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Student property is still offering good prospects

By Simon Thompson

According to Bunk, recent media stories predicting that the UK's student accommodation sector will struggle in 2021 are wide of the mark.

From a survey of students they have carried out, they say the student accommodation sector will remain strong despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their findings reveal that 85% of students said they will return in the next academic year to rent a property in the town where their university is.

University experience is much different

Of these, four out of five say that while their university experience is much different from the one they had imagined, they much prefer being at university than living at home.

And 78% of the students questioned said their disappointment was aimed at their university, rather than their current living situation.

The firm says the findings highlight that the student property market in the UK will thrive in 2021.

Bunk also says that while the Covid-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have an impact on the potential future development of student accommodation, they say that purpose-built accommodation (PBSA) providers, as well as private student accommodation landlords, should expect their properties to be filled quickly next year.

Students will return to university in January 2021

The news that students will return to university in January 2021 has been welcomed by Simon Thompson, the managing director of Accommodation for Students.

He said: "While there's no doubt that this year has been difficult for landlords with student accommodation who are worried about whether students will return to their studies, the sector is performing strongly.

"And news that students will return is a positive sign that the accommodation that landlords provide is suitable and they are making a life for themselves in a university town.

"This return to university is to be applauded and student yields are still among the best in the rental sector."

Massive student rent strike planned

Meanwhile, a planned rent strike by students in the New Year will lead to university-provided accommodation being hit.

And the organisers of Rent Strike state on their website that students should 'take back control' - and not just for those living in university halls.

They urge students to start a petition to demand a rent cut, and then threaten a rent strike should enough people support it.

The website says: "It's our collective action that can take housing out of profit ... so we no longer have to bear exploitation."

Rent strikes on university campuses

So far, rent strikes on university campuses including Edinburgh, Sussex and Oxford are being planned after the Christmas break.

Students in Cambridge and Bristol are also promising to join the strike.

The move has been described as the biggest student action in nearly 40 years.

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Women account for nearly 50% of UK landlords

With more women than ever before becoming UK landlords, research reveals that they now account for 48% of the 2.6 million of the country's buy to let landlords.

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University offers £10,000 for students to defer

Student landlords may be facing growing numbers of students wanting to defer this year with one university offering a £10,000 cash incentive to do so.

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The average UK rent hits £1,000 for the first time

The average rent being paid by tenants in the UK has reached £1,000 per month for the first time, data reveals.

The research carried out by Homelet highlights that the average rent of £1,007 is now a record high for the UK.


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Why property investors are heading North

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Beds for rent sector heads into a golden age

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Rental demand hits new record

Rental demand hits new record

Rental demand from tenants has hit a new record for May, according to one organisation.

The figures from Arla Propertymark show the number of new prospective tenan

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New search function to improve user experience.

AFS has released a new core search functionality which will allow students to search by geo-location and view those results on a map, as well as through a more traditional list view.

Pushing the boundaries of search

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Student property investment in the UK rockets

Investment in the UK’s student property sector is rocketing, according to one leading firm.

The Mistoria Group says that the number of enquiries from property investors interested in student accommodation has risen by 23% in

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England’s private rental sector is valued at £1.3trn

The housing stock in England's private rental sector has been valued at £1.3 trillion, under the current market.

The findings from the buy to let consultants Sequre Property Investment show there are nearly 4,799,000 privately re

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Student accommodation demand unaffected by pandemic

Demand for student accommodation in the UK has been unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, research reveals.

The findings come from a student accommodation platform who say that demand has remained high despite the pandemic lockdown.

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Student admissions boom could benefit landlords

Landlords across the UK could benefit from a move by UK universities to offer up to 20% fewer student places this year in a bid to avoid overcrowding.

Some schools, according to the Guardian, are reporting that their students who are predic

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Biggest build to rent developer to be sold

The biggest build to rent (BTR) developer and landlord in the UK could be sold for £188 million after a process to find a buyer led to an equity firm making a bid.

Sigma Capital Group is based in Edinburgh and has built 5,4

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Alternative PBSA quarantine demand for international students

Universities and student accommodation providers in the UK are calling for the government to introduce alternative quarantine arrangements for international students this summer.

They say that quarantine hotels will not cope with the number of s

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Rent arrears means more tenants will fail referencing

One landlords' association is warning that more than 200,000 renters who have racked up rent arrears may now fail tenant referencing.

This means that renters will find it increasingly difficult to find alternative rental accommodation because th

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Student landlords prepare for bumper university applications

An analysis of UCAS data shows that the number of university applications for the 2021/22 academic year will be 8.4% higher than last year.

