers. And they’ll get paid a healthy £30 for doing so.


According to m


This week Facebook have launched a new version of their messenger app, specifically catered towards children under the age of 13, with the claim that it will make conversing online much safer for small children. Yet, is this a good initiative? Or it is encouraging


Merry Vegetarian Christmas!

Let’s be honest, Christmas is for the carnivores, and I’m setting out on a mission to change this, or at least to make Christmas vegetarian food taste nice.


A blog or YouTube channel is a great way to boost your online profile and your CV – and if you can make some money off it too? Ideal.

We spoke to Youtuber Sunbeamsjess aka Jessie


The BBC have revealed this week that Hollywood stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are imposing a one gift rule this Christmas, to ensure that their children do not grow up  

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Everything is really, really quiet.

The food is actually nice and


The flat/house Christmas meal is a uni right of passage. Much like regrettable Halloween costumes and chundering in an uber- if you didn’t have this meal, are you even a student?

Christmas is meant to be a time of festive cheer and joy, but let me tell you now- the flat


Secret Santa is amazing fun if you draw one of your friends. If, however, sods law has it that you draw the one housemate you just can’t stand then here’s some ideas for gifts to get for the least favourite person in your life.

Testicle Stress Ball – £3



Following in the footsteps of Germany, Australia and Chile, Austria has just legalised gay marriage!

The Austrian court argued that by having civil partnership for lesbian and gay citizens, and marriage for heterosexual couples, a divisi


Over 100,000 students have started paying back their student loan before legally necessary. Money Saving Expert (MSE) launched an investigation where they revealed that over the past three years 103,290 graduates have seen undue deductions on their pay slips.

This has a


there is no need to go anywhere else this Christmas 

Rest assured that you will not be short of something to watch this December, with BBC rivalling Netflix by offering box sets online.


If your Mum doesn’t ask for ‘smelly stuff’, is she really your Mum?

Struggling to think of present ideas for the parents? Don’t worry! We’ve got some nifty ideas, ranging from a wide variety of prices and ch


she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Ever had a truly terrible secret Santa gift, so terrible that you avoid the practice each year?

Well, we asked some students and grad


Bahtiyar Dusyak, a former Banking and Finance student at the University of Birmingham, has hit the headlines for being revealed as the man behind President Trump’s Twitter deactivation.

Dusyak, originally from Germany, studied his undergrad at Birmingham, moving to the


glüehwein all round

Birmingham ?

This is the biggest Christmas Market out of mainland Europe and is definitely a must see. The market offers delicacies such as pretzels, hot cider and foot long garlic bre


Merry Christmas!

We all know the drill, you have absolutely no idea what to get your loved ones this Christmas, you also have no money on your student loan for presents in general. So what to do?



We get pretty awful presents

I tried to do some D.I.Y presents last year, that wo


Every student seems to have the same experience during winter, from being freezing 99% of the time, through to never having a good coat and constantly being ‘under the weather’. Oh dear.

Always being cold


More people are dropping out of university, with figures rising at a steady yet alarming rate. So, what’s going on? And how can we combat this?

According to  

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It’s nearly Christmas and this means that every company out there is getting in on the old calendar game. Here at Student Life Guide we decided to review some of these corkers, from a cheese one, to a gin one and finally to your standard Cadbury one, the brand I’ll


Oh Tinder, how you’ve changed the game. Gone are the days of romance, serenading, the thrill of the chase. Now it’s all swipe left, duck right… More akin to boxing than a budding relationship, Tinder has made hook-up culture an integral part of any student’s university experie




Milton Jones is a classic example of silly humour that makes you smile against your better judgement. With wild hair and even wilder shirts, Jones has practically become an honorary board member of Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo. Milton is now about to



We spoke to radio host and comedian John Robbins about his up and coming UK tour, which will begin in the new year on January 25th. Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner and London’s ‘saddest DJ’, Robbins has witnessed his show sell out, with 27 new dates added to the


Always remember just how much you are paying for your studies, if you feel that your university is not supporting you, then take the initiative to make them!

Make the most out of those office hours please!

I know all the


Alumni of Manchester University and full-time sass machine, Joe Lycett returns for another sell-out tour across the UK- and this time it’s bigger and better than ever. We spoke to the King of filing complaints to suss out exactly what we can expect from this promising and punn