The findings from real estate firm Knight Frank show this is the highest year-on-year ri

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International students fuel robust demand for PBSA

The demand for purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) from international students means the sector is robust despite Covid, says one provider.

The news from Future Generation reveals that for the next academic year, 52.

Posted by on 26/05/2021 14:24:03
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Let your property faster by including a video tour

Video tours have become increasingly important when marketing a property online. This is not just as a result of the restrictions imposed by Covid 19, but a longer term trend among a tech-savvy student audience.

Only 6% of landlord/agent

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PBSA set for a bumper 2021

The UK's PBSA sector is set for a bumper 2021 with record investment highs as new entrants pour in, one real estate firm says.

The prediction from Savills highlights that the purpose-built student accommodation sector continues to grow and 2020

Posted by on 20/05/2021 10:43:50
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Boom in student numbers to hit accommodation

The top universities in the UK say they fear a boom in student numbers because they don't have enough accommodation - and private landlords say they are fully booked.

In a report in the Guardian, one unnamed Vice-Chancellor said growing num

Posted by on 19/05/2021 16:11:23
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Government promises rental sector reform

Reform of the private rental sector in England has been promised by the Government with a new law.

The Queen's Speech highlighted that a Renters Reform Bill, which was first publicised in 2019, will reach the House of Commons later this year. <

Posted by on 13/05/2021 17:32:27
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Latest AFS Reseach Report

We are delighted to release our latest research report, which focuses on how students choose accommodation and the main differences they perceive between HMO accommodation and that provided by PBSA.

Customer feedback

Posted by on 11/05/2021 09:24:51
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Landlords are planning to expand their portfolios

The number of landlords who are planning to expand their property portfolio is at a four-year high, a survey reveals.

The findings from Paragon highlight that 19% of landlords say they will be investing in property over the next

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Main impact of Covid19 on students searching for accommodation

In a recent survey of over 1,000 students, 49% told us that Covid 19 had an impact on their accommodation decision making process in 2021.

Those students had been affected in several ways, with the biggest impact delays in signing a tenancy agre

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Price, location and bills hold the key to student accommodation

Recent research from shows that price, location and the availability of bills inclusive rents are the top three factors students consider when making a decision to rent a property.

The insight is as a result of a maj

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Tenant demand stays high across the UK

The UK's rental market is performing strongly with tenant demand remaining high - despite challenges from the Covid-19 lockdown.

According to data from Arla Propertymark, they saw tenant demand staying high with the number of pr

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Post-Covid student accommodation 'is a winner'

The UK's post-Covid student accommodation market is becoming increasingly attractive to private equity firms, a Bloomberg report reveals.

They are pumping hundreds of millions of pounds into the sector because they believe

Posted by on 19/04/2021 17:04:16
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UK rents reach record high

The average rent that tenants in the UK are paying has reached a record high of £992.

The figure comes from HomeLet who say that is the highest figure since 2014 when their index was launched

Posted by on 10/04/2021 10:15:49
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Call for students to return to campus and accommodation

Call for students to return to campus and accommodation

University chiefs are calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to allow students to return to their campuses and accommodation this month.

The call comes after

Posted by on 10/04/2021 10:10:35
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Landlords show confidence in BTL market

Growing numbers of landlords in the UK are showing confidence in the buy to let sector by taking out larger loans, data reveals.

According to Keystone Property Finance, 58% of their clients have been applying for bigger loans si

Posted by on 09/04/2021 18:38:24
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Landlords warned evictions could take longer

While landlords have had to cope with the evictions ban since the pandemic lockdown began, one specialist firm says the time to evict a tenant could increase by six months.

The warning from Court Enforcement Services is for

Posted by on 01/04/2021 10:33:12
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Landlords warned over £30,000 safety fines

Landlords warned over £30,000 safety fines

Landlords in England are being warned to comply with new safety laws or risk fines of up to £30,000.

That's because on 1 April, a new law for existing t

Posted by on 30/03/2021 14:33:32
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Provider says student accommodation will be popular again

The UK's biggest student accommodation provider is predicting that its buildings will be full when the new academic year starts.

Unite Group , which has 177 student properties in 27 cities and towns with 74,000 beds, is mak

Posted by on 26/03/2021 15:21:16
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Rent growth in the UK hits a record

The growth in rent prices outside of London has reached 8%, the highest ever recorded figure by Hamptons.

However, rents in inner London have plummeted by 17.7%.

One reason for the rise in rents, the real estate firm

Posted by on 26/03/2021 15:10:26
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Key trends in student accommodation

Wednesday 21st April 2021, 2 pm.

Join our webinar to find the latest student accommodation trends. During the session we will present the results of a major study into student accommodation choices and decision making

Posted by on 18/03/2021 17:04:31
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First time landlords fuel BTL interest

Buy to let mortgage brokers are increasingly working with new BTL landlords as interest in the private rental sector grows, says one online search specialist.

According to Knowledge Bank, buy to let brokers are searching fo

Posted by on 16/03/2021 10:23:46
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Rents rise to record levels as tenants return

Outside of London, rents are rocketing to record levels with most regions seeing big increases in rents.

And one survey reveals that tenants are returning to big cities.

News that rents are rising comes from Homelet w

Posted by on 12/03/2021 10:54:13
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Tenant demand rockets as supply falls

The number of tenants seeking rental properties rocketed by 27% in January, a report reveals.

The findings from Arla Propertymark also reveal that the supply of homes to rent fell in the same month.

In their PRS

Posted by on 09/03/2021 19:21:23
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Landlords' BTL portfolio values grow by 8.6%

Despite a difficult year for landlords battling with the Covid-19 lockdown, the value of their BTL portfolios has risen by 8.6%.

According to research from real estate firm Barrows and Forrester, this equates to values rising by

Posted by on 02/03/2021 17:56:08
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Student landlords hit back in University spat

Student landlords have hit back after one University urged them to introduce a blanket rent reduction for their student tenants.

The landlords in Portsmouth had been urged by the University of Portsmouth's Vice-Chancellor Graham Galbraith to del

Posted by on 26/02/2021 12:59:00
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Record 616,360 university applications

UCAS have announced a record number of applications to University have been received by the 29th of January.

This is a significant increase on the previous year of 8.5% and is the most applications ever received at this point in the a

Posted by on 19/02/2021 11:19:52
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Universal Credit hitch leads to landlords evicting tenants

A hitch with Universal Credit (UC) has revealed that landlords across the country are increasingly considering evicting their tenants.

That's because the UC portal has been closed to new claimants which means landlords are struggling to create A

Posted by on 17/02/2021 15:26:22
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Demand pushes commuter zones' rents up

The continued rising demand for rental property has seen rents for homes in commuter zones being pushed up, research reveals.

The analysis from Zoopla highlights that increasing demand in commuter zones matches the fall in deman

Posted by on 11/02/2021 17:10:17
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MPs call on Government to refund student rents

An influential group of MPs is calling on the government to refund student rents during the lockdown.

The call has been made by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Students, which includes peers and MPs from all political parties.

Posted by on 08/02/2021 13:51:38
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Landlords cannot bar tenants with pets

Landlords are no longer allowed to refuse to rent their property to a tenant who has a pet, new government guidelines state.

The new model tenancy agreement, introduced by the Ministry of Housing, is a recommended contract that landlords should

Posted by on 05/02/2021 13:15:29
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The most affordable universities for student rents revealed
The most affordable student rents in the UK for those who are attending university have been revealed.

According to one student accommodation platform, the most affordable student rent is in the Liverpool L7 postcode.

This area is to home

Posted by on 02/02/2021 17:27:24
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For those student landlords wanting to know which universities offer the best buy to let i

According to recent research, the best buy to let university in the UK for investment purposes is the University of Southampton.

Their figures reveal that landlords there can expect a typical rental yield of 7.4%.

The average hou

Posted by on 22/01/2021 15:35:34
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The number of landlords who set up buy to let limited companies rocketed in 2020

According to real estate firm Hamptons, the number of landlords setting up a BTL limited company in 2020 was 41,700.

That's a rise of 23% on 2019's figure.

For a landlord creating a limited company, they can save tax

Posted by on 22/01/2021 15:29:31
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Landlords hit by eviction ban extension

Landlords have been hit by a Government decision to extend its eviction ban for another six weeks.

The move means that the bailiff ban in England is now being extended to 21 February - at the earliest.

Robert Jenrick, the housing

Posted by on 18/01/2021 17:28:01
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UK Landlords optimistic about 2021

Despite the issues and challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, 45% of UK landlords say they are optimistic about their prospects in 2021.

The survey from Property Master, however, also reveals that 29% of landlords are pess

Posted by on 08/01/2021 13:44:29
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Lower risk of Covid for Uni students in private accommodation

Student landlords worried about the coronavirus risks of students in their private accommodation will be pleased to hear about the latest research.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), students are at a higher

Posted by on 05/01/2021 17:55:38
